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What is Adshares?

Adshares (ADS) is a decentralized, metaverse-ready cryptocurrency designed for high-volume digital advertising transactions. It operates on a proprietary blockchain using a delegated proof-of-stake (dPoS) consensus, enabling fast, secure, and transparent peer-to-peer payments. The ADS token facilitates direct settlements between publishers and advertisers, eliminating intermediaries and increasing profit for publishers while saving funds for advertisers. Additionally, ADS holders can stake their coins for rewards and participate in the governance of the platform through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

How is Adshares used?

Adshares (ADS) is the native cryptocurrency of the Adshares ecosystem, designed to facilitate transactions within the digital advertising space. It serves as both a stake in the protocol and a payment mechanism. Here are the key ways ADS is used:

  1. Payment Mechanism: ADS is used for all ad payments within the network, ensuring secure, transparent, and instant settlements between publishers and advertisers.

  2. Stake in the Protocol: By owning ADS, users own a part of the decentralized grid of ad networks, allowing them to participate in the ecosystem's growth and governance.

  3. Transaction Fees: ADS is used to pay transaction fees, which are relatively low compared to other blockchains. The fees are burned, reducing the free floating supply, and a portion goes to node operators and liquid staking rewards.

  1. Wrapped Tokens: ADS can be wrapped to other blockchains, allowing its use in various metaverse projects and other applications, further increasing its utility.

  2. Liquid Staking Rewards: ADS holders can earn rewards through liquid staking, which redistributes burned ADS back to long-term holders, incentivizing participation in the ecosystem.

  3. Decentralized Governance: The planned DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) will further decentralize the advertising market, giving ADS holders a greater say in the direction of the ecosystem.

Overall, ADS is the driving force behind the Adshares ecosystem, enabling efficient, secure, and transparent transactions in the digital advertising space.

How do I store Adshares?

To store Adshares (ADS) tokens, you have several options:

  1. ADS Wallet: This is a free, open-source browser extension wallet designed specifically for interacting with the Adshares blockchain. It provides integration with internal and external services connected to the Adshares network and allows you to create or import accounts, send transactions, and manage your ADS coins.

  2. Trust Wallet: This is the official crypto wallet of Binance and can be used to store ADS tokens securely and safely. It is available as a mobile app.

  3. Metamask Wallet: You can also store ADS tokens on Metamask, which allows you to switch between different blockchain networks like ETH, BSC, and Polygon.

  1. Hardware Wallets: For added security, you can store your ADS tokens offline using hardware wallets. These wallets protect your cryptographic keys and can be connected to web3 apps through MetaMask.

  2. Crypto Exchanges: You can also store your ADS tokens on crypto exchanges like Binance, but this is generally considered less secure than using a dedicated wallet.

Remember to always follow best practices for securing your wallet and private keys to protect your ADS tokens.

How to buy Adshares?

To buy Adshares (ADS) tokens, you can follow these steps:

Buying from a Centralized Exchange (CEX)
  1. Create an Account: Register on a centralized exchange (CEX) that supports ADS trading, such as, BitMart, or Changelly. Provide necessary information, including your email address and a secure password, and complete any identity verification steps.

  2. Choose a Funding Method: Select a payment method, such as a credit or debit card, bank transfer, or third-party payment services. Ensure the exchange supports your chosen method.

  3. Buy ADS: Navigate to the Buy & Sell section, select ADS as the cryptocurrency you want to buy, and choose your preferred payment method. You can use market orders, stop orders, limit orders, or other types of orders depending on the exchange.

Buying from a Decentralized Exchange (DEX)
  1. Create a Web3 Wallet: Download and install a Web3 crypto wallet like Metamask or Trust Wallet, which is supported by the DEX.

  2. Transfer Mainnet Cryptocurrency: Transfer the mainnet cryptocurrency (e.g., ETH or BNB) to your self-custody wallet address. This will be used to trade for ADS on the DEX.

  3. Connect to the DEX: Connect your wallet to the DEX, typically by clicking "Connect Wallet" on the upper right side of the DEX and following the instructions.

  1. Swap for ADS: Find the "Swap" option, select the mainnet cryptocurrency as the "From" currency and ADS as the "To" currency. Enter the amount you want to swap and confirm the transaction.
Additional Options
  • Buy with Crypto: You can also purchase ADS directly with other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum on certain exchanges.
  • Airdrops and Bounty Campaigns: Follow Adshares' Twitter profile to participate in airdrops and bounty campaigns where you can earn ADS.
  • Earn as a Publisher: If you own a website, join the Adshares network as a Publisher and earn ADS based on your site views.

Remember to always research the exchange's reputation, read user reviews, and compare different exchanges to choose the most suitable one for you.

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History of Adshares

Adshares (ADS) is a cryptocurrency that was first conceptualized in 2016. The project aimed to integrate blockchain technology into the advertising industry, creating a decentralized marketplace for programmatic advertising. This innovative approach sought to connect publishers and advertisers directly, allowing them to make deals without intermediaries.

The Adshares blockchain and protocol were developed over several years, with the goal of creating a scalable solution capable of serving the entire digital advertising market. The project's long-term vision is to become a global standard for advertising, similar to how SWIFT operates in the banking system.

Adshares has been actively working on its ecosystem, including the development of its own blockchain and a wrapped ERC-20 token. The project has also focused on building a community and fostering partnerships with top AdTech companies to drive adoption and integration.

Throughout its development, Adshares has emphasized the importance of decentralization, scalability, and community involvement. The project has released a detailed roadmap outlining its milestones and goals, including the distribution of tokens and the development of its protocol.

Today, Adshares continues to evolve, with a strong focus on improving its technology and expanding its partnerships. The project's commitment to innovation and decentralization has positioned it as a significant player in the blockchain-based advertising space.

