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What is Arsenal Fan Token?

Arsenal Fan Token (AFC) is the official fan token of Arsenal Football Club, launched in August 2021. It is built on the Chiliz blockchain and allows fans to participate in polls, access exclusive content, and receive rewards. AFC token holders can influence club decisions and engage in various activities through the app. The token is traded on several cryptocurrency exchanges and has a total supply of 40 million, with a circulating supply of approximately 9.7 million.

How is Arsenal Fan Token used?

The Arsenal Fan Token (AFC) is a digital cryptoasset created for passionate Arsenal fans. It is hosted on, a blockchain-based fan engagement platform. Here are the key ways AFC is used:

  1. Voting in Polls: AFC holders can participate in official club polls, influencing various decisions related to the team. The weight of their vote is determined by the number of tokens they hold.

  2. Exclusive Benefits: Token holders gain access to VIP hospitality at the Emirates Stadium, meet their favorite players, receive signed merchandise, and enjoy other exclusive experiences.

  3. Gamification and Quizzes: AFC owners can engage in quizzes, competitions, and games, earning loyalty points that can be redeemed for rewards and experiences.

  1. Community Engagement: The token enables fans to unite globally, interact with each other, and participate in various activities on the platform.

  2. Trading and Investment: AFC can be bought and traded on major cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase and Binance, allowing fans to invest in the token and potentially benefit from its market fluctuations.

Overall, the Arsenal Fan Token provides a unique way for fans to engage with the club, influence decisions, and enjoy exclusive rewards and experiences.

How do I store Arsenal Fan Token?

To store your Arsenal Fan Token (AFC) tokens, you have several options:

  1. Exchange Wallets: You can store your AFC tokens in the wallets provided by the exchanges where you purchased them, such as Binance Wallet or MEXC Account Wallet.

  2. Crypto Wallets: You can also store your AFC tokens in dedicated crypto wallets like Trust Wallet, which offer more security and flexibility.

  3. Cold Wallets: For long-term storage and maximum security, consider using cold wallets, which are offline and not connected to the internet. There are two types of cold wallets: paper wallets and hardware wallets.

  1. Metamask Wallet: If you plan to trade your AFC tokens on decentralized exchanges, you can use the Metamask Wallet, which supports millions of assets and blockchains.

Remember to always prioritize security when choosing a storage method, and consider the risks associated with each option.

How to buy Arsenal Fan Token?

To buy Arsenal Fan Token (AFC) tokens, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Centralized Exchange: AFC tokens can be traded on several centralized exchanges, including Bitget, BtcTurk | Kripto, Bybit, and MEXC Global. Select one of these exchanges to purchase and trade AFC tokens.

  2. Purchase a Base Cryptocurrency: You cannot buy AFC tokens directly with fiat currency. First, purchase a base cryptocurrency like USDT, BTC, ETH, or BNB using fiat methods such as credit cards, debit cards, or bank transfers.

  3. Transfer Base Cryptocurrency to the Exchange: Once you have the base cryptocurrency, transfer it to the chosen exchange that supports AFC trading.

  1. Trade for AFC Tokens: Use the base cryptocurrency to buy AFC tokens on the exchange. You can do this by selecting the AFC trading pair (e.g., AFC/USDT) and executing a trade.

  2. Store AFC Tokens: After purchasing AFC tokens, you can store them in the exchange's wallet or transfer them to a personal crypto wallet for long-term storage.

Additionally, you can also purchase AFC tokens directly through the app using Chiliz (CHZ) tokens, which can be bought with a debit or credit card.

Arsenal Fan Token
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History of Arsenal Fan Token

The Arsenal Fan Token (AFC) is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency designed to enhance fan engagement and provide exclusive benefits to supporters of the London-based football club, Arsenal. The token was established in partnership with, a fan engagement platform that allows users to interact with their favorite teams through various activities and polls.

The AFC token is hosted on the app, where users can purchase and trade it for Chiliz (CHZ), the native currency of the platform. The token's value is influenced by market demand and supply, and its price can fluctuate accordingly. The token's primary function is to provide fans with a voice in official club decisions, access to exclusive experiences, and real-life and digital club-related advantages.

Arsenal fans, known as the "Gooners," have historically played a significant role in shaping club decisions. The AFC token extends this influence by allowing fans to participate in interactive polls, quizzes, and tournaments. The token also offers VIP benefits, such as access to exclusive events, signed merchandise, and personalized experiences with the team.

The AFC token can be acquired by creating a Socios account, purchasing CHZ, and then swapping it for AFC tokens. The token's price is displayed on the app before purchase, including any relevant service fees. The token's value is influenced by market demand and supply, and its price can fluctuate accordingly.

