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What is Arkham?

Arkham (ARKM) is a blockchain analytics platform that provides a decentralized marketplace for buying and selling on-chain intelligence, including entity labels, hacker tracing data, and curated data feeds. The platform utilizes AI to deanonymize blockchain transactions, offering insights into individuals and businesses involved in such activities. ARKM is the native token used for staking, incentivizing, trading, and intel-to-earn activities within the ecosystem.

How is Arkham used?

Arkham (ARKM) is a blockchain analysis tool powered by AI that provides insights into on-chain data for various networks. The native utility token, ARKM, has several key functionalities:

  1. Intel Exchange: ARKM is used in the Arkham Intel Exchange, a decentralized marketplace where users can buy and sell valuable information such as entity labels, hacker tracing data, and curated data feeds. This exchange operates through audited smart contracts, ensuring security and transparency.

  2. Staking: ARKM is used for staking to place bounties for specific intelligence. Buyers stake ARKM as the initial bounty, and others can add to it, increasing its value and the incentive for bounty hunters.

  3. Intel-to-Earn: ARKM is earned by participants, known as sleuths, who submit valuable intelligence used to train the AI algorithm, Ultra. This enhances the overall data quality and reinforces the collaborative spirit of the Arkham ecosystem.

  1. Incentivization: ARKM empowers a system of incentives aimed at fostering platform adoption and promoting long-term growth. This includes rewards for contributing positively to the ecosystem and discounts on platform transactions when using or holding ARKM.

  2. Governance: ARKM serves as the governance token for the Arkham Intel Exchange, enabling users to participate in decision-making processes.

  3. Rewards and Discounts: ARKM is used to incentivize users through rewards and discounts, creating a positive feedback loop that drives the platform's sustainable development.

Overall, ARKM plays a central role in facilitating the various functions of the Arkham Intelligence platform, from trading and staking to intel-to-earn and incentivization.

How do I store Arkham?

To store Arkham (ARKM) tokens, you can follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Wallet: Select a reliable and secure wallet that supports ARKM tokens. Some popular options include wallets from KuCoin, Bitcompare, and MyEtherWallet (MEW) with Enkrypt.

  2. Set Up Your Wallet: Create and set up your chosen wallet, ensuring it is secure and accessible.

  3. Transfer ARKM Tokens: Transfer your ARKM tokens to your chosen wallet. This will ensure that you have full control over your tokens and can manage them securely.

  1. Store Safely: Store your wallet securely, using strong passwords and two-factor authentication to protect your ARKM tokens from unauthorized access.

By following these steps, you can safely store your Arkham (ARKM) tokens and manage them effectively.

How to buy Arkham?

To buy Arkham (ARKM) tokens, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Crypto Exchange:

    • Select a reputable cryptocurrency exchange that supports ARKM, such as MEXC, KuCoin, Binance, CoinEx, Kraken, Bybit, or
  2. Create an Account:

    • Register for a free account on the chosen exchange's website or mobile app. Provide necessary personal information, including your name and email address.
  3. Verify Your Account:

  • Complete the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process to increase withdrawal limits and unlock additional features.
  1. Add a Payment Method:

    • Choose a payment method, such as:
      • Credit/Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard)
      • Bank Deposit (SWIFT)
      • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Trading
      • Third-Party Payment Services (Simplex, Banxa, Mercuryo).
  2. Buy ARKM:

    • Navigate to the exchange's "Buy Crypto" or "Spot Market" section.
    • Select ARKM as the cryptocurrency to buy.
    • Choose the payment method and specify the amount to purchase.
    • Confirm the order and complete the transaction.
  3. Store or Use Your ARKM:

  • Once purchased, you can hold ARKM in your exchange account or transfer it to a personal cryptocurrency wallet.
  • You can also trade ARKM for other cryptocurrencies or stake it for passive income.

Remember to research the exchange's fees, security features, and supported currencies before making a purchase.

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History of Arkham

Arkham, also known as Arkham Intelligence, is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency analytics platform that leverages advanced techniques to systematically analyze and deanonymize blockchain transactions. Founded in 2020 by Miguel Morel, a seasoned entrepreneur with a profound background in cryptocurrency markets, the platform has garnered significant attention and investment from prominent figures and organizations.

Arkham's unique selling point lies in its integration of total coverage and multi-chain data aggregation, powered by its proprietary AI system, ULTRA. This approach offers a comprehensive view of the crypto ecosystem, enabling various use cases including trading and compliance. The platform's innovative approach to blockchain analytics positions it uniquely in the crypto market, with a focus on providing entity-level intelligence and a holistic view of the blockchain ecosystem.

In July 2023, Arkham announced the launch of its utility token, ARKM, which serves as the primary currency of the Arkham Intel exchange. The token facilitates trades for crypto intelligence data and enables community governance of the exchange. Users can earn ARKM rewards for submitting intelligence and contributing to the growth of the Arkham ecosystem.

Arkham's market presence is bolstered by its ERC-20 token status on the Ethereum blockchain, secured by the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. The platform's innovative approach to blockchain analytics positions it uniquely in the crypto market, with a focus on enhancing transparency and efficiency in crypto markets.

Despite its innovative approach, Arkham faces challenges in balancing its intelligence capabilities with privacy concerns, which could impact its adoption and reputation in the crypto community. However, given its unique market position and technological advancements, Arkham presents intriguing long-term investment prospects, especially considering its growing relevance in combating crypto-related crimes.

