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Large groups : The age of maturity
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What are the Web3 use cases for large groups?
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Bilal El Alamy (PyratzLabs): "Large groups have a lot to offer start-ups and vice versa".
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William O'Rorke (ORWL Avocats): "Having service providers and consultants with the reflexes to adapt to Web3".
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Which partners do you trust?
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Thibault Lecerf (Pernod Ricard): "We are now ready to explore use cases more focused on financial aspects".
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Arthur Dietrich (Solana): "Superteam intervenes at local level to design a corporate project".
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Arthur Dietrich (Solana): "Superteam intervenes at local level to design a corporate project".

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Arthur Dietrich (Solana): "Superteam intervenes at local level to design a corporate project".

Solana's new boss for France explains the benefits for major groups of using Solana to develop their projects.

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What is Superteam France?

Superteam France is the French branch of Solana. The aim is to identify existing French Solana projects, support new initiatives and give them the means to get off the ground and develop internationally by creating an ecosystem of ultra-qualified partners (developers, VCs, media, etc.). We also have a mission to educate and federate, because we believe that it is by bringing people together that we will be able to create an innovative Web3/Web2 scene.

How is the choice of Solana relevant for a large group that wants to launch into Web3?

Before choosing a blockchain, you need to look at what you want to use it for. Solana is designed for intensive use and high scalability. The speed and cost of transactions are obviously advantages, but I think the most important thing is the support and backing that Superteam France and the Solana Foundation provide throughout the partnership that is set up. There are entities in the sectors of retail, finance, gaming, art, etc., that are there to support and advise major groups so that they don't leave without assistance.

What are the Solana ecosystem's greatest achievements within major groups?

Solana specialises in payment solutions and transactions. I think the partnerships with Visa, Shopify and Stripe are concrete examples where behemoths have trusted Solana to become their preferred partner for cryptocurrency payments.

Ethereum has often been the go-to player for businesses, how can Solana stand out?

I don't like to compare and I never denigrate other blockchains, but the simplicity of use, very low fees and speed of execution of transactions make Solana an excellent candidate for real-life use cases to mainstream the use of cryptocurrencies.

What are the means available to companies for exchanging technical points if they are working on Solana?

Superteam intervenes at local level to draw up a company's project, then the Solana foundation comes in at a second stage to refine the request through specialists in different fields (gaming, finance, retail, etc.).