The Arsenal Fan Token has been listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase and Binance, making it accessible to a broader audience. The token's roadmap includes continued development of interactive opportunities for fans to engage with the club, further enhancing the fan experience.

Overall, the Arsenal Fan Token represents a unique fusion of blockchain technology and fan engagement, providing a new level of interaction and influence for Arsenal supporters worldwide.

Arsenal Fan Token
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How Arsenal Fan Token works

The Arsenal Fan Token (AFC) is a utility token that operates on a decentralized platform, utilizing blockchain technology. It is the official token for Arsenal Football Club and allows fans to have a tokenized share of influence on the club's decisions and activities.

Key Features
  • Voting Power: AFC holders can vote on various club-related decisions, such as the design of the team bus, jersey, and game-winning song. The weight of their vote is determined by the number of tokens they hold.
  • Exclusive Benefits: Token holders can participate in polls, contests, and quizzes, earning them fan rewards and real-life experiences, such as VIP access to the Emirates Stadium, meeting players, and receiving signed merchandise.
  • Global Community: The Socios platform, where AFC is hosted, connects fans worldwide, enabling them to interact and engage with each other and the club.
How to Obtain AFC
  • Purchasing: AFC can be bought on major cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase and Binance, as well as through the Socios app by exchanging Chiliz ($CHZ) for AFC.
  • Trading: AFC can be traded on various exchanges, including Bitget, where users can create an account and place orders using different payment methods.
  • Total Supply: 40,000,000 AFC tokens.
  • Circulating Supply: 4,711,630 AFC tokens.
Platform and Partnerships
  • The official fan token partner of Arsenal, providing the platform for AFC holders to engage with the club and other fans.
  • Chiliz Chain: The blockchain technology used to create and manage fan tokens, including AFC.

By holding AFC tokens, fans can actively participate in the club's activities, earn exclusive rewards, and connect with a global community of fellow supporters.

Arsenal Fan Token
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Arsenal Fan Token's strengths

The Arsenal Fan Token (AFC) has several strengths that make it an attractive investment opportunity:

  1. Strong Brand Association: The AFC is directly associated with Arsenal Football Club, one of the most popular and successful teams in the Premier League. This association lends credibility and recognition to the token, potentially attracting a large and dedicated fan base.

  2. Exclusive Rewards and Experiences: Holding AFC tokens grants fans access to exclusive rewards and experiences, such as voting rights on certain club decisions, VIP tickets, signed merchandise, and more. This creates a strong incentive for fans to invest in and engage with the token.

  3. Utility on The AFC token is part of the platform, which offers a range of fan engagement features, including polls, quizzes, and games. This utility provides a clear use case for the token and encourages fans to participate and earn rewards.

  1. Wide Availability: The AFC token can be purchased and traded on several major cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Paribu, and, making it easily accessible to investors.

  2. Potential for Long-Term Growth: Price predictions suggest that the AFC token could experience significant growth in the future, driven by factors such as the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies and the performance of Arsenal Football Club.

  3. Strong Performance History: The AFC token has shown resilience in the past, with an all-time high of $8.13, indicating its potential for future growth.

These strengths make the Arsenal Fan Token an attractive investment opportunity for those interested in sports-related cryptocurrencies and fan engagement platforms.

Arsenal Fan Token's risks

The financial risks associated with Arsenal Fan Token (AFC) include the potential for significant losses due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrency investments. The UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled that Arsenal's promotions for AFC fan tokens were misleading and irresponsible because they failed to adequately illustrate these risks to consumers. Specifically, the ASA noted that the ads did not make it clear that the tokens were crypto-assets, which could only be obtained by opening an account and exchanging with another cryptocurrency that had to be purchased.

Additionally, the ASA emphasized that the value of investments in crypto-assets is variable and that these investments are largely unregulated, offering little consumer protection. This lack of regulation and the inherent volatility of cryptocurrencies make them high-risk investments, which can result in significant financial losses for those who invest in them.

Arsenal's marketing materials did include warnings that fans could lose some or all of their money invested, but the ASA deemed these warnings insufficient. The ASA's ruling highlights the need for clear and transparent communication of the financial risks associated with investing in crypto-assets like AFC fan tokens.

Arsenal Fan Token
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Did Arsenal Fan Token raise funds?

Arsenal Fan Token
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Arsenal Fan Token’s team

  • Socios: Socios is the team behind the Arsenal Fan Token (AFC). They are the creators of the fan token platform, which allows fans to engage with their favorite teams and earn rewards through various activities.

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