Waltio raises €1.8 million, Crédit Agricole is among the investors

Waltio raises €1.8 million, Crédit Agricole is among the investors

With this new money, the start-up, which specialises in cryptocurrency taxation, wants to accelerate its development in Europe and focus more on AI.

While for some the context prompts caution, for others, such as Waltio, it is synonymous with development. The French start-up specialising in crypto taxation has just raised €1.8 million through a Seed.

Several well-known business angels took part in the deal. They include Owen Simonin (Hasheur) and Julien Bouteloup, who are 2 of the most active investors in French crypto start-ups, as well as Clément Coeurdeuil (co-founder of Budget Insight) and Joan Burkovic (co-founder of Bankin').

Crédit Agricole in the capital

Crédit Agricole is also on board as the bank, which is one of the largest in Europe, has invested in the French start-up via its private equity activity.

With this money, Waltio, which claims more than 25,000 individual customers, is going to do several things: invest in its tax data processing software. "Our aim is to make the taxation of crypto-assets accessible to as many people as possible, and in compliance with European regulations," explains Pierre Morizot, co-founder and CEO of Waltio.

The start-up created in 2019 also wants to integrate more artificial intelligence into its software and continue its development abroad, particularly in Europe. Waltio is already present in France, Belgium and Spain.

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