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What is Big Time?

Big Time (BIGTIME) is a free-to-play, multiplayer action RPG game that combines fast-action combat and adventure through time and space. It features crafting, collectibles, and a cryptocurrency-based economy, allowing players to craft and upgrade items, rent out workshops, and explore special instances to collect rewards.

How is Big Time used?

Big Time (BIGTIME) is the native cryptocurrency of the multiplayer action RPG game Big Time. It is used to drive the game's economy and reward players for their time and effort. Here are the primary uses of BIGTIME:

  1. Crafting and Upgrading: BIGTIME is required to craft and upgrade weapons and armor at the Forge and Armory. It is used in conjunction with other materials to create unique collectibles.

  2. Speeding Up Crafting Timers: BIGTIME can be used to speed up crafting timers at the Forge and Armory, allowing players to access their crafted items more quickly.

  3. Access to Prestige Portals: BIGTIME is necessary to gain access to some Prestige Portals, which offer exclusive content and rewards.

  1. Hourglass Crafting: BIGTIME is collected by crafting and upgrading Hourglasses, which are used to collect BIGTIME tokens. This process is essential for crafting any collectible in the game.

Overall, BIGTIME plays a central role in the game's crafting and progression systems, providing players with the means to enhance their gameplay experience.

How do I store Big Time?

To store Big Time (BIGTIME) tokens, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Obtain BIGTIME Tokens: You can acquire BIGTIME tokens by playing the game with at least one charged Hourglass equipped, which allows you to receive them as random in-game drops. These tokens are required for various in-game activities such as refining, crafting, and upgrading at the Forge and Armory, as well as accessing Prestige Portals.

  2. Choose a Wallet: Once you have BIGTIME tokens, you need to choose a suitable wallet to store them. You can import these tokens into the game through your crypto wallet, and then export them to your wallet for external management.

  3. Export to External Wallet: Since BIGTIME tokens are non-tradable within the game or its marketplace, you need to export them to your external crypto wallet. This allows you to execute standard cryptocurrency operations, including trading or transferring them as desired.

By following these steps, you can effectively store and manage your BIGTIME tokens.

How to buy Big Time?

To buy Big Time (BIGTIME) tokens, follow these steps:

  1. Decide on a Cryptocurrency Exchange: Choose a reputable exchange that supports BIGTIME, such as KuCoin, CoinEx, OKX,, or MEXC. Ensure the exchange accepts customers from your country and offers the necessary trading features.

  2. Create an Account: Sign up on the chosen exchange with your email address, mobile phone number, and country of residence. Create a strong password to secure your account.

  3. Verify Your Account: Complete the verification process by providing personal information and uploading a valid Photo ID. This step is crucial for ensuring the security of your account.

  1. Add a Payment Method: Add a credit/debit card or bank account to your exchange account. This will allow you to deposit funds for purchasing BIGTIME.

  2. Buy BIGTIME: Use your deposited funds to buy BIGTIME. You can do this by placing a market order or a limit order, depending on your investment strategy. Market orders execute quickly at the best available price, while limit orders allow you to specify a maximum price to buy at.

  3. Store Your BIGTIME: You can store your BIGTIME tokens in your exchange account or transfer them to a non-custodial wallet for greater control over your private keys. Be sure to set up strong security measures to protect your assets.

By following these steps, you can successfully purchase and manage your BIGTIME tokens.

Big Time
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History of Big Time

Big Time (BIGTIME) is a cryptocurrency token used in the blockchain-based multiplayer action RPG game, Big Time. The game was created by the former CEO of Decentraland and features a team of experienced developers from leading gaming companies. The token operates within the game ecosystem, facilitating in-game transactions, purchases, and other economic activities. It is also used to speed up crafting timers and access certain Prestige Portals.

The BIGTIME token is a fair launch token with no initial allocation to the team or developers, ensuring transparency and community involvement. The token's price is influenced by various factors, including its adoption within the game, positive news and developments, and the overall cryptocurrency market sentiment. Players can use the token to engage in various activities within the game, such as crafting and accessing special portals.

To start playing the game, users need to set up a crypto wallet, register for an account on the Big Time platform, and connect their wallet. The game might be accessible on an invite-only basis, requiring a Ruby Pass. Once set up, players can explore the game's world, team up with friends, and earn rewards in this play-to-earn (P2E) game.

