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What is BreederDAO?

BreederDAO (BREED) is a cryptocurrency project focused on generating high-quality digital assets for blockchain-based games and virtual worlds. It specializes in breeding and crafting in-game assets, providing a solution to the supply-side constraint in the play-to-earn economy. The project aims to support the growth of the Metaverse by equipping guilds and players with optimized assets, enhancing their gaming experience and yield.

How is BreederDAO used?

BreederDAO (BREED) is a cryptocurrency designed to support the creation and customization of digital assets within the metaverse. It serves as the primary token for the BreederDAO platform, which focuses on high-volume asset production tailored to the specifications of various guilds and games within the metaverse.

Key Use Cases
  1. Asset Generation:

    • BreederDAO develops in-house technologies to generate curated NFTs that deliver value at scale for guilds and games. This includes AI-powered asset production tools that analyze on-chain and off-chain data to understand game metas and market trends.
  2. Governance and Staking:

    • The community plays a significant role in steering the organization through governance and staking. Members can participate in discussions, raise proposals, and make informed decisions about the direction of the DAO.
  3. Game Integrations and Partnerships:

  • BreederDAO aims to integrate with numerous games and partner with guilds to support the onboarding of the next billion users of the metaverse. This includes building smart asset creation tools for top play-to-earn (P2E) games and establishing a gaming dashboard.
  1. Marketplace and Trading:
    • The platform plans to launch a P2E assets-focused marketplace, enabling users to buy and sell digital assets. Additionally, it will develop infrastructure for over-the-counter (OTC) sales channels, allowing for more efficient trading.
Overall Functionality

BreederDAO's token, BREED, is essential for facilitating these use cases. It enables the creation, customization, and trading of digital assets within the metaverse, fostering a robust ecosystem for gamers and guilds.

How do I store BreederDAO?

To store BreederDAO (BREED) tokens, you have two primary options:

  1. Centralized Exchange (CEX):

    • Hold your BREED tokens on a centralized exchange like KuCoin. This provides easy access to various investment products and features such as spot and futures trading, staking, and lending. The exchange will securely manage your funds, but ensure you choose an exchange with robust security measures to protect your assets.
  2. Non-Custodial Wallets:

    • Withdraw your BREED tokens to a non-custodial or self-custodial wallet. This option gives you complete control over your private keys. You can use hardware wallets, Web3 wallets, or paper wallets. Be cautious not to lose your private keys, as this could result in the permanent loss of your BREED tokens.

For long-term storage, you can also consider using cold wallets instead of hot wallets for added security.

How to buy BreederDAO?

To buy BreederDAO (BREED) tokens, you can follow these steps:

Buying on a Centralized Exchange (CEX)
  1. Choose a Reliable CEX: Select a trustworthy crypto exchange that supports BreederDAO (BREED) purchases, such as Binance or KuCoin. Consider factors like ease of use, fee structure, and supported payment methods.
  2. Create an Account: Register on the chosen exchange, providing the required information and setting a secure password. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for added security.
  3. Verify Your Identity: Complete Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification, which may require varying information based on your nationality and region.
  4. Add a Payment Method: Follow the exchange's instructions to add a credit/debit card, bank account, or other supported payment methods.
  5. Buy BreederDAO (BREED): Use fiat currency to buy BreederDAO (BREED) if supported, or purchase a popular cryptocurrency like USDT and then exchange it for BreederDAO (BREED).
Buying on a Decentralized Exchange (DEX)
  1. Choose a DEX: Select a DEX that supports BreederDAO (BREED) trading, such as Uniswap or SushiSwap.
  2. Set Up a Wallet: Download and install a Web3 crypto wallet like Metamask or Trust Wallet, which is supported by the DEX.
  3. Transfer Funds: Transfer the mainnet cryptocurrency (e.g., ETH for Ethereum-based DEX) from a centralized exchange or another wallet to your self-custody wallet address.
  4. Connect to the DEX: Connect your wallet to the DEX and find the "Swap" option.
  5. Swap for BreederDAO (BREED): Select the token you want to trade from the "From" section and BreederDAO (BREED) in the "To" section. Enter the amount and confirm the swap.
Buying via a Crypto Wallet
  1. Choose a Wallet: Select a reliable crypto wallet that supports BreederDAO (BREED) purchases, such as a wallet that allows fiat-to-crypto transactions.
  2. Download and Set Up the Wallet: Download the wallet app and create a new wallet address or import an existing one. Make sure to securely store your seed phrase.
  3. Buy BreederDAO (BREED): Purchase BreederDAO (BREED) using a supported payment method. If not directly available, buy a popular cryptocurrency like USDT and then exchange it for BreederDAO (BREED).

Remember to always check fees and ensure you are using a reputable platform to avoid scams.

