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What is (BOOK) is a multi-chain Web3 marketplace for ebooks and audiobooks that allows users to buy, read, and resell digital books. The platform leverages blockchain and NFT technology, ensuring censorship-resistant and decentralized ownership of digital assets. The $BOOK token serves as a versatile utility and loyalty token, enabling users to earn tokens through reading and spending them on new books, accessing exclusive content, and participating in various ecosystem activities.

How is used? (BOOK) is a cryptocurrency token used on a multi-chain platform that leverages blockchain and NFT technology to revolutionize the digital book industry. Here are the key ways it is used:

  1. Digital Book Ownership: allows readers to truly own their digital books, which are stored on-chain as Decentralized Encrypted Assets (DEAs). This means readers can sell, gift, lend, or rent their eBooks and Audiobooks on the blockchain, giving them full control over their digital assets.

  2. Read-to-Earn: The platform offers a Read-to-Earn loyalty program, where readers are rewarded with $BOOK tokens for consuming content. This incentivizes readers to engage with the platform and creates a dynamic where readers are directly rewarded for their actions.

  3. Token Utility: The $BOOK token is used for various activities within the platform, such as purchasing eBooks and Audiobooks. It also serves as a means of exchange within the ecosystem, facilitating transactions between readers, authors, and publishers.

  1. Author and Publisher Benefits: empowers authors and publishers by allowing them to set their own royalty percentages on secondary sales. This provides increased control, transparency, and revenue for content creators.

  2. Marketplace and Trading: The $BOOK token can be traded on various exchanges, allowing users to buy and sell it. This creates a market dynamic where the token's value is influenced by supply and demand.

Overall, (BOOK) is a token that enables a decentralized digital book marketplace, where readers can truly own their digital books and engage in a dynamic economy that rewards content consumption.

How do I store

To store (BOOK) tokens, you can use various Cardano wallets that are compatible with the platform. These wallets include Eternl, Vespr, Typhon, Nami, GeroWallet, Flint, Yoroi, and Lace. It is essential to note that you should not use a central exchange wallet like Coinbase, as this may result in the loss of your funds.

How to buy

To buy (BOOK) tokens, follow these steps:

  1. Find a Reliable Centralized Exchange: Look for a trustworthy centralized exchange like Binance where you can purchase tokens.
  2. Connect Your Cardano Wallet: Ensure you have a compatible Cardano wallet such as Eternl, Vespr, Typhon, Nami, GeroWallet, Flint, Yoroi, or Lace. Do not use a central exchange wallet like Coinbase, as your funds may be lost.
  3. Participate in the Token Sale: The token sale began on July 20, 2023, and ended on October 20, 2023. If you missed the sale, you can explore other options on the exchange.
  4. Swap $BOOK Classic (2021) for $BOOK V2.0: If you have the older token, swap it for the new $BOOK V2.0 on the website.

Remember to do your own research and understand the token's utility and risks before making a purchase.

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History of, a cryptocurrency project focused on digital book ownership and decentralized knowledge preservation, has a rich history that began in 2017. The project was founded by Joshua Stone and Ben Illian, who were inspired by the idea of truly owning digital books and empowering authors and publishers through Decentralized Encrypted Assets (DEAs).

Early Development

Stone and Illian initially brainstormed about the future of digital books and media, questioning why digital books couldn't be owned like physical ones. This idea evolved into an obsession, leading them to quit their day jobs and start, which later became They recruited RJ Regenold as CTO and began building the future of books on the blockchain.

First Decentralized Book chose the original Gutenberg Bible in Latin as the first book to decentralize, paying homage to the printing press and its role in spreading knowledge. This marked a significant milestone, as it made books unburnable, unchangeable, and unbannable.

Launch and Success

On July 22, 2022, sold the world's first Decentralized Encrypted Asset (DEA) on the Cardano blockchain, achieving great success and attracting a strong community that shares the vision of owning digital books and rewarding their consumption. Since then, has sold over 200,000 books in more than 110 countries and grown to a team of over 20 full-time employees.

