What is a good memecoin (with Rusk0f)

There are thousands of memecoins, but only a handful are capable of taking it off. We take a look at this very special subculture with specialist Rusk0f.

Often treated with disdain, memecoins have nonetheless been an unavoidable trend in the crypto ecosystem for some months now. Some very serious asset managers, such as Franklin Templeton or VanEck, have even ventured to publish a note on the subject for their investors.

Not really based on solid fundamentals, apart from the community they manage to bring together, memecoins have also become a tool of protest against the investment world, which is notably dominated by professional investors, with venture capitalists at the forefront.

To explore this theme, we spent nearly an hour and a half with Rusk0f (pseudonym X), one of France's leading experts on the subject.

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