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History of BreederDAO

BreederDAO (BREED) is a cryptocurrency project that focuses on providing high-quality gaming assets for the Metaverse. The project aims to bridge the gap between games and guilds by acting as a supply-side solution, generating curated assets that deliver the best value at scale for large guilds to enhance their play-to-earn economies.

Key Milestones
  • Initial Development: BreederDAO began as a response to the growing need for quality gaming assets in the Metaverse. The project's core business involves producing assets at scale, focusing on both quantity and quality. This includes buying resources, identifying the right assets to generate, optimizing for ideal traits, and selling the assets.
  • IDO and Token Distribution: The project achieved a significant milestone by conducting its Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) and distributing tokens to the market. This allowed the community to participate in the governance of the DAO and utilize various utilities associated with the token.
  • Public Sale: BreederDAO conducted a public sale on Copper from April 26 to April 29, 2022, marking a crucial step in its development.
  • Product Development: Following the public sale, the project continued to build its products, including analytics dashboards, mass breeding tools, governance platforms, and breeder chutes (initial breeder offerings). It also focused on expanding its network of games and guilds to become a pillar in the play-to-earn space.
Token Utility and Governance
  • Token Use Cases: The $BREED token has multiple use cases for different stakeholders. For games, it allows holders to vote on which games to market-make for or provide liquidity to. For guilds, it enables holders to get first dibs on initial batches of assets, especially for hot games with limited initial production capacity. For the general public, it provides access to tools like mass breeding and a share of yield, with the amount of stake directly correlated to the number of assets that can be produced.
  • Governance: $BREED holders participate in the governance of the DAO, voting on key decisions such as resource allocation for asset production and the distribution of rewards.
Partnerships and Team
  • Partnerships: BreederDAO has partnered with leading guilds and games, providing in-game assets and supporting in-house breeding programs. The goal is to increasingly automate processes and open them up to thousands of guilds and millions of players.
  • Team: The project is led by CEO Renz Chong, who has experience in growth strategy, data science, and machine learning. The team also includes COO Jeth Ang, who has entrepreneurial experience and knowledge of the crypto and financial markets, and CTO Nico Odulio, who is well-versed in blockchain and smart contract applications.
Roadmap and Future Plans
  • Short-term Goals: The project aims to integrate with more games, expand its network of guilds, and develop its analytics tools and governance platforms.
  • Long-term Goals: BreederDAO plans to establish itself as a go-to asset manufacturer, supporting the growth of the play-to-earn economy and eventually becoming a factory that can create other factories, available for purchase by DAO members.

Overall, BreederDAO has made significant progress in its development, with a clear vision for the future of gaming assets in the Metaverse.

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How BreederDAO works

BreederDAO (BREED) is a cryptocurrency that operates on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token. It is designed to support play-to-earn gaming guilds by mass-producing high-quality digital assets, particularly non-fungible tokens (NFTs), tailored to specific game requirements. The platform aims to optimize asset supply for the onboarding of new users in the Metaverse.

Key Components
  1. Asset Creation: BreederDAO develops technologies to generate NFTs tailored to specification, ensuring access to NFTs is not a limiting factor in the growing Web3 ecosystem.

  2. Breeder Tools: The platform offers tools that enable stakeholders to create NFTs efficiently and effectively.

  3. AI Skins: BreederDAO incorporates AI-powered asset production, which enhances the quality and variety of NFTs produced.

  1. Data-Driven Game Expertise: By analyzing on-chain and off-chain data, the platform empowers its community to make informed decisions to maximize their in-game experience.

  2. Partner Guilds and Games: BreederDAO collaborates with various guilds and games to ensure the NFTs produced meet the specific needs of each gaming ecosystem.

Governance and Staking
  • Governance: $BREED token holders can participate in decision-making processes through staking and voting on proposals related to resource allocation and other core functions.

  • Staking: Users can stake their $BREED tokens to guarantee access to early batches of manufactured assets or to participate in the Chute program, which allocates genesis assets for highly anticipated games.

Token Allocation and Supply
  • Total Supply: 1 billion BREED tokens.

  • Token Allocation: The allocation is broken down into various categories, including governance, staking rewards, and other ecosystem functions.


BreederDAO has a detailed roadmap outlining its development milestones, including the launch of smart asset creation tools, token launch, staking protocol launch, and the integration of AI-powered asset production. The roadmap also includes plans for a decentralized marketplace and the expansion of its ecosystem to support multiple gaming economies.

Team and Backers

The project is led by a team with diverse experience in blockchain, data science, machine learning, and traditional financial markets. BreederDAO has gained the support of prominent firms, including Andreessen Horowitz, further solidifying its position in the gaming and NFT space.

Buying and Trading

BreederDAO (BREED) can be purchased through centralized exchanges or crypto wallets that support fiat-to-crypto purchases. Users can also buy popular cryptocurrencies like USDT and then exchange them for BREED on a decentralized exchange if direct fiat-to-BREED purchases are not available.