Key Features and Innovations's platform allows users to buy, sell, lend, and rent digital books, ensuring total control and censorship resistance. The project has also introduced a "read to earn" feature, where users can earn passive income in the form of the $BOOK token by reading their digital books.

Partnerships and Investments has received investments from prominent figures like Mark Cuban and companies such as Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments and Ingram Content Group. The project has also expanded to a multichain approach, further solidifying its presence in the digital book market.

Community Engagement has fostered a strong community that believes in the power of knowledge and the importance of preserving it. The project has organized events like Con 2024 and maintains active social media channels, including Twitter and Discord, to engage with users and share updates.

Future Developments continues to innovate, with plans to expand into other areas like music and further integrate blockchain technology into the digital book industry. The project's commitment to empowering authors, publishers, and readers alike has positioned it as a leader in the digital book revolution.

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How works is a multi-chain platform that leverages blockchain technology to revolutionize the digital book industry. Here's a detailed overview of how it works:

Key Features
  • Digital Book Ownership: allows readers to truly own their digital books, which are stored on the blockchain. This means they can read, sell, lend, or rent their eBooks and Audiobooks freely, without any restrictions from central platforms like Amazon.
  • NFTs and DEAs: uses Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Decentralized Encrypted Assets (DEAs) to represent digital books. These assets are fully decentralized and live on-chain forever, ensuring that readers have full control over their digital libraries.
  • Multi-Chain Support: operates on multiple blockchains, including Algorand, Cardano, Ethereum, and Polygon. This allows authors and publishers to choose the best chain for their specific needs.
  • $BOOK Token: The $BOOK token is a native Cardano token that plays a crucial role in the ecosystem. It can be used to purchase eBooks, participate in the read-to-earn program, and engage in other activities within the platform.
  • Reading and Management: offers a mobile app and desktop reader that allow users to easily access and manage their digital book collections. Readers can purchase, read, and manage their eBooks and Audiobooks seamlessly.
  • Marketplace: The platform features a marketplace where readers can buy, sell, and trade their digital books. Authors and publishers can set their own royalty percentages on secondary sales, ensuring they receive perpetual royalties on their work.
  • Read-to-Earn: is developing a read-to-earn program that rewards readers with $BOOK tokens for reading their digital books. This program aims to incentivize reading and create a more engaged community.
  • Token Sale: The $BOOK token sale took place from July 20, 2023, to October 20, 2023. Tokens were released to buyers on October 20, 2023.
  • Token Swap: Holders of the previous $BOOK token (minted in 2021) need to swap it for the new $BOOK token, which is more efficient and divisible. The old tokens will not have any utility.
  • Token Utility: The $BOOK token has various utilities, including eBook purchases, read-to-earn rewards, and other activities within the platform.
Community and Support
  • Discord and Twitter: has an active community on Discord and Twitter, where users can stay updated on the latest developments and engage with the project team.
  • Whitepaper and FAQs: The project has a detailed whitepaper and FAQ section that provide in-depth information on its technology, tokenomics, and usage.

Overall, is a groundbreaking platform that empowers readers and authors by providing true digital ownership and a decentralized marketplace for digital books.

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Subscribe's strengths

The token (BOOK) has several strengths that contribute to its potential success:

  1. Read-to-Earn Model: The $BOOK token is part of a read-to-earn model, where users earn tokens for reading their books. This incentivizes people to consume books, facilitating better education and engagement with digital content.

  2. Multifunctional Utility: The $BOOK token serves as a versatile utility and loyalty token, allowing users to earn, spend, and use tokens in various ways within the ecosystem. This includes purchasing books, accessing reading analytics, publishing books, receiving discounts, and tipping creators.

  3. Decentralized Ownership: allows users to own digital books as NFTs, which can be stored on-chain and accessed through the app. This provides verifiable ownership, enabling users to rent, sell, or gift their digital assets.

