Gaming: Playmakers raises $1.5 million

Founded in 2022, Playmakers is a French platform that enables video game players to become creators. Former Xbox France CEO Hugues Ouvrard is one of the investors.

Enabling gamers to become creators. Over the past few years, this trend has been gaining momentum in the gaming world (read our report), and some players like Playmakers have decided to accelerate the movement.

Launched in 2022, the Paris-based start-up has developed a B-to-B platform for games and video game studios that want to involve their players. "Our customers are video game studios and creators. We provide them with a customisable platform that allows all their players to be creators. Their players can create music and lots of other items in video games", explains Ilan Nabeth, co-founder and CEO of Playmakers.

A sign that the subject is of interest, Playmakers, which was incubated at Atka, has just raised $1.5 million in pre-seed from several investors. The RockawayX fund led the deal. The V3ntures fund also participated, alongside several figures from the crypto industry, such as Sébastien Borget (The Sandbox) and Bilal El Alamy (Pyratz Lab) and Hugues Ouvrard, former CEO of Xbox.

The Playmakers platform, which employs eight people, will be available in April. According to our information, around 15 studios and video games will be using the company's services from spring onwards. "Our aim is for thousands of gamers to become creators", explains Ilan Nabeth.

Playmakers takes a commission of between 10% and 20% on the sale of each item created by gamers in video games.

Playmakers is obviously not the first player to allow gamers to become creators. To set itself apart, the company has developed Web2 and Web3 expertise. "We are able to work with studios that want to develop on blockchain and others that are not interested in it at all," explains Ilan Nabeth, who points out that Playmakers is "agnostic" on blockchain.

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