Big Time
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How Big Time works

Big Time, also referred to as BIGTIME, is a multifaceted platform that encompasses both a professional services automation (PSA) software and a web3 game. Here's a detailed overview of how each aspect works:

Professional Services Automation (PSA) Software

BigTime's PSA software is designed for professional services organizations to streamline their operations and maximize profits. It provides visibility into resource availability, project management, and billing processes. Key features include:

  1. Resource Management: Visualize the availability of resources, including billable and non-billable hours, budgeted hours, and actual hours worked.
  2. Project Management: Bridge data gaps across project stages, ensuring accurate tracking and management.
  3. Billing and Invoicing: Decrease time to bill and make it easier to get paid by automating the invoicing process.
  4. Customizable Reporting: Tailor report views to focus on key metrics, enabling proactive business decisions.
Web3 Game

The web3 game aspect of Big Time is a play-to-earn model where players can earn tokens by participating in various activities. Here's how it works:

  1. Hourglasses: Players need charged Hourglasses to earn BIGTIME tokens. These Hourglasses are a fixed supply and are required to refine, craft, and upgrade items.
  2. In-Game Activities: Players earn BIGTIME tokens by completing quests, killing enemies, and engaging in other in-game activities.
  3. Prestige Portals: Access to certain areas or activities requires BIGTIME tokens or premium currency, which can be purchased from Big Time.
  4. Token Economy: The BIGTIME token is used for various in-game purposes, such as crafting and upgrading items. Its value can fluctuate based on market demand.
Key Benefits
  • Scalability: Big Time's PSA software is designed to grow with your business, ensuring seamless operations even as your firm expands.
  • Remote Management: The platform allows for remote management, making it ideal for firms with distributed teams.
  • Real-Time Insights: Customizable reporting provides real-time insights, enabling data-driven decisions.
  • Play-to-Earn: The web3 game offers a unique opportunity for players to earn tokens and participate in the game's economy.

Overall, Big Time offers a comprehensive solution for professional services organizations and a unique gaming experience that rewards players with tokens.

Big Time
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Big Time's strengths

Big Time (BIGTIME) stands out as a multiplayer action RPG designed for PC enthusiasts, seamlessly merging rapid-paced combat with an expansive in-game economy. The game's strengths include:

  • Free-to-Play Model: Big Time operates on a free-to-play model, which has the potential to attract a vast community that will drive and strengthen the game's economy.
  • Blockchain Technology: The game utilizes blockchain technology to offer rewards in the form of NFTs and tokens when players defeat their opponents, allowing participants to collect in-game items and tokens, generate NFTs, and share them with friends.
  • In-Game Economy: The in-game economy is primarily driven by the Big Time currency (BIGTIME), which can be earned by playing or bought on cryptocurrency platforms. This economy is further enhanced by the ability to transfer BIGTIME tokens directly from a player's wallet to their in-game account.
  • Collectibles: Big Time offers two types of collectibles: cosmetic and utility collectibles. Cosmetic collectibles enhance the appearance of weapons and armor, while utility collectibles, such as the Hourglass, unlock token loot. These collectibles can be obtained in-game or purchased from other players in the Marketplace.
  • Player-Operated Economy: The game features player-operated Armories and Forges, which produce cosmetic collectibles, and Time Wardens, which produce Hourglass Collectibles. This creates a dynamic in-game creator economy.

These features collectively contribute to Big Time's strengths as a multiplayer RPG game.

Big Time's risks

Big Time (BIGTIME) faces several risks that could impact its value and sustainability. One significant concern is the potential for token inflation, which could lead to a significant increase in the number of tokens in circulation. Currently, only about 3% of the maximum supply of 5 billion tokens is in circulation, and the tokenomics suggest that this could lead to a sharp depreciation in value as new digital tokens enter the ecosystem.

Another risk is the imbalance between token supply and demand. The increasing number of tokens without a matching rise in active claims and overall engagement suggests that the game is heading towards an oversupply issue. This could lead to a decrease in the value of tokens and related assets if demand cannot keep up with supply.

Additionally, the game's economy is already showing signs of strain, and the team needs to find solutions to increase the use of tokens in-game. Implementing measures like portal mod chips that can be purchased with BIGTIME tokens is a step in the right direction, but more needs to be done to address the underlying issues.

InvestorsObserver has given Big Time a medium Risk/Reward Score, indicating that it is a relatively moderate risk investment. The proprietary scoring system calculates how much money was required to move the price over the past 24 hours with changes in volume and market capitalization to discover if a crypto can potentially be easily manipulated by limited trading activity.

Overall, it is crucial for players and investors to be aware of these risks and to critically think about their involvement in the game. Engaging with the data, challenging assumptions, and making informed decisions are essential to navigating these challenges and making the most of Big Time while being mindful of the risks and opportunities ahead.

Big Time
We give you the tools to invest your time and money in 1000+ tokens.

Did Big Time raise funds?

Big Time
We give you the tools to invest your time and money in 1000+ tokens.

Big Time’s team

  • Thor Alexander: Co-founder of Big Time Studios.
  • Ari Meilich: Co-founder of Big Time Studios, former CEO of Decentraland.
  • Michael Migliero: Chief Marketing Officer at Big Time Studios.

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