  1. Censorship-Resistant: Digital books stored on the blockchain are censorship-resistant, ensuring that users have total control over their assets and can access them without interference.

  2. Multi-Chain Compatibility: is a multi-chain project, currently operating on Algorand, Cardano, Ethereum, and Polygon. This allows authors and publishers to choose different chains for different needs, increasing flexibility and accessibility.

  3. Community Engagement: The project has an active community, with a strong presence on Discord and Twitter, which helps to foster engagement and support among users.

These strengths collectively contribute to the potential of the $BOOK token and the ecosystem, offering a unique and innovative approach to digital books and reading experiences.'s risks, a multi-chain Web3 marketplace for ebooks and audiobooks, faces several financial risks. These risks are primarily associated with the trading book concept, where financial institutions manage and mitigate risks through sophisticated risk metrics. Here are some key financial risks that might encounter:

  1. Market Volatility: The value of $BOOK tokens and digital books on the platform can fluctuate significantly due to market forces, impacting the financial health of the institution and its users. This volatility can lead to substantial losses if not managed properly.

  2. Leverage and Concentrated Wagers: If users or institutions employ high leverage or make concentrated bets on specific digital books or market sectors, significant losses can occur. These losses can have far-reaching consequences, such as those experienced during the 2008 financial crisis.

  3. Risk of Trading Book Losses: Trading books, which include the digital books and tokens on, are susceptible to substantial losses. These losses can directly impact the financial institution and its users, potentially triggering a ripple effect across the market.

  1. Regulatory Pressures: operates in a regulatory environment where changes in laws and policies can significantly affect its operations. Ensuring compliance with regulations and adapting to changes can be costly and time-consuming.

  2. Dependence on Token Ecosystem: The $BOOK token is central to the ecosystem. Any disruptions or issues with the token, such as a lack of liquidity or a significant decline in value, can negatively impact the entire platform.

  3. Competition and Market Saturation: The digital book market is competitive, and if fails to differentiate itself or adapt to changing market conditions, it may struggle to maintain market share and revenue.

  1. Security Risks: As a blockchain-based platform, is vulnerable to security risks such as hacking and cyber attacks. If these risks are not mitigated effectively, they can result in significant financial losses and damage to the platform's reputation.

  2. Dependence on Partnerships and Investments: has received investments from notable figures like Mark Cuban. If these partnerships or investments are withdrawn or fail to materialize, the platform may face financial difficulties.

  3. Scalability and Operational Risks: As the platform grows, it must be able to scale its operations efficiently. Failure to do so can lead to operational risks, such as delays in transactions or difficulties in maintaining the integrity of the platform.

  1. User Adoption and Retention:'s financial success depends on attracting and retaining users. If the platform fails to provide a compelling user experience or if users do not find value in the $BOOK token and digital books, the financial risks will increase.

By understanding and addressing these financial risks, can better navigate the challenges of the digital book market and ensure long-term sustainability.

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We give you the tools to invest your time and money in 1000+ tokens.
Subscribe's ecosystem

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We give you the tools to invest your time and money in 1000+ tokens.
Subscribe’s team

  • Joshua Stone: CEO and Co-Founder of, with over 25 years of experience in the tech industry. He has a background in product design and user experience strategy, having worked on projects like Fandango and BookShout. He is also a publishing startup veteran, having launched BookShout in 2012 and running it for two years before selling the company.
  • Ben Illian: Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer of He has an entrepreneurial spirit and has been involved in several startup exits alongside Joshua Stone. He is responsible for maximizing revenue, reducing acquisition costs, and enhancing the customer journey.
  • RJ Regenold: Chief Technology Officer of, with over 20 years of software engineering expertise. He has led teams at startups and Fortune 10 companies, and his portfolio includes mobile apps for retail giants like Walmart and Sam’s Club.

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