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How Adshares works

Adshares (ADS) is a decentralized marketplace for programmatic advertising that leverages blockchain technology to connect publishers and advertisers directly. Here's how it works:

Blockchain Payments

Adshares uses its native ADS coin for all transactions within the ecosystem. The payments are facilitated by the Enterprise Service Chain (ESC) tool, which provides two-step verification and supports over 8 million transactions per day. This ensures secure and transparent transactions. If a user loses their wallet key, they can block all further payments to prevent unauthorized transactions.

Smooth User Experience

The platform offers a smooth registration process, allowing publishers to define parameters for the ads they want to display. Advertisers can easily set up targeted campaigns. Both parties have access to transparent dashboards to monitor their activities.

AdBlockers and Fraud Resistance

Adshares pays publishers after ad impressions, giving advertisers time to evaluate the traffic. Publishers are protected as they can report unfair advertisers to the blockchain reputation database. Ads can be served from independent servers, making them difficult for ad blockers to detect.

Blockchain Protocol

Adshares operates on its proprietary blockchain, designed specifically for advertising transactions. The blockchain charges a fee of 0.1% for transactions between nodes and 0.05% for transactions within the same node. The ADS coin serves as the fuel for the advertising economy, and people can own a slice of this economy by holding the ADS coin. The blockchain uses a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) algorithm for consensus, which is faster and cheaper than other mechanisms.

Staking and Rewards

Users can stake their ADS coins by holding them in their native ADS wallet. The transaction fee amount is always 1‰ (one per thousand), with 80% going to the staking rewards fund and 20% to node operators. Every 2048 blocks (approximately two weeks), the staking reward fund is distributed proportionally among all accounts with a positive ADS balance and activity in the last 12 months.

Integration and Scalability

Adshares has developed an open-source SDK that allows seamless integration with the ecosystem. This connects multiple apps using digital ads, including ad servers, metaverses, games, and web3 analytics. The blockchain is designed to scale up and process all ad transactions in the world, with a capacity of over 1.4 million transfers per second.

Security and Inactivity Fee

To ensure uninterrupted network activity, Adshares has a small inactivity fee after two years to encourage regular checking of key backups and prevent permanent loss of coins. The inactivity fee is 1 promile every 2048 blocks, and funds from inactive accounts go into the staking rewards fund.

Wallet and User Management

The Adshares Wallet is a browser extension that provides integration with internal and external services connected to the Adshares network. Users can install the extension from the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-ons. The wallet allows users to create new vaults, recover existing ones, transfer funds, and manage keys.

Overall, Adshares offers a decentralized, transparent, and secure platform for programmatic advertising, providing a unique solution for the advertising industry.

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Adshares's strengths

The token Adshares (ADS) has several strengths:

  1. Metaverse-ready Utilitarian Coin: ADS serves as the digital advertising settlement for high-volume ad transactions across Web2, Metaverse, and DOOH, creating direct payment deals between publishers and advertisers without intermediaries.

  2. Scalability and Speed: The Adshares blockchain is designed to handle high volumes of small transactions, with the capacity to process over 1.4 million transactions per second, making it a fast and efficient solution.

  3. Deflationary Coin: The native burning of ADS coins reduces the free floating supply, which can positively impact the token's value over time.

  1. Staking System: ADS holders can stake their coins to receive rewards from transaction fees, providing a passive income stream.

  2. Governance Token: ADS holders have a say in the platform's development through voting on proposals, ensuring a decentralized decision-making process.

  3. Transparency: ADS facilitates transparent ad-buying value chains, allowing advertisers and publishers to track their transactions and ad performance more effectively.

  1. Wrapped Tokens: ADS coins can be wrapped to other chains, increasing their utility and allowing for seamless integration across different blockchain platforms.

  2. Developer-friendly SDK: The Adshares SDK enables easy integration with various applications, including ad servers, metaverses, games, and web3 analytics tools, promoting widespread adoption.

These strengths position Adshares as a robust and versatile token, well-suited for the decentralized advertising market.

Adshares's risks

Adshares (ADS) carries several financial risks that investors should be aware of. One significant risk is the high risk analysis score based on InvestorsObserver research, which indicates that the coin can be manipulated by analyzing the amount of money required to shift its price over a 24-hour period, along with changes in volume and market capitalization. This score suggests that ADS is more susceptible to price manipulation, making it a higher-risk investment.

Another risk is the potential for significant corrections in the ADS price. Despite an overall positive trend, the price is expected to face significant corrections in the near future. This volatility can result in substantial losses for investors who are not prepared for such fluctuations.

Additionally, Adshares operates in the highly competitive digital advertising space, which can lead to market competition risks. The project's success depends on its ability to attract and retain users, advertisers, and publishers, which can be challenging in a rapidly evolving market.

Furthermore, as a cryptocurrency, ADS is subject to regulatory risks. Changes in regulatory environments or increased scrutiny from governments can negatively impact the value of ADS and the overall cryptocurrency market.

Finally, investors should also consider the general risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies, such as market volatility, liquidity risks, and the potential for significant losses if the project fails to meet its objectives.

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Did Adshares raise funds?

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Adshares’s team

  • Jacek Zemło: Co-founder and CTO, interested in distributed ledger technology since 2011, aiming to create a more efficient and secure blockchain.
  • Leszek Rychelwski: Co-founder, involved in the development of Adshares.
  • Maciej Pilarczyk: Head of Product, responsible for product development and strategy.
  • Laurent Perello: Head of Marketing & Business Strategy, focuses on marketing and business growth.
  • Krzysztof Bochenek: Head of Operations, oversees operational aspects of the project.
  • Maciej Kazmierczyk: Business Development, involved in expanding business partnerships and opportunities.

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