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What is ATOR Protocol?

ATOR Protocol (ATOR) is a decentralized project that aims to enhance the Tor network by incentivizing relays through blockchain-based rewards. It integrates on-chain incentives and offers products to promote secure network relay protocols, ensuring end-to-end privacy for users. ATOR's goal is to increase the number of operational relays, providing a decentralized and anonymous network for internet users.

How is ATOR Protocol used?

ATOR Protocol (ATOR) is used to enhance the Tor network by providing on-chain incentives and facilitating wider adoption of secure network relay protocols through hardware products. Here are the key ways it is used:

  1. Proof-of-Uptime Mechanism: Existing Tor relays can earn ATOR tokens based on their cumulative useful uptime, incentivizing contributors to the Tor network.

  2. ATOR Router Hotspot: A handheld device that allows users to connect their devices via WiFi and route web traffic through Tor, enhancing online privacy and anonymity.

  3. ATOR Relay: A specialized relay designed for Tor routing, which is interoperable with the Proof-of-Uptime framework. This allows non-technical users to contribute to web anonymity and earn ATOR tokens.

These features aim to improve the Tor network's capabilities, security, and decentralization, ultimately enhancing online privacy and anonymity for users.

How do I store ATOR Protocol?

To store ATOR Protocol (ATOR) tokens, you have several options:

  1. KuCoin Account: You can hold your ATOR Protocol (ATOR) in your KuCoin account, which provides quick access to trading products like spot and futures trading, staking, and lending. This option is convenient but requires you to rely on KuCoin as the custodian of your assets.

  2. Non-Custodial Wallets: For enhanced security, you can withdraw your ATOR Protocol (ATOR) to a non-custodial wallet. This grants you complete control over your private keys, but you must ensure the secure storage of these keys to avoid losing your assets. Options include hardware wallets, Web3 wallets, or paper wallets.

  3. MetaMask: MetaMask supports ATOR Protocol, allowing you to manage your ATOR Protocol funds directly within your web browser. This is a convenient option for users who frequently interact with the EVM blockchain.

  1. Trust Wallet: You can also use Trust Wallet, which supports the Ethereum network and can be connected to decentralized exchanges (DEXs) like 1inch to trade ATOR Protocol.

Each option has its pros and cons, so it is essential to consider factors like security, convenience, and fees when choosing the best method for storing your ATOR Protocol (ATOR) tokens.

How to buy ATOR Protocol?

To buy ATOR Protocol (ATOR) tokens, follow these steps:

  1. Create an Account:

    • Sign up on a reliable cryptocurrency exchange such as KuCoin, MEXC, or BitScreener by providing your email address, mobile phone number, and country of residence. Create a strong password to secure your account.
  2. Secure Your Account:

    • Enable additional security measures such as Google 2FA code, anti-phishing code, and trading password to protect your account.
  3. Verify Your Account:

  • Complete the identity verification process by providing personal information and uploading a valid Photo ID.
  1. Add a Payment Method:

    • Add a credit/debit card or bank account to your exchange account after verification.
  2. Buy ATOR Protocol (ATOR):

    • Use your added payment method to buy a stablecoin like USDT. Then, transfer the stablecoin to a trading account and exchange it for ATOR Protocol (ATOR) on the spot market.
  3. Store Your ATOR Protocol (ATOR):

  • For long-term storage, consider using a cold wallet, such as a paper wallet or a hardware wallet, for maximum security.

Remember to research the exchange's reputation and fees before making a purchase.

ATOR Protocol
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History of ATOR Protocol

ATOR Protocol (ATOR) is a cryptocurrency designed to enhance the Tor network by incentivizing relays through blockchain-based rewards. The protocol aims to increase the number of operational relays, ensuring end-to-end privacy for users. Here is a brief overview of its history:

  • All-Time High: ATOR Protocol reached its highest price on April 8, 2024, at $3.98 USD.
  • All-Time Low: The lowest point in ATOR Protocol's price history occurred on March 5, 2023, at a significantly lower value. If someone had purchased ATOR Protocol during that time, they would currently enjoy a remarkable profit of 11,608%.
  • Circulating Supply: As of now, the circulating supply of ATOR Protocol is approximately 90,361,560 out of a total supply of 100,000,000.
  • Historical Data: Historical data for ATOR Protocol is available at various intervals, including 1 minute, 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month, which can be used for trade simulation and backtesting purposes.
  • Tokenomics: The maximum total supply of ATOR tokens is 100,000,000. The vesting period for 20% of the token supply is two years, and the weekly emissions are split equally between the team and relay rewards.
  • Roadmap: The protocol is currently in its initial development stage, focusing on establishing ATOR-specific hidden services and creating additional hardware utilizing LoRa to enable users to route their requests through an independent network.

Overall, ATOR Protocol is working to enhance the Tor network by incentivizing relays and promoting secure network relay protocols.

ATOR Protocol
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How ATOR Protocol works

ATOR Protocol, short for "Anonymous Tor Over Relay," is a novel enhancement to the Tor network that leverages blockchain technology and the native cryptocurrency, ATOR. The primary goal of ATOR is to incentivize contributors to the Tor network while expanding its capabilities for wider adoption. Here's how it works:

Key Components
  1. Proof-of-Uptime Mechanism: This mechanism allows relays (nodes responsible for routing internet traffic) to earn ATOR tokens by securely transmitting encrypted data packets. This approach ensures that relays are incentivized to maintain their uptime and contribute to the network.

