NFTs: Amazon to launch its platform on 24 April

NFTs: Amazon to launch its platform on 24 April

Exclusive. The American giant is getting ready to sell NFTs on its website. Around fifteen collections will be available from the launch.

The countdown has begun for Amazon. After months of development, and a few delays, the world leader in e-commerce will indeed be launching its NFTs platform. According to our information, it will go live on 24 April.

The platform, the existence of which was revealed by Blockworks in January, will be available on the US giant's site via an "Amazon Digital Marketplace" tab. This tab will only be available in the US initially. The platform will gradually be opened up to the rest of the world, particularly Europe.

According to our information, the launch of Amazon Digital Marketplace has been postponed twice in recent weeks due to the collapse of FTX. April 24 now seems to be holding the line, barring any further exceptional events.

How to use the platform

Not too surprisingly, Amazon has not opted for an "open" solution. NFTs will only be purchased from the Amazon account and by credit card.

The advantage of this system is that it is simpler to use for customers who will not have to handle a crypto wallet such as Metamask, even though the NFTs sold on Amazon will indeed be hosted on a blockchain.

"Amazon's technological choice was for a private blockchain that is not compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine," confirms a person close to the matter. For developers wishing to make their NFTs available on Amazon's blockchain, it will be mandatory to use a "bridge", i.e. a tool that makes it possible to offer a representation of an asset on another protocol.

According to our information, around fifteen collections of NFTs will be part of the launch of Amazon Digital Marketplace. It will be possible to buy NFTs linked or not to physical objects.

With this project, Jeff Bezos' group, which is already working with protocols via its Cloud branch (Amazon Web Services), is taking another step into the Web3 universe. It joins other giants such as Meta (ex-Facebook) and Google.

Mark Zuckerberg's group is one of the most active in the sector. For the past few months, Instagram has allowed certain hand-picked users (more influencers and stars) to display and sell their NFTs on the platform. The service is currently only available in the United States.

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