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What is Brickken?

Brickken (BKN) is a cryptocurrency that fuels a decentralized application (dApp) for tokenizing and managing real-world assets. It simplifies the creation, sale, and management of digital assets, enabling companies to tokenize their assets and access new funding channels. The BKN token is used for various purposes, including payment for services, token offerings, and staking, and offers benefits such as interest rewards, exclusive perks, and participation in the DAO.

How is Brickken used?

Brickken (BKN) is a utility token that serves as the fuel for the Brickken decentralized application (dApp). It has various use cases within the platform:

  1. Tokenization Fees: Clients use BKN to tokenize their real-world assets, which is a core function of the Brickken platform.

  2. Transaction Fees: BKN is used to pay for transaction fees on the platform.

  3. Governance: Holders of BKN participate in protocol governance, making decisions on the development and direction of the platform.

  1. Investment: BKN can be used to invest in tokenized real-world assets (RWAs) through the Token Suite.

  2. Staking: Users can stake their BKN to earn interest rewards, which helps secure and develop the ecosystem.

  3. Collateral: Staked BKN can be used as collateral to guarantee issuer obligations.

  1. Exclusive Perks: BKN holders can access exclusive benefits, such as discounts, cashback, and commissions, from Brickken and token issuers.

  2. Subscription Fees: A monthly subscription fee is paid in BKN for using the platform.

These diverse use cases make BKN a central component of the Brickken ecosystem.

How do I store Brickken?

To store Brickken (BKN) tokens, you can use the MEXC Account Wallet. After purchasing BKN tokens, you can hold them in your MEXC Account Wallet or send them to another wallet via blockchain transfer. Additionally, you can also trade BKN tokens for other cryptocurrencies or stake them on MEXC Earning Products for passive income.

How to buy Brickken?

To buy Brickken (BKN) tokens, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Reliable Exchange: Find a trusted centralized exchange like Binance or MEXC where you can purchase Brickken tokens.

  2. Open an Account: On the chosen exchange, create an account and complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process to ensure secure transactions.

  3. Deposit Funds: Deposit funds into your account using various methods such as credit cards, bank transfers, or peer-to-peer services. You can also buy a stablecoin like USDT first and then use it to purchase BKN.

  1. Navigate to the Buy Crypto Section: On the exchange's website, click on the "Buy Crypto" link to view available methods in your region.

  2. Execute the Purchase: Select the desired method and follow the instructions to complete the purchase of Brickken tokens. You can also use the exchange's mobile app for a seamless experience.

  3. Manage Your Tokens: Once you have purchased BKN, you can hold it in your exchange wallet, transfer it to another wallet, or use it for trading or staking on the exchange's platform.

Remember to follow the specific guidelines and security measures provided by the exchange to ensure a smooth and secure transaction.

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History of Brickken

Brickken (BKN) is a cryptocurrency that has been in existence for some time. The project focuses on tokenizing real-world assets (RWAs) and asset management through its comprehensive Token Suite. This platform simplifies the creation, sale, and management of tokenized digital assets, allowing companies to easily tokenize their assets.

The concept of tokenization, which Brickken is built upon, has its roots dating back to the early 2000s. Initially, tokens were used as a data protection mechanism, exchanging sensitive values for non-sensitive placeholders to ensure security and compliance. This idea evolved over time, with practical applications such as protecting credit card information. The concept of tokenization also has historical parallels, such as the use of casino chips and the early days of paper currency in the United States, where paper notes were tokenized representations of gold.

In terms of its market performance, Brickken's price has fluctuated over time. Historical data shows that the price of BKN has varied, with highs and lows recorded over different time periods. The project's market capitalization and trading volume have also changed, reflecting the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market.

Brickken's platform is designed to empower companies to tokenize their assets efficiently, ensuring global compliance and seamless management. It offers features such as wide market reach, seamless digital asset creation, and efficient on-chain management, making it a comprehensive solution for asset tokenization.

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How Brickken works

Brickken (BKN) is a cryptocurrency that operates on a decentralized platform, focusing on asset tokenization and investment. Here's an overview of how it works:

Artwork Tokenization

Brickken enables artists and artwork owners to convert their creations into digital assets that can be traded securely and efficiently. This process allows for fractional ownership and trading of these digital assets on a decentralized marketplace.

Fractional Art Investing

Investors can invest in artworks fractionally, expanding access to previously unattainable investment opportunities. This feature makes it possible for a broader range of people to participate in the digital art market.

Digital Art Marketplace

Brickken offers a global marketplace where investors and collectors can buy, sell, and trade digital art assets. This platform provides a centralized location for the digital art market, making it easier for participants to engage in transactions.

