VIDEO - Jonathan Schemoul ( "Without decentralisation, AI will be a dystopia".

VIDEO - Jonathan Schemoul ( "Without decentralisation, AI will be a dystopia".

Launched in 2019, the French Aleph project has established itself as one of the main proposals for decentralising the development of artificial intelligence.

This week, The Big Whale devotes its "season" to AI and DePIN đź‘€ (Decentralised Physical infrastructure), a trend that aims to decentralise traditional infrastructures using blockchain.

For the occasion, we spoke to Jonathan Schemoul, CEO and founder of Aleph, a French project that aims to create a decentralised infrastructure that aims to decentralise data storage and computing power. "DePIN is the opportunity to decentralise AI to avoid leaving it solely in the hands of the tech giants", he explains.

Recently, the company also launched LibertAI, an artificial intelligence application built on top of the Aleph network that aims to allow its users to use AI with the associated confidentiality.

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