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How Arkham works

Arkham (ARKM) is a blockchain analysis platform that uses advanced technology to analyze and connect blockchain data to real-world entities, effectively deanonymizing the blockchain to some extent. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how it works:

Analytics Platform

The platform analyzes data from various blockchains to understand the movement of crypto assets and the entities involved. Arkham uses a proprietary AI engine called ULTRA to connect blockchain addresses to real-world identities. This allows users to access on-chain data regarding portfolio holdings, exchange flows, transaction histories, and other analytics on entities, exchanges, funds, and tokens.

Arkham Intel Exchange

The Arkham Intel Exchange is a decentralized marketplace for crypto intelligence. Users can buy and sell valuable information using ARKM tokens, including entity labels, tracing data, and curated data feeds. The exchange utilizes two methods for acquiring intel:

  1. Bounties: Users stake ARKM to request specific intel, incentivizing others to find it.
  2. Auctions: Users with valuable intel can auction it to the highest bidder.

Transactions on the exchange are secured by smart contracts, ensuring security and transparency without the need for a central authority.


The ARKM token is Arkham’s native cryptocurrency. It is used for:

  • Accessing crypto intelligence services and tools
  • Governance
  • Staking
  • Incentivizing users to engage in beneficial actions
  • Providing discounts on platform payments
Key Features
  • Entity-Based Intelligence: Arkham aims to provide a holistic understanding of crypto activity by attributing real-world identities to addresses.
  • Distributed Intelligence Economy: Arkham has created an “Intel Exchange,” a marketplace where users can buy and sell intelligence reports generated by the ULTRA AI system.
  • Total Coverage and Multi-Chain Integration: Arkham aims to provide a comprehensive view of the blockchain by collecting and aggregating data from various chains, leveraging its proprietary ULTRA AI engine system.
How It Works
  1. Data Collection: Arkham collects on-chain and off-chain data from various sources, including public records and social media.
  2. AI Analysis: The ULTRA AI engine processes the collected data, classifying pseudonym data into “entities” and providing insights into real-world identities behind blockchain addresses.
  3. Data Visualization: The platform visualizes the activity happening on the blockchain, allowing users to identify patterns and relationships formed.
  4. Intel Exchange: Users can buy and sell valuable information using ARKM tokens, fostering a dynamic and engaging marketplace for crypto intelligence.

Arkham’s technology is designed to enhance transparency and efficiency in the crypto space, making it a valuable tool for users seeking comprehensive insights into blockchain activity.

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Arkham's strengths

Arkham (ARKM) stands out with several strengths that position it as a pioneering platform in the crypto analytics space:

  • Total Coverage and Multi-Chain Data Aggregation: Arkham's proprietary AI system, ULTRA, offers a comprehensive view of the crypto ecosystem by integrating data from both on-chain and off-chain sources, making it a unique platform for blockchain analysis.

  • Entity-Based Intelligence: Arkham provides detailed insights into the individuals and companies associated with blockchain activity, enhancing transparency and efficiency in crypto markets.

  • Decentralized Intelligence Economy: The Arkham Intel Exchange enables the buying and selling of address labels and other intelligence, fostering liquidity and collaboration within the community.

  • Comprehensive Analytics: The platform offers in-depth analytics on entities, exchanges, funds, whales, and tokens, including portfolio holdings, transaction history, and network relationships.

  • Innovative Use Cases: Arkham's intelligence capabilities cater to a wide range of stakeholders, including government, venture capitalists, and traders, making it vital for tracking stolen funds, identifying fraudsters, auditing transactions, and combating crypto crimes.

  • Strategic Collaborations: Arkham has integrated with major crypto projects such as Base, BNB Chain, Polygon, and Optimism, expanding its analytical capabilities across various networks.

  • Utility Token: The ARKM token plays a vital role within the Arkham ecosystem, serving as the official currency of the intel-to-earn economy and providing incentives for users to engage in beneficial actions.

Arkham's risks

Arkham (ARKM) faces several risks and controversies, primarily related to its approach to privacy and security. Here are some of the key concerns:

  1. Centralized Control and Security Risks: Arkham's centralized control of data raises security risks, as it could be vulnerable to attacks or exploitation by malicious actors.

  2. Privacy Issues: Arkham's de-anonymization of blockchain data and its "snitch-to-earn" model, which incentivizes users to uncover intelligence about hacks, fraud, and theft through bounties, have raised privacy concerns. Some argue that this approach ignores user privacy and encourages "doxxing" of crypto participants.

  3. Slippery Stance on Privacy: Arkham's methods have been criticized for violating the decentralized spirit of blockchain, which prioritizes privacy and censorship resistance. This has sparked a debate around security versus anonymity, with some arguing that the tradeoffs are reasonable to fight crime, while others see it as a violation of core principles.

These concerns highlight the potential risks and ethical dilemmas associated with Arkham's approach to blockchain analytics and intelligence gathering.

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Did Arkham raise funds?

We give you the tools to invest your time and money in 1000+ tokens.

Arkham’s team

  • Miguel Morel: Chief Executive Officer, founder of Arkham Intelligence, and a seasoned entrepreneur with extensive experience in cryptocurrency markets.
  • Zachary Lerangis: Head of Operations.
  • Alexander Lerangis: Head of Business Development.
  • John Kottlowski: Institutional Relations.
  • Ric Carlo Obcena: Community Moderator.

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