Data: Bubblemaps raises €3 million

Launched in 2021, the French start-up has developed a tool for analysing data directly on the blockchain. Stake Capital is one of the investors.

One of the main advantages of blockchain is that it brings transparency. All the data recorded can be consulted publicly, and those who know how to exploit it can very quickly become essential. This is the case for players such as Chainalysis (find our interview with its CEO) or Kaiko, and also a new kid on the block: Bubblemaps.

Launched in 2021, the French start-up has just raised €3 million from several investors. The fund Stake Capital, Momentum 6, Lbank, V3ntures, Nicolas Bacca (ex-Ledger) and Owen Simonin (Hasheur) took part in the round of financing for the start-up, which has around ten employees.

Bubblemaps made a name for itself thanks to these visual representations with coloured bubbles. The company is able to map the universe of a collection of NFTs by highlighting - thanks to a system of bubbles - the number of investors and flows on a collection. The larger the bubble, the greater the volumes.

The mapping system also works for other projects, particularly in decentralised finance. Bubblemaps made a name for itself in early 2023 with a graphic that highlighted the importance of the US fund a16z in Uniswap's governance.

"The data on the blockchain is a real goldmine. Our aim is to make the most of this data and give our customers the clearest possible view of what's going on with the projects in which they have invested or want to invest", explains Nicolas Vaiman, founder and CEO of Bubblemaps.

Bubblemaps is available as a subscription service. There is a free version and a Premium version, which requires you to hold 250 billion units of their token: the moonlight (around €950 at the current price).

Launched in April 2021, i.e. a few months before the official creation of Bubblemaps, the moonlight gives access to services such as a project's transaction history, a project's tokenomics or more complex visual maps than in the free version.

Thanks to its fundraising, Bubblemaps intends to invest in its technology and release new products.

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