Aurore Galves Orjol: Stop being forgotten at the polls!

Aurore Galves Orjol: Stop being forgotten at the polls!

In an article for The Big Whale, independent candidate Aurore Galves Orjol (8th constituency of Isère) calls for the legislative elections to take account of the issue of bitcoin.

The digital age is here, and after the upheavals it has imposed on communications, consumption, and more, homo numericus is about to transform his perception and use of money in profound ways with the advent of an unprecedented tool: Bitcoin.

Despite its immense potential and near-inevitability for anyone willing to pay attention, Satoshi Nakamoto's invention remains ignored (or dismissed as 3rd rate) by the various political currents that might be described as traditional. Probably because of its lack of understanding, the subject is shunned even though it could be a source of creative solutions to many of our societal problems, and yet the parties avoid it as if they risked being struck with anathemas if they had the misfortune to approach it from any angle other than "it consumes (sic) energy so it's harmful".

Today, if figures provided by ADAN and KPMG are anything to go by, 12% of French people reportedly own crypto-assets. However, no political organisation has yet tackled the subject head-on; they who are usually so quick to propose measures to appeal to the slightest potential electorate. Astonishing! Bitcoin is eminently political and leads us to question, among other things, the mechanism of (hyper?) inflationary monetary expansion unfortunately normalised today.

But it would be wrong to stop at this subject alone!

In fact, it also sheds new light on the energy transition, the protection of individuals in the digital space, the decentralisation of power, the freedom to invest and choose one's retirement, the protection of savers ... so many subjects that deserve to open discussions in the light of this new digital phenomenon. The most convinced bitcoiners like to repeat like a mantra: "Fix the money, fix the world".

This is not a simple provocation or fad, the aim is clearly to open our eyes to this very prevalent reality: money is a powerful structuring factor in our lives. We need to be in control of it because it governs many aspects of our lives and funds public policy and societal progress.

"Don't be afraid! Open, indeed, all the doors wide to Bitcoin!"

Based on this observation of their lack of representation on the political stage, are Bitcoiners and crypto-carriers in the broadest sense doomed to have laws made without them or worse still against them?

We can see this clearly today with the PSAN decree or MiCA regulation, which, in addition to constraining economic players in the market, are dangerous for individuals. Imagine if the provisions on banning non-hosted portfolios eventually became a reality ... it would be a democratic disaster as well as a tragedy for individual sovereignty.

We can no longer ignore this legislative and regulatory world; the empty chair policy has done us a disservice and will continue to do us a disservice, let's be sure of that!

choosing the natural path of the parties already in place does not, at present, seem a viable option because the subject will be relegated to page 4 of a programme when it should be paramount. It will be watered down, sandwiched between tax reductions on electric cars and the proposal for an "organic" menu in canteens. The necessary construction of a genuine reflection articulated around Bitcoin as a backbone will therefore be carefully avoided and the term will become no more than a word distilled into a contradictory vision with electoralist overtones.

It's high time the media turned their spotlight on Bitcoin and its essence rather than sporadically commenting on the volatility of its price under the prism of a euro or dollar reference. Far from the pseudo-experts who continually trot out the same hollow aphorisms about the blockchain revolution and the paradigm shifts in the internet, we need to get organised and elevate this subject in order to build the future we want to live in.

It is with this in mind that I have put forward my candidacy for these legislative elections, with the desire to offer Bitcoin a sounding board for the first time, which is therefore making what we hope is a humbly noticed entry into the political debate. With the aim of establishing a lasting presence! Because at the next elections, there's no doubt that even more of us will dare to contribute. This is the first stone in the building of this movement, which, like Bitcoin, will come from below, and will probably have no leader or central body, but which will spread throughout the country to finally never again be ignored and become an integral part of our society.

A candidacy without any political label, independent, without any allegiance, whose only ambition is to open the discussion on this object that is much more than digital. And it's working! A number of local, regional, national and even international newspapers have already taken up our cause, praising the courage and boldness of this independent proposal.

There are many of us who no longer recognise ourselves in partisan compromises, and who view with disgust the political alliances and calculations that flout all ideas and principles. There are legions of us who own Bitcoin. All of us who don't vote or don't vote any more, and who deserve new representation. Let's stand up, let's introduce ourselves, let's get involved so that politics is no longer done without us.

From now on, we stop voting WHITE, we vote ORANGE!

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