  2. ATOR Token: The ATOR token serves as the primary incentive for relays to participate in the network. It is also the gateway for participation in the ecosystem, enabling access to dedicated relays for enterprise-level bandwidth and other services.

  3. Relay Registration: The relay registration process is designed to ensure anonymity through delegation, eliminating the need for gas and preventing IP exposure. This ensures end-to-end privacy for users of the Tor network.

  1. Hardware Offerings: ATOR plans to release dedicated router and relay hardware, which will significantly enhance the network's capabilities and provide a tangible incentive for contributors.
Phases of Development

The development of ATOR Protocol is structured across several phases:

  1. Phase 1: The launch of the ERC20 token to raise funds and incentivize initial Tor nodes. Open-source code and instructional architecture for users to build their own Tor routers will also be released.

  2. Phase 2: The release of a dashboard to onboard existing Tor nodes into the ATOR incentive system. Weekly vested token emissions will be redistributed to registered nodes through Proof-of-Uptime.

  3. Phase 3: The release of ATOR's own router and relay hardware, transitioning to longer-term token incentives through a dedicated reward-variation algorithm or blockchain.

  1. Phase 4: The release of prototypes for LoRa routers, aiming to create a completely independent internet infrastructure.

The maximum total supply of ATOR tokens is 100,000,000. The vesting period for 20% of the token supply is two years, with weekly emissions split equally between the team and relay rewards. The team uses allocated funds for outreach activities, while the other half is given as incentives to registered Tor relays.

Overall Functionality

ATOR Protocol enhances the Tor network by introducing a unique incentivization mechanism through blockchain technology and the ATOR cryptocurrency. This approach aims to increase the number of operational relays, ensuring end-to-end privacy for users and fostering mainstream adoption. The protocol's evolutionary development process ensures that it adds value at every stage, enhancing existing protocols for maximum impact.

ATOR Protocol
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ATOR Protocol's strengths

ATOR Protocol (ATOR) has several strengths that make it a promising project:

  1. Enhancing Tor Relays: ATOR has developed unique Tor relays that will be mass-produced, providing a decentralized network of incentivized relays. This enhancement can pave the way for more people to use Tor for various online activities while retaining their anonymity.

  2. Anonymity with ATOR WiFi Routers: Users can surf anonymously, bypassing their ISP restrictions and masking their IP addresses. This feature protects them from search algorithms and cookie trackers.

  3. ATOR's Onion Services: Using the $ATOR token, a new marketplace will emerge within Tor, where users and service providers can transact with privacy and anonymity. This would lead to an increase in the usage of Tor, making it more popular globally and subsequently increasing the demand for the $ATOR token.

  1. Integration with DePIN: ATOR fits the classic definition of a DePIN project, exhibiting features characteristic of a protocol in that sector. DePINs leverage blockchain technology for real-world physical infrastructure and hardware networks, enabling globally distributed participants to build and manage infrastructure without centralized entities.

  2. Tokenomics and Token Supply: The $ATOR token has a fixed supply of 100 million tokens. As of November 2, 2023, 86.5% of the ATOR token supply is in circulation. The remaining tokens are allocated to different purposes, including rewards for Tor relays and funding development.

  3. Hardware Solution: ATOR introduces a unique all-in-one hardware solution, combining a router and a Tor relay. This hardware is designed to offer a hassle-free, Plug and Play experience for users. Torifying an entire network is a groundbreaking concept, providing users with the ability to protect their online activities.

  1. Potential for Growth: ATOR is set to grow exponentially over the coming years, much like Bitcoin and Ethereum, with projections indicating a market capitalization of $110 billion and a token price of $1,222 by 2029.

  2. Technical Analysis: ATOR Protocol's technical analysis suggests that it has the potential to reach significant price milestones, such as $24.56 by 2029 and $31.646 by 2030, based on broader adoption of blockchain technology and the growing applicability of ATOR Protocol.

These strengths position ATOR Protocol as a game-changer in the realm of privacy and anonymity, particularly with its focus on enhancing the Tor network and integrating with DePIN's decentralized infrastructure approach.

ATOR Protocol's risks

ATOR Protocol (ATOR) is considered high-risk based on its recent price movement relative to trading volume. This assessment is made by InvestorsObserver, which uses a proprietary scoring system to evaluate the risk level of cryptocurrencies. The system calculates how much money was required to move the price over the past 24 hours, taking into account changes in volume and market capitalization. This helps determine if a crypto can potentially be easily manipulated by limited trading activity. Low values in this scoring system represent high risk, while high scores equate to low risk on a 0 to 100 range.

ATOR Protocol
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Did ATOR Protocol raise funds?

ATOR Protocol
We give you the tools to invest your time and money in 1000+ tokens.

ATOR Protocol’s team

  • Anon Morpho: Strategist, Activist, and Founder of ATOR Protocol.
  • Christer Sørby: CEO of ATOR Labs, Creative Designer.
  • Neuratic: COO, Engineer, and Technical Communicator.
  • Matt 'Mikobu' LeBlanc: Relay Education Lead, Jack of all trades.
  • Jack: Firebug, Social Media Strategist, and Marketing Specialist.
  • Jim Toth: CTO, ETH miner since 2017, Arweave Visionary.
  • Dr. Andrzej Tuchołka: Lead Architect, PhD in Software Engineering.
  • Aonique: Hardware and Manufacture Lead, Firmware and Systems Expert.
  • Saunder: Full-Stack Developer, Prolific Automator.

Twitter Profile: ATOR Protocol (@atorprotocol)

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