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What is Captain Tsubasa?

Captain Tsubasa (TSUGT) is a cryptocurrency token associated with the blockchain game "Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-", which is based on the popular Japanese manga series "Captain Tsubasa". The token is designed for governance and can be used for various in-game activities such as purchasing Arena Tickets, NFT Fusion, and trading NFTs. It is listed on several cryptocurrency exchanges, including SBI Group's Bitpoint.

How is Captain Tsubasa used?

Captain Tsubasa (TSUGT) is a cryptocurrency token inspired by the popular manga and anime series "Captain Tsubasa." The token is primarily used within the "Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-" game ecosystem. It serves as a valuable asset for players, allowing them to enhance character development and improve game mechanics. Additionally, TSUGT functions as the game's governance token, giving players a say in the game's direction.

How do I store Captain Tsubasa?

To store Captain Tsubasa (TSUGT) tokens securely, it is recommended to use a "Cold Wallet," which is a wallet that is completely offline. This type of wallet provides the highest level of protection against potential security threats and unauthorized access to your tokens.

How to buy Captain Tsubasa?

To buy Captain Tsubasa (TSUGT) tokens, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Reliable Exchange: Select a trusted centralized cryptocurrency exchange where TSUGT is listed. Popular options include, KuCoin, and MEXC.

  2. Create an Account: Sign up for an account on the chosen exchange, providing the necessary personal and verification information.

  3. Fund Your Account: Deposit funds into your exchange account using a supported fiat currency or cryptocurrency.

  1. Navigate to the Captain Tsubasa Market: Find the TSUGT market on the exchange and select the desired trading pair, such as TSUGT/USDT.

  2. Choose a Transaction Amount: Enter the amount of TSUGT you want to purchase and confirm the transaction.

  3. Store Your Tokens Safely: After purchasing, consider transferring your TSUGT tokens to a cold wallet, such as a hardware wallet or paper wallet, for long-term storage and security.

Remember to carefully research and understand the risks involved with investing in cryptocurrencies before making a purchase.

Captain Tsubasa
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History of Captain Tsubasa

The history of Captain Tsubasa (TSUGT) is closely tied to its origins as a blockchain game inspired by the famous Japanese manga and anime series "Captain Tsubasa." The project, known as "Captain Tsubasa: RIVALS," launched on January 12, 2023, and has since become a unique intersection of cryptocurrency and manga culture.

The game's concept is built around the iconic manga series created by Yoichi Takahashi, which has had a significant impact on both Japanese and international football fans. The manga has sold over 70 million copies in Japan and has been translated into more than 20 languages.

In terms of its cryptocurrency, TSUGT, it is primarily traded on exchanges such as KuCoin, Bitget, MEXC, and, with the majority of its trading volume coming from the TSUGT/USDT pair. The token's price history can be viewed on various platforms, including CoinCarp and, which provide historical data on its open, high, low, and close prices, as well as its market capitalization and trading volume.

The token itself has several in-game uses, including purchasing Arena Tickets, NFT Fusion, and other in-game consumptions. Additionally, users can earn TSUGT as rewards for winning in the Arena mode of the game.

Overall, Captain Tsubasa (TSUGT) represents a unique blend of blockchain gaming and manga culture, with its history deeply rooted in the popularity of the "Captain Tsubasa" series.

Captain Tsubasa
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How Captain Tsubasa works

Captain Tsubasa (TSUGT) is a governance token for the blockchain game "Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-," which is based on the popular football manga series "Captain Tsubasa." The game allows players to collect and train unique teams of players, represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These NFTs can be purchased from the in-game store or earned through gameplay. Each player NFT has its own stats and abilities, which can be improved through training.

The TSUGT token serves several purposes within the game:

  • Character Development: Players can use TSUGT to level up and upgrade their characters, as well as purchase support character updates.
  • In-Game Items: TSUGT can be used to buy in-game items such as special equipment or consumables.
  • Periodic Deliveries: TSUGT holders receive periodic deliveries of in-game items, like training items or booster packs.
  • Rewards: TSUGT holders can earn raffle tickets based on their token holdings and activity level, which can be used to win special "Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-" merchandise.

Additionally, holding TSUGT tokens provides various benefits, including exclusive NFTs, fan meetings, and benefits based on the number of tokens held. The token is also used for governance, allowing players to participate in the development of the game.

Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS- aims to create a strong community of players who can compete against each other and share their love for the manga series. The game features both PvE and PvP modes, allowing players to engage in different types of gameplay.

Captain Tsubasa
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Captain Tsubasa's strengths

The token Captain Tsubasa (TSUGT) has several strengths that make it an attractive investment opportunity:

  1. Governance and Community Engagement: TSUGT is designed to foster a collaborative environment between the management team and the player community, allowing holders to participate in project development and decision-making processes.

  2. In-Game Utility: The token can be used to enhance character development, purchase in-game items, and participate in PvP matches, making it a valuable asset for players of the Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS- game.

  3. Exclusive Benefits: TSUGT holders receive various benefits, including invitations to closed fan meetings, exclusive NFTs, and rewards through raffle tickets. These benefits are often tied to the number of tokens held and the level of activity within the game.

  1. Strong Fundamentals: The token's solid fundamentals are expected to cushion it from market fluctuations, making it a more stable investment option.

  2. Integration and Adoption: TSUGT is listed on multiple exchanges, including Bitget and SBI Group's BITPOINT, increasing its accessibility and potential for adoption.

  3. Blockchain Technology: The token operates on the Polygon blockchain network, which provides a robust and scalable infrastructure for its ecosystem.

These strengths contribute to the token's overall value and potential for long-term growth.

Captain Tsubasa's risks

Captain Tsubasa (TSUGT) carries several financial risks that investors should be aware of. Firstly, TSUGT is considered a relatively high-risk investment, which means that investors should be cautious and prepared for potential losses. Additionally, the token's current risk score indicates that it is a high-risk investment, which may deter some investors.

Another risk is the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Market trends, historical data, and overall performance can significantly impact the price of TSUGT. Factors such as market demand, technological advancements, regulatory news, and macroeconomic trends can all influence the token's value. This volatility can result in significant price fluctuations, making it challenging for investors to predict the token's performance.

Furthermore, the token's allocation and lockup structure may also pose risks. The distribution of tokens among team members, advisors, investors, and the community can lead to uneven market influence and potential price manipulation. The vesting periods for certain token allocations can also impact the token's liquidity and market stability.

Lastly, the token's reliance on the success of the Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS- game and its ecosystem can also be a risk. If the game fails to attract and retain players, the demand for TSUGT may decrease, leading to a decline in its value.

Overall, investors should carefully consider these financial risks before investing in Captain Tsubasa (TSUGT).

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Did Captain Tsubasa raise funds?

Captain Tsubasa
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Captain Tsubasa’s team

  • Mint Town Co., Ltd.: The company behind the development and operation of the Web3 game "Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-" and the TSUBASA Governance Token ($TSUGT), co-developed with BLOCKSMITH&Co., Ltd. The CEO is Hironao Kunimitsu.
  • BLOCKSMITH&Co., Ltd.: A subsidiary of KLab Inc., specializing in Web3-related businesses and co-developing "Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-" with Mint Town Co., Ltd. The CEO is Tetsuya Sanada.
  • KLabs Inc.: The parent company of BLOCKSMITH&Co., Ltd., known for their successful smartphone app "Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team," which has achieved over 45 million downloads.

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