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Klub by XKI


Klub is a private investment platform helping high-earning individuals to spend, store and grow their capital.


1. Klub Presentation Klub is a private investment platform helping high-earning individuals to spend, store and grow their capital. It offers exclusive events, concierge services, and early-stage investment opportunities, all accessible through its mobile app. Klub also offers diversified high-risk, high-yield investment opportunities that are carefully researched and structured. 2. Offers Klub’s offer is organised around 3 pillars: Investment, Community, and Lifestyle. --Investment (C-Fi & DeFi)-- Klub offers its members investment opportunities in fast growing start-ups and DeFi investments. The investment team sources and analyses start-ups to select the best deals, both in C-Fi and DeFi: - Private Equity (PE): Twice a month, Klub and the community invest into high-value start-ups, operating in various sectors. In the last 18 months, we have deployed over 3mm€ in about 15 deals such as CarbonABLE, StartOn, Coinbase, Masteos, or Libertify. - Tokenised Financial Products (TFPs): Alongside our Venture investment opportunities, we have created Cosmos Core (COSC). COSC is our first Tokenized Financial Product (TFP) allowing the best exposure to crypto-currencies with diversification, reduced volatility risk, and continuous return (10-15% annual). More TFPs to come in the future to gain exposure to other ecosystems. --Community-- Klub community is built around the XKI token, which allows aligning the interests of all the stakeholders. Klub gathers 600+ exclusive members forming a diversified community that includes investors, entrepreneurs, financiers, architects, doctors, etc. Once a month, Klub organises events such as dinners, after-works, or cocktail parties, allowing members to build their network. --Lifestyle-- Finally, Klub members benefit from several concierge services and partnerships with several brands and premium clubs: Parc des Princes, Stade de France, etc.

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