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What is dHedge DAO?

dHedge DAO (DHT) is a governance and utility token for a decentralized, non-custodial asset management protocol. It enables investors to mimic top-performing managers and empowers managers through unique asset pool mechanisms. The token facilitates decentralized governance, incentivizes investors and managers, and is built on Ethereum Layer 2 blockchains.

How is dHedge DAO used?

The dHedge DAO (DHT) token is the native cryptocurrency of the dHedge platform, a decentralized, non-custodial asset management protocol built on Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) blockchains. The primary use cases of DHT tokens include:

  1. Governance: DHT holders have the ability to make decisions on the protocol, such as modifying fees and administrative charges. This ensures that the platform is run in a decentralized manner, with the community having a say in its development and operations.

  2. Staking Rewards: DHT holders can earn rewards in DHT and sUSD by staking their tokens. This incentivizes users to participate in the governance and maintenance of the platform.

  3. Administration Fees: DHT holders can decide on administrative fees charged on the platform, which are used to cover operational expenses such as infrastructure maintenance and transaction processing.

  1. Incentivizing Managers: DHT tokens can be used to incentivize top-performing managers to earn greater returns, which in turn attracts more users to the platform.

  2. Access to Advanced Trading Tools: DHT tokens grant users access to advanced trading tools and strategies on the dHedge platform, enhancing their trading experience.

Overall, the DHT token plays a crucial role in maintaining the decentralized nature of the dHedge platform and ensuring that users have control over their assets while benefiting from the expertise of top-performing managers.

How do I store dHedge DAO?

To store dHedge DAO (DHT) tokens, you can use any ERC-20 compatible wallet. This allows you to buy, store, and sell trust minimized vault tokens at any time without lock-up periods. The dHEDGE protocol is built on Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) blockchains, ensuring a decentralized, non-custodial, and verifiable environment for managing your DHT tokens.

How to buy dHedge DAO?

To buy dHedge DAO (DHT) tokens, you can follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Centralized Exchange (CEX): Select a reliable and trustworthy crypto exchange that supports dHedge DAO (DHT) purchases. Consider factors such as ease of use, fee structure, and supported payment methods. Examples of exchanges that support DHT include Gate.io and Binance.

  2. Create an Account: Enter the required information and set a secure password. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) using Google Authenticator and other security settings to add an extra layer of security to your account.

  3. Verify Your Identity: Complete Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification, which may vary based on your nationality and region. Passing KYC verification will grant you access to more features and services on the platform.

  1. Add a Payment Method: Follow the exchange's instructions to add a credit/debit card, bank account, or other supported payment method. The information you need to provide may vary depending on your bank's security requirements.

  2. Buy dHedge DAO (DHT): Once your account is set up, you can buy DHT using fiat currency if supported. Alternatively, you can do a crypto-to-crypto exchange by first purchasing a popular cryptocurrency like USDT and then exchanging it for DHT.

Additionally, you can also use decentralized exchanges (DEXs) like Uniswap or non-custodial wallets like KuCoin Wallet or MetaMask to buy and store DHT.

dHedge DAO
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History of dHedge DAO

The history of dHedge DAO (DHT) began with its launch as a decentralized asset management protocol built on top of Synthetix. The mainnet went live on October 26, 2020, marking the start of its operations.

In November 2020, the dHedge team launched an open call for managers to apply to the DAO for investment. The DAO planned to invest up to 500,000 sUSD in pools managed on dHedge, with final investment decisions made through community votes using DHT tokens.

The protocol's native token, DHT, started with a fixed supply of 100 million tokens. Tokens were initially distributed to active users through a liquidity mining strategy to encourage adoption. However, the token supply is subject to community consensus and governance, allowing participants to vote on introducing more tokens if needed.

In September 2020, the dHedge community decided to distribute the first DHT tokens to the public via an auction process on Mesa, a platform on the Gnosis protocol. The auction started on September 17, 2020. Following this, the community voted to add liquidity for DHT, seeding a Uniswap USDC-DHT pool with 1,000,000 USDC and the equivalent value in DHT tokens.

The dHedge DAO also launched the Performance Mining program, which rewards investors with DHT tokens locked for one year. This program incentivizes the growth of the best-performing pools on the platform.

dHedge DAO
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How dHedge DAO works

dHEDGE DAO (DHT) is a governance and utility token for the dHEDGE asset management protocol. This protocol is a non-custodial, decentralized platform that allows investors to mimic the investment strategies of top-performing asset managers. Here's how it works:

