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Large groups : The age of maturity
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Why major groups are interested in Web3
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What are the Web3 use cases for large groups?
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The most important Web3 projects
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Why didn't some projects work?
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Bilal El Alamy (PyratzLabs): "Large groups have a lot to offer start-ups and vice versa".
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William O'Rorke (ORWL Avocats): "Having service providers and consultants with the reflexes to adapt to Web3".
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Which partners do you trust?
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Thibault Lecerf (Pernod Ricard): "We are now ready to explore use cases more focused on financial aspects".
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Arthur Dietrich (Solana): "Superteam intervenes at local level to design a corporate project".
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What are the Web3 use cases for large groups?

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What are the Web3 use cases for large groups?

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With Julien Furlanetto, co-founder of specialist consultancy Doors3

- Engagement 3.0: Engagement programmes using gamified experiences and rewards.

- Digital Product Passport: Product traceability and authenticity using blockchain.

- Social & Gaming Platforms: Building communities via social and gaming platforms.

- Tokenisation & Real World Assets: Transforming physical assets into digital tokens for smoother, more secure transactions.

- Industrial Metaverse: Use in industries to improve processes and optimise production.

- Human Resources: Improving employee experience, learning and certification via immersive technologies.

- Digital Identity: Secure management of digital identities.

- Digital Twin: Simulations and optimisations in various industries, from manufacturing to luxury.

- Blockchain for Good: Using blockchain technology and its assets to achieve CSR objectives.