Layer 2: how is Zircuit different? (With Jan Gorzny)

Layer 2: how is Zircuit different? (With Jan Gorzny)

To stand out from the competition, Zircuit offers a security system that detects and blocks fraudulent transactions. We interviewed one of the co-founders.

Ethereum's L2 are one of the hot topics of the moment. After analysing ZkSync and Arbitrum (as part of our Season on L2s), we bring you an exclusive interview with one of Zircuit's co-founders, Jan Gorzny.

Launched just over six months ago (November 2023) on Ethereum, Layer 2 Zircuit has already managed to attract nearly $3.4 billion to its protocol. A total locked-in value (TVL) largely due to the fact that users are incentivised to deposit their liquid re-staking tokens within the protocol to receive points and potentially a native token when they next airdrop.

The designers' ambition is to offer a new way of thinking about security within layers 2 thanks to an artificial intelligence (AI) model that can detect fraudulent transactions.

In the long term, the aim is to be able to attract more institutions "by pushing security and therefore trust in the infrastructure to an even higher level", explains Jan Gorzny.

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