  • Decentralized Governance: Holders of DHT tokens can propose and vote on changes to the protocol's smart contract and operational parameters. This ensures that the community has a say in the direction and development of the platform.
  • Performance Mining: Both investors and managers are incentivized to participate by earning additional DHT tokens if the pool they invest in or manage meets certain performance criteria. This encourages active participation and drives the growth of the platform.
Obtaining DHT Tokens
  • Exchanges: DHT tokens can be purchased from various cryptocurrency exchanges such as OKX or Uniswap.
  • Performance Mining: DHT tokens can also be earned by participating in the Performance Mining program, which rewards users for their involvement in the platform.
dHEDGE Protocol
  • Synthetic Assets: dHEDGE uses synthetic assets powered by the Synthetix derivatives liquidity protocol. This allows for a wide range of assets to be traded and managed on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Non-Custodial: The protocol is non-custodial, meaning users retain ownership and control over their funds, reducing the risk of asset mismanagement.
Staking and Rewards
  • Staking Mechanism: Users can stake their DHT tokens along with dHEDGE vault tokens (DHVT) to form a staked position. This staked position earns rewards in the form of additional DHT tokens based on the performance of the paired vault.
  • vDHT Voting Power: The staked position accrues vDHT, which can be used as voting power in governance proposals.
Key Features
  • Fully Collateralized Tokens: dHEDGE vaults are fully collateralized, allowing seamless trading and transfer of assets.
  • Automated Trading Strategies: The platform supports automated trading strategies through its SDK, enabling efficient and effective trading.
  • Risk Management: dHEDGE provides tools for managing risk and optimizing asset performance.

Overall, dHEDGE DAO (DHT) is designed to democratize investing by providing a decentralized, non-custodial platform for asset management, with incentives for participation and governance through its token, DHT.

dHedge DAO
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dHedge DAO's strengths

The dHEDGE DAO (DHT) token has several strengths that contribute to its value and utility:

  1. Decentralized Governance: DHT holders can propose and vote on changes to the protocol, ensuring that the community has a direct say in the direction and development of the platform. This decentralized governance model allows for democratic decision-making and ensures that the protocol remains community-driven.

  2. Incentivization: DHT incentivizes both investors and managers to participate in the platform. Investors are rewarded for investing with top-performing managers, while managers are incentivized to earn greater returns. This creates a mutually beneficial environment where both parties are motivated to contribute to the platform's success.

  3. Staking and Rewards: The DHT staking mechanism allows users to earn additional DHT tokens based on their staked positions. This not only rewards users for their participation but also helps to align the interests of stakeholders with the long-term sustainability of the protocol.

  1. Performance Mining: DHT holders can earn additional tokens through Performance Mining, which rewards users for their investment in top-performing asset pools. This mechanism encourages users to invest in successful managers, further enhancing the overall performance of the platform.

  2. Fixed Supply: The total supply of DHT tokens is capped at 100,000,000, which helps to maintain a stable and predictable token economy. This fixed supply also ensures that the token's value is not diluted by excessive issuance.

  3. Multi-Chain Support: DHT is available on both Ethereum and Polygon, allowing users to interact with the token across multiple blockchain ecosystems. This multi-chain support expands the token's reach and usability.

These strengths collectively contribute to the value and utility of the dHEDGE DAO (DHT) token, making it an attractive option for investors and users interested in decentralized asset management.

dHedge DAO's risks

dHedge DAO (DHT) carries several financial risks that investors should be aware of. These risks are primarily related to the management and performance of the automated vaults and trading strategies within the platform.

Risk Factors
  • Market Volatility: The value of assets within the vaults can fluctuate significantly due to market conditions, leading to potential losses for investors.
  • Performance Risk: The performance of the automated trading strategies and vaults can be unpredictable, and there is a risk that they may not generate the expected returns.
  • Risk Management: While dHEDGE provides tools for risk management, such as asset guardrails and trader permissions, there is still a risk that these measures may not be sufficient to prevent significant losses.
  • Liquidity Risks: The liquidity of assets within the vaults can be a concern, particularly if there is a high demand for withdrawals.
  • Regulatory Risks: As with any cryptocurrency project, there is a risk that regulatory changes or legal actions could negatively impact the platform and its users.
Risk Ratings

dHEDGE DAO has received varying risk ratings from different analysts. For example, InvestorsObserver has given dHEDGE DAO both low and high risk ratings in different analyses, highlighting the complexity and uncertainty of assessing the platform's risk profile.

Mitigating Risks

To mitigate these risks, investors should thoroughly research the platform, its strategies, and the performance of the vaults before investing. It is also essential to understand the risk management tools and features provided by dHEDGE and to set clear investment goals and risk tolerance.

dHedge DAO
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Did dHedge DAO raise funds?

dHedge DAO
We give you the tools to invest your time and money in 1000+ tokens.

dHedge DAO’s team

  • Henrik Andersson: Co-founder and CIO of Apollo Capital, with a background in traditional finance and asset management.
  • Radek Ostrowski: Co-founder with experience in blockchain development and data engineering, having founded firms like RelayPay and Startonchain.com.
  • Ermin Nurovic: Co-founder and systems engineer, also a co-founder of Upstreet, contributing to the technical aspects of dHedge.

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