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What is DOSE?

DOSE (DOSE) is a digital or virtual currency that operates on a decentralized network, utilizing blockchain technology and cryptography to secure transactions. It is a medium of exchange, existing solely in electronic form, and its value is determined by market forces. DOSE is created through a process called mining, and transactions are recorded on a public ledger. It can be stored in digital wallets and used for various transactions, with its market capitalization representing the total monetary worth of all mined coins.

How is DOSE used?

The DOSE token is the native cryptocurrency of the OliveX gamified fitness ecosystem. It serves as a token of purchase, utility, and action within the platform. Users can earn DOSE tokens by completing workout-based gameplay inside OliveX's applications, such as Dustland Runner, Dustland Rider, and 22 Pushups. These tokens can then be used to unlock in-game items and game modes, purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and participate in special events within the ecosystem.

How do I store DOSE?

To store DOSE (DOSE) tokens securely, consider the following steps:

Choosing a Wallet
  1. Non-Custodial Cold Wallets: These are the safest options for long-term storage. They are not connected to the internet, reducing the risk of hacking. Examples include hardware wallets like USB drives, which offer increased security compared to storing keys on your connected device.

  2. Alternative Non-Custodial Cold Wallets: Options include paper wallets, QR code generators, and metal seed plates. Ensure you take necessary precautions like encryption, disconnection, and secure storage to minimize the risk of loss or theft.

Best Practices
  1. Never Share Your Password / Seed Phrase: Treat your seed phrase like a PIN to your debit or credit card. Sharing it can give others access to your wallet, potentially leading to loss of funds.

  2. Two-Factor Authentication: Use two-factor authentication for all your wallets and linked accounts to add an extra layer of security.

  3. Multisignature Security: Consider using multi-signature security to protect your account in case one of your linked devices gets lost or stolen.

  1. Secure Passwords: Use strong, unique passwords for your accounts and wallets. Avoid using personal information and consider using password managers.

  2. Back Up Your Data: Regularly back up your accounts and keep copies of your backups in a safe, secure location.

Additional Tips
  • Use a Hot Wallet for Trading: For smaller amounts of DOSE tokens that you want to use for trading, consider using a hot wallet. This allows for quick access while keeping the bulk of your tokens in a cold wallet.
  • Physically Record Recovery Phrases: Record your recovery phrases securely, either by writing them down or using specialized tools like steel plates designed for this purpose.
  • Keep Recovery Phrases Secure: Store your recovery phrases in a secure location that only you can access.

By following these steps and best practices, you can ensure the safe storage of your DOSE tokens.

How to buy DOSE?

To buy DOSE tokens, follow these steps:

  1. Find a Reliable Centralized Exchange: Look for a trustworthy centralized exchange where DOSE is listed. You can refer to's Markets section to find the list of exchanges that support DOSE.

  2. Set Up a Crypto Wallet: Download and set up a crypto wallet like Trust Wallet. Ensure you keep your seed phrase safe and note your wallet address.

  3. Buy ETH as Base Currency: Purchase ETH on Binance or another exchange. If you are new to Binance, refer to their guide on registering and buying your first cryptocurrency.

  1. Transfer ETH to Your Wallet: Withdraw the ETH from Binance to your Trust Wallet. Make sure to set the network to Ethereum and provide your wallet address.

  2. Choose a Decentralized Exchange (DEX): Select a DEX that supports your wallet. For example, if you use Trust Wallet, you can use 1inch.

  3. Connect Your Wallet to the DEX: Use your wallet address to connect to the DEX.

  1. Trade ETH for DOSE: Select ETH as the payment and DOSE as the coin you want to acquire. If DOSE does not appear, find its smart contract address on and paste it into the DEX.

  2. Complete the Swap: Click the Swap button to finalize the transaction.

Remember to carefully consider your investment experience, financial situation, and risk tolerance before making any investment decisions. Cryptocurrency prices are subject to high market risk and price volatility.

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History of DOSE

The history of DOSE (DOSE) is a relatively recent one, as it was launched in November 2021. DOSE is the native cryptocurrency of OliveX, a gamified fitness ecosystem that aims to enhance real-world workout experiences through game design techniques and play-to-earn mechanics. The platform allows users to improve their physical fitness while earning real-life revenue through gaming activities.

