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Large groups : The age of maturity
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Why major groups are interested in Web3
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What are the Web3 use cases for large groups?
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The most important Web3 projects
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Why didn't some projects work?
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Bilal El Alamy (PyratzLabs): "Large groups have a lot to offer start-ups and vice versa".
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William O'Rorke (ORWL Avocats): "Having service providers and consultants with the reflexes to adapt to Web3".
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Which partners do you trust?
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Thibault Lecerf (Pernod Ricard): "We are now ready to explore use cases more focused on financial aspects".
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Arthur Dietrich (Solana): "Superteam intervenes at local level to design a corporate project".
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Large groups : The age of maturity

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Large groups : The age of maturity

The era of Web3 experimentation is now behind us. The major groups, having groped and explored the possibilities offered by this technological revolution, are beginning to enter a more concrete and massive adoption phase. But why this sudden change?

Initially, interest in Web3 was mainly driven by curiosity and innovation. Large companies wanted to understand this new wave of technology, characterised by blockchain, smart contracts and cryptos. A few interesting initiatives had emerged, such as Carrefour's famous "blockchain chicken", which made it possible to track the various stages in the life of a chicken before it reached the shop. That was in 2018, an eternity ago!

Since then, innovation laboratories have been set up, prototypes developed and pilots tested. Today, some of these experiments have proved their value and potential. Others have also highlighted what didn't work (you'll find out why in this report).

At the same time, the technology itself has evolved. Blockchains have become more robust, scalability solutions have alleviated congestion issues, and security standards have strengthened. These advances offer businesses a reliable basis for large-scale deployments. A few corporates are already ahead of the curve, including Société Générale, EDF, PMU and Ubisoft.

In this report, you'll find testimonials from key players, an analysis of the best experiments, a list of best practices (and things to avoid), as well as a presentation of trusted players to partner with.

Happy reading!"

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