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BreederDAO's strengths

The token BreederDAO (BREED) has several strengths that contribute to its potential success and value:

  1. Multi-Utility Token: The $BREED token serves multiple purposes within the BreederDAO ecosystem, including governance, staking, and access to exclusive features like the alpha channel on Discord. This multi-faceted utility ensures that the token remains valuable and in demand across various aspects of the platform.

  2. Governance and Decision-Making: $BREED holders have a significant role in shaping the future of the platform through voting on key decisions, such as resource allocation and breeding strategies. This decentralized governance model empowers the community and ensures that the project remains aligned with their interests.

  3. Staking and Rewards: The token offers staking opportunities through programs like the BreederDAO Chute, where holders can stake $BREED to access limited batches of newly manufactured assets. Additionally, staking rewards are provided to active participants, incentivizing community engagement and token holding.

  1. Access to Exclusive Features: $BREED token holders gain access to exclusive channels and information, such as the alpha channel on Discord, where the BreederDAO team shares statistics and insights on token and asset liquidity, as well as future changes to breeding programs and game mechanics.

  2. Strong Demand Drivers: The token's demand is driven by its various utilities, governance, and staking opportunities, which are deeply integrated into the core functions of the platform. This multi-dimensional demand ensures that the token remains attractive to users and investors alike.

  3. Comprehensive Roadmap: BreederDAO has a clear roadmap for the next three years, outlining the development of new tools, business models, and the expansion of its ecosystem. This roadmap provides a sense of direction and stability for investors and users.

Overall, the $BREED token's strengths lie in its diverse utilities, community-driven governance, and the comprehensive ecosystem it supports, making it an attractive investment opportunity in the cryptocurrency space.

BreederDAO's risks

BreederDAO (BREED) is a cryptocurrency project that specializes in breeding and crafting in-game assets for play-to-earn gaming guilds. The project aims to optimize the NFT production process, making it faster and more efficient for guilds to scale and focus on strategic gameplay. However, like any cryptocurrency project, BreederDAO is not without financial risks.

Risks and Uncertainties

BreederDAO's whitepaper outlines several risks and uncertainties associated with the project. These include:

  • Market Risks: The project's success is heavily dependent on the growth and adoption of play-to-earn gaming guilds. If the demand for these guilds and their NFT assets does not meet expectations, the value of BREED tokens could be negatively impacted.

  • Operational Risks: BreederDAO's proprietary technology and asset generation systems are still under development and may undergo significant changes. This could lead to unforeseen technical issues or inefficiencies that affect the project's performance.

  • Regulatory Risks: As with any cryptocurrency project, BreederDAO is subject to regulatory changes and potential legal actions. If regulatory bodies classify BREED as a security, it could lead to legal and financial consequences for the project.

  • Token Volatility: The value of BREED tokens can fluctuate significantly due to market forces, trading activity, and changes in market capitalization. This volatility can result in significant losses for investors.

  • Token Allocation: The token allocation for BreederDAO is broken down into governance, production lines, chutes, spoils, and machinery. However, a significant portion of the tokens (16% and 20.5%) is allocated to the team and investors, which could lead to sell pressure and negatively impact the token's value.

  • Liquidity Risks: There is no guarantee that an active market for BREED tokens will develop or be sustained. If liquidity is low, it can be difficult for investors to buy or sell tokens, leading to financial losses.

  • Technical Risks: The project's technology may contain flaws, errors, or bugs that could disable or interrupt its operations. This could lead to financial losses and damage to the project's reputation.
Risk Assessment

BreederDAO's risk assessment is considered high by some analysts. The project's risk score indicates that it is a relatively high-risk investment, primarily due to its potential for manipulation by limited trading activity.

In summary, BreederDAO's financial risks are multifaceted and include market, operational, regulatory, token volatility, token allocation, liquidity, and technical risks. Investors should carefully consider these risks before investing in BREED tokens.

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Did BreederDAO raise funds?

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BreederDAO’s team

  • Renz Chong: CEO, former consultant with over 5 years of experience in growth strategy, data science, machine learning, blockchain, DeFi, and NFT portfolio management.
  • Jeth Ang: COO, entrepreneur with 6 companies under his belt, experience in crypto, finance, and markets, and an NFT collector and P2E guild leader.
  • Nico Odulio: CTO, tech expert with experience in blockchain, full-stack decentralized applications, and smart contracts across multiple chains.
  • Nigel Rimando: Head of Data, data professional with over 6 years of experience in tech startups, focusing on data democratization and infrastructure.
  • Gillian Pua: Head of Marketing & Communications, experienced in brand and business strategy development across various industries.
  • Mabee Clemente: Head of Business Development, investment professional with over 6 years of experience in sectors like renewable energy and logistics.
  • Jovan Que: Head of Growth, entrepreneur and investor in crypto and equities since 2014, with experience in digital transformation.
  • Gabby Dizon: Co-founder of Yield Guild Games, advisor to BreederDAO.

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