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The Big Whale


As a media platform, we build trust in Web3 to promote broader adoption of Web3 technologies.


- We strongly consider every single service we provide as a technical product.
- We educate leading companies and interested investors about everything Web3 through our weekly newsletters and reports.
- We have gathered a community of 20.000 members, join us on our discord channel
- We operate a platform that ranks all Web3 companies to build trust and increase their visibility. Welcome to The Ocean!
- We organize the very first ceremony to highlight the best projects and personalities through the Web3 space. Discover the TBW Awards!

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The Big Whale has over 20,000 subscribers in Europe and a growing community on Discord. Join us and be at the forefront of innovation.


The Big Whale aims to create synergies among various Web3 stakeholders, including Web3 entrepreneurs, large corporations, and both retail and professional investors. We organize a range of events focused on different aspects of Web3 and its related fields.


The Big Whale offers a variety of content. Amongst them we create "Learn", our academy platform. We aim to help people improve their basic knowledge about Web3.


The Big Whale is a European independent media platform that specializes in Web3. The Big Whale aims to educate leading companies and interested investors about all aspects of Web3. We do this through weekly newsletters, reports, and articles. Our journalists are Louis Tellier, Grégory Raymond & Raphaël Bloch.

The Ocean

The Ocean is a platform that hosts more than 500 crypto projects. It allows these projects to become known to everyone, individuals and companies, who are interested in these topics.

The Ocean

Questions fréquentes

How do I get to The Ocean?

The Ocean Pro offers 3 packages:

Launch Plan (Free):

Ideal for entrepreneurs who want to appear in The Ocean.

- Includes a public profile page.

- Allows management of the public page from the platform.

- Option to add a link to the company's website.

Scale Plan (€59/month):

Suitable for professionals who want to showcase their products and services.

- Offers a more comprehensive profile page for better SEO and conversion.

- Allows you to appear in The Ocean's Pro area (newsletter and site).

Rate Plan:

Designed for businesses looking to be evaluated.

- Offers a business evaluation (we're currently working on the system).

- Includes advanced promotion within The Ocean.

- Includes the creation of a company report, published on the company's profile page in The Ocean.These plans address different levels of need for engagement and visibility within The Ocean, ranging from free exposure to a rating system.

How can I join The Ocean?

If you have a Web3 project, you can add it to The Ocean for free. It's an opportunity to show off your project and your team to The Big Whale community.

Is The Ocean an investment advisory platform?

The Ocean is not an investment advisory platform. It is a platform, currently under development, whose aim is to bring to light and publicize the best projects on Web3: the best exchange platforms, the best digital asset preservation services, the best studios for NFTs, etc.All the information on the project pages has been provided by the companies themselves. That's why companies are responsible for the content they put forward on The Ocean.We carry out an initial check when a company applies to join The Ocean, to ensure that the content is appropriate (company belonging to the Web3 industry, company e-mail, etc.). For the moment, however, we are not able to carry out due diligence on every project integrating The Ocean.

Why did The Big Whale decide to create a platform like The Ocean?

At The Big Whale, we're convinced that many crypto companies are going to have a huge impact on the economy and our societies. But we still need to be able to identify them and make them known! This is precisely the aim of The Ocean, which will enable you to find out more about the companies and projects (products, services....).

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