StackinSat launches a community fundraising campaign

StackinSat launches a community fundraising campaign

With this transaction, the French investment platform, which specialises in bitcoin, aims to accelerate its expansion into business services.

In the current climate, there are no 36 ways to raise money. While investment funds are particularly skittish (read our survey), start-ups in the ecosystem are turning to their community 🤝.

That's what Swissborg did a few months ago: the Swiss company managed to raise $23 million from 16,000 of its customers, and that's what France's StackinSat also wants to do.

Launched in 2020, the investment platform dedicated to bitcoin is preparing a "community" fundraising round for the autumn. "Given the market conditions, we preferred to turn to our customers who have shown signs of interest," explains its co-founder and CEO, Jonathan Herscovici.

The Biarritz-based company, which has already raised €1.5 million in 2021, wants to raise funds to continue growing. "We've been breaking even for a few months now," Jonathan Herscovici points out. "The aim of this operation is to accelerate our growth in the corporate sector. Today, enterprises account for between 10% and 15% of our volumes, whereas they represent only 1% of our customers."

StackinSat has not set a precise target for the amount of the fundraising, which could be spread over several months. Only the company's customers will be able to take part in the operation and put in a ticket of between €500 and €50,000 to become shareholders in the company.

Pending this operation, the company is continuing to release products. It has just announced the launch of "PEB Premium". This offer allows StackinSat customers to prepay Bitcoin purchase fees based on different volumes. "Customers who prepay their purchase fees can benefit from preferential fees of up to 0.5%," explains Jonathan Herscovici.

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