"Web3 Impact Project of the Year: World of Women

"Web3 Impact Project of the Year: World of Women

The Big Whale has just organised its first "Web3 Awards" to honour the personalities and projects that are making the European sector shine. There were 7 categories. The World of Women project won the "Web3 Impact Project of the Year" award.

The crypto ecosystem is often criticised for being a den of "crypto-bros", as if to emphasise that you're more likely to come across men rather than women. We're not going to lie, it's hard to argue with that. But things are changing! More and more projects initiated by women are being given pride of place, particularly in the field of digital art.

One of the community's biggest success stories is World of Women (WoW), a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs that aims to promote inclusion, equality and diversity. Each image depicts a woman algorithmically generated from a set of hand-illustrated features and elements by artist Yam Karkai (who is leading the project with three Frenchmen: Raphaël Malavieille, Thomas Olivier and Loïc Kempf).

This collection created in 2021 was supplemented in 2022 by a new one (World of Women Galaxy) featuring a further 22,222 NFTs. A large part of the revenue is used to fund causes, particularly NGOs. More than $400 million has been generated by the sale of two collections.

"We're really happy to have won this award, Word of Women is a project with a mission and I'm pleased that its usefulness has been recognised," says artist Inna Modja, who is in charge of philanthropy.

Inna Modja is also president of Code Green, a decentralised structure that helps the crypto and NFT communities to have a positive impact on the planet. Code Green received 5% of the revenue generated by the Galaxy Collection mint ($1.5 million so far). "We create one-year programmes with non-profit organisations to co-finance them," says Inna Modja. "We are now focusing on helping causes that don't just concern minorities or women to do something more global."

World of Women launched at a time when most major collections, such as Bored Ape for example, had little appeal to women. "At that time, only 5% of sales went to female artists," says Inna Modja.

Holding NFTs offers access to a network of artists, designers, entrepreneurs and executives who defend diversity and equal opportunities on the blockchain. It also allows you to benefit fromairdrops of NFTs by artists from the community, attend festivals, etc.

Considered by many to be a first-rate collection, it has received the support of eminent NFT influencers, including Gary Vaynerchuck, but also actress Reese Witherspoon and DJ Steve Aoki. All good fairies who have helped to boost its value: an NFT from the collection sold for €650,000 in March 2022 at an auction organised by the prestigious Christie's house.

On the OpenSea exchange platform, the total volume traded for NFTs the collection exceeds 76,000 ethers, or more than $121 million.

The agent for Madonna, U2 and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers is now in charge of the image and public representation of World of Women. This is not the only collection to benefit from his talents, as he has also signed with Bored Ape Yacht Club, one of the most highly rated works in the NFT ecosystem. Another sign that WoW is playing in the big league...

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