"Web3 Ambassador of the Year: Ambre Soubiran (Kaiko)

"Web3 Ambassador of the Year: Ambre Soubiran (Kaiko)

The Big Whale has just organised its first "Web3 Awards" to honour the personalities and projects that are making the European sector shine. There were 7 categories. Kaiko's Managing Director, Ambre Soubiran, won the "Web3 Ambassador of the Year" award.

"New technology specialists often tend to think that if the product is good then it will sell naturally, but this is far from obvious". That's how Ambre Soubiran sees her mission as Web3 ambassador: explain, explain and explain some more.

"There's a lot of educational work to be done to talk about our sector," says the boss of Kaiko, one of the world's specialists in data analysis for the digital assets market. "We need to be aware that many people are still unaware of what blockchain is, what it is used for and why it is revolutionising uses", she assures.

According to Ambre Soubiran, "people mainly remember the price of bitcoin, NFTs that sell for millions and electricity consumption".

As she appears on television and in press interviews, we see her tirelessly going back to basics and explaining what cryptos are and what they are for. "Kaiko's success gives me a platform to talk about Web3 to as many people as possible, and I take this role very seriously," she insists.

An international reach

Kaiko raised $53 million in June 2022 and generates more than half its revenues in the United States, which is quite rare for a French company. The start-up, which is sometimes described as the "Bloomberg of crypto", caters for both major Web3 projects and major international banks.

In addition to Paris, Kaiko now has offices in Singapore and New York, cities to which it travels very regularly (it is in the process of moving to Singapore).

This international reach has enabled her to point out in recent weeks that the collapse of the FTX platform was not a failure of blockchain technology, but a fraud made possible by the opacity of a company's operations.

"We need more transparency on prices, data, markets and liquidity", she insists. "You can't borrow 8 billion dollars from a token that's worth nothing", continues the woman whose data is used by the biggest decentralised finance projects (Aave, Uniswap, Chainlink, etc.).

She believes that "the FTX affair will be positive in the medium term because it has enabled unstable businesses to be ruled out and many toxic projects to be ousted". These are all arguments that will need to be reiterated over the coming months, as the ecosystem continues to take shape.

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