Guillaume Chatain (Coinbase) joins SG-Forge

Guillaume Chatain (Coinbase) joins SG-Forge

The Frenchman, who worked for JP Morgan for 10 years, has been Coinbase's Institutional Sales Director (Europe, Middle East and Africa) since 2021.

What is called a "great catch". After three years at Coinbase, Guillaume Chatain announced yesterday that he was joining SG-Forge, the crypto subsidiary of Société Générale. He is appointed Sales Director.

The Frenchman, who worked at JP Morgan (2007-2017), was until now the Sales Director Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) for Coinbase's institutional clients.

"I am very happy to join Jean-Marc Stenger and the SG-Forge teams to create partnerships with the rest of the bank and to accelerate the distribution of our stablecoin and our tokenized products", explained Guillaume Chatain on social networks.

With this recruitment, SG-Forge asserts its ambitions in the crypto universe even more. The bank has a tokenization platform that should allow the tokenization of assets related to the bond market in the first instance, "especially because the legal constraints are much less important than for other types of assets", specified Jean-Marc Stenger in an interview with The Big Whale.

The subsidiary is also the only company to have the approval of digital asset service provider (PSAN) which will be necessary to offer crypto services in the European Union from 2026.

For a few months, SG-Forge also has its own stablecoin, the CoinVertible (EURCV), which is available on the Bitstamp platform.

As we revealed at the beginning of February, the SG-Forge teams are also now in the same offices at La Défense as their colleagues from traditional markets. "The SG-Forge teams do the same thing, but on the blockchain," explains a good source. All these proofs show the growing interest of the bank in the crypto sector.

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