EXCLUSIVE: Meria raises over €1 million

EXCLUSIVE: Meria raises over €1 million

With this funding, the company co-founded in 2017 by Owen Simonin aims to continue recruiting and expand internationally.

Owen Simonin is not only the best-known French-speaking crypto youtuber (under the name "Hasheur"), he is also a successful business angel and entrepreneur. According to our information, his company, Meria, has just raised just over €1 million from a number of investors. Most of them are close friends of the French influencer.

Meria, which was still called Just Mining just under a year ago, was founded in 2017 and offers several types of services: crypto-asset management and staking offers on various protocols. Based in Metz, in eastern France, Meria had never raised any money until then and operated solely on its own funds.

According to our information, the company is valued at several tens of millions of euros. With these funds, mainly from private investors, Owen Simonin wants to continue recruiting.

Meria currently has around forty employees. The aim is also to expand further internationally, although 100% of the company's workforce is currently based in France.

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