DeFi Solutions

Brickken provides various DeFi (Decentralized Finance) solutions, including staking, yield farming, and loans secured by digital art assets. These solutions allow users to generate passive income and utilize their digital assets as collateral.


The BKN token is the native cryptocurrency of the Brickken platform. It has a total supply of 143 million tokens and is used for various purposes such as trading digital art assets, participating in fractional art investing, and accessing DeFi solutions. The token's value is determined by market forces, and its supply is managed through a combination of pre-issuance and public sales.

Staking Mechanism

Brickken's staking mechanism allows token holders to earn rewards by contributing to the security and maintenance of the network. This process involves validators who help confirm transactions and maintain the integrity of the blockchain. Rewards are distributed based on the amount of tokens staked and the performance of the validators.


Brickken prioritizes security by using audited libraries and smart contracts that follow best practices to minimize attack vectors and potential exploits. This ensures that the platform operates securely and efficiently.

Tokenization Process

The tokenization process involves several critical steps, including deciding what asset to tokenize, developing a business model, choosing an issuing platform, and creating a whitepaper to attract investors. Brickken provides a comprehensive solution for asset tokenization, making it easier for asset owners to digitize and manage their assets.

Use Cases

The BKN token has various use cases, including trading digital art assets, participating in fractional art investing, staking, yield farming, and securing loans. It also serves as a lending mechanism, allows participation in the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), and provides access to exclusive perks from Brickken and token issuers.

Overall, Brickken (BKN) offers a comprehensive platform for asset tokenization, investment, and DeFi solutions, providing a secure and efficient environment for artists, investors, and collectors to engage in the digital art market.

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Brickken's strengths

The token Brickken (BKN) has several strengths that contribute to its potential success and value:

  1. Tokenization Platform: Brickken is a cryptocurrency platform that empowers the tokenization and blockchain-based sale of real-world assets. This allows for the digitization of various assets, including tangible assets like real estate and financial instruments like debt, equity, bonds, and securities, making them more accessible and divisible.

  2. Governance and Participation: BKN token holders can participate in protocol governance and invest in tokenized real-world assets (RWAs) through the Token Suite. This enables holders to have a say in the direction of the platform and benefit from the assets they invest in.

  3. Utility and Payment: BKN tokens serve as the utility token of Brickken, covering issuance fees, payment for token offerings, and settling service fees within the ecosystem. This widespread usage reinforces the token's value and importance within the platform.

  1. Staking and Rewards: Brickken offers staking options for BKN tokens, allowing holders to earn interest rewards and participate in the security and development of the ecosystem. This incentivizes long-term holding and active participation in the platform.

  2. Security and Compliance: Brickken aims to achieve high security standards by using audited libraries and smart contracts that follow best practices to reduce potential attack vectors and exploits. Additionally, the platform ensures compliance with local laws and regulations, providing a secure and reliable environment for users.

  3. Partnerships and Listings: BKN tokens are listed on various exchanges, including MEXC, Uniswap, and BitMart, making them accessible to a broader audience. Strategic partnerships with institutional buyers, centralized exchanges, market makers, and key opinion leaders further expand Brickken's network and influence.

These strengths collectively contribute to the potential growth and adoption of the Brickken (BKN) token, making it an attractive option for investors and users interested in tokenization and blockchain-based asset management.

Brickken's risks

Brickken (BKN) faces several financial risks that investors should be aware of. These risks include:

  • Regulatory Risks: Changes in the regulatory landscape could limit the growth of the tokenization space, affecting Brickken's operations and the value of BKN tokens. Brickken's internal team and network of legal experts monitor the legal landscape to mitigate this risk.
  • Market Risks: The token's value can be manipulated due to low liquidity and market capitalization, making it a high-risk investment.
  • Liquidity Risks: The token's liquidity is crucial for its value. Brickken's liquidity management strategy involves accumulating BKN tokens and stablecoins in a liquidity vault to increase market depth.
  • Operational Risks: Brickken's ability to position itself in the market and gain traction is crucial. The team has shown success in sourcing and closing tokenization projects, but failure to maintain this momentum could impact the token's value.
  • Technological Risks: Advances in quantum computing and smart contract exploitation could pose risks to Brickken's decentralized application and the security of the BKN token.

These risks highlight the importance of careful consideration and thorough research before investing in Brickken (BKN).

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Did Brickken raise funds?

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Brickken’s team

  • CEO & Co-Founder: Edwin Mata
  • COO & Co-Founder: Yassir Haouati
  • CMO & Co-Founder: Bram Duindam
  • CRO: Ludovico Rossi
  • Team Member: Felipe D'Onofrio

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