DOSE is earned by completing workout-based gameplay within OliveX's applications, such as Dustland Runner, Dustland Rider, and 22 Pushups. The token is used to unlock in-game items, purchase NFTs, and participate in special events within the ecosystem. The Dustland Runner mobile application was released in alpha in the first quarter of 2022, with the open beta version following in the second quarter of the same year. Long-term goals for the platform include introducing a player-versus-player (PVP) mode and creating a metagame within Dustland Runner.

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How DOSE works

DOSE, the native cryptocurrency of the OliveX ecosystem, is designed to enhance the real-world workout experience through gamification and play-to-earn mechanics. Here's how it works:

Earning DOSE

DOSE tokens are earned by completing workout-based gameplay within OliveX's applications, such as Dustland Runner (an audio adventure running game), Dustland Rider (a cycling fitness game), and 22 Pushups (a pushup challenge platform). This encourages users to engage in physical exercise while earning real-life revenue through gaming activities.

Using DOSE

The earned DOSE tokens can be used to unlock in-game items, purchase NFTs, and participate in special events within the OliveX ecosystem. This creates a rewarding and engaging experience for users, motivating them to continue their fitness journey.

Trading DOSE

DOSE tokens can be traded on centralized crypto exchanges like OKX, BingX, and, allowing users to buy and sell them. The trading volume and market capitalization of DOSE are tracked in real-time, providing insights into its market performance.

Price Calculation

The price of DOSE is calculated by aggregating data from multiple exchanges and markets, using a global volume-weighted average formula. This ensures that the price reflects the current market conditions and trading activity.

Storage and Management

DOSE tokens can be stored and managed using digital wallets like MetaMask, which allows users to view their token holdings, trade on decentralized exchanges, and perform other actions.

Future Developments

OliveX plans to introduce new features, such as a PVP mode and a metagame in Dustland Runner, to further enhance the user experience and increase the adoption of DOSE.

Overall, DOSE is a cryptocurrency designed to incentivize physical fitness through gamification, providing users with a unique and engaging way to earn rewards while improving their health.

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DOSE's strengths

The token DOSE (DOSE) has several strengths that make it an attractive investment opportunity.

Firstly, DOSE has demonstrated healthy recent trading patterns, outperforming 36% of tokens based on short-term trading metrics. This suggests that the token has been able to maintain a relatively stable and positive performance in the market.

Additionally, DOSE is part of the OliveX gamified fitness ecosystem, where players receive DOSE tokens for their participation. This integration into a specific ecosystem provides a clear utility and purpose for the token, which can contribute to its value and adoption.

Overall, DOSE's strengths lie in its recent trading performance and its functional role within the OliveX ecosystem, making it a promising investment option for those interested in the cryptocurrency market.

DOSE's risks

DOSE, as a cryptocurrency project, faces various financial risks that can impact its performance and value. Here are some of the key financial risks associated with DOSE:

  1. Market Risk: DOSE is exposed to market fluctuations, which can lead to significant price swings. Changes in market conditions, such as shifts in investor sentiment or global economic trends, can negatively affect the value of DOSE.

  2. Credit Risk: As a cryptocurrency, DOSE does not directly extend credit to customers or suppliers. However, its investors and users may be exposed to credit risk if they borrow money to invest in DOSE and are unable to repay their debts.

  3. Liquidity Risk: DOSE may face liquidity risk if there is a lack of buyers or sellers in the market, making it difficult to convert assets into cash quickly. This can be particularly problematic if investors need to liquidate their holdings rapidly.

  1. Operational Risk: DOSE is susceptible to operational risks such as technical failures, mismanagement, or security breaches. These risks can disrupt the normal functioning of the project, leading to financial losses.

  2. Currency Risk: As a cryptocurrency, DOSE is not tied to any specific fiat currency. However, its value can still be affected by changes in exchange rates between different currencies, particularly if investors or users are based in countries with volatile currencies.

  3. Regulatory Risk: DOSE may be impacted by regulatory changes or legal actions that can affect its operations or value. Governments and regulatory bodies can impose restrictions or bans on cryptocurrencies, which can negatively impact DOSE.

  1. Default Risk: DOSE, like other cryptocurrencies, is not backed by any central authority or government. Therefore, there is a risk that the project may default or fail, leading to a complete loss of value for investors.

  2. Volatility Risk: Cryptocurrencies are known for their volatility, and DOSE is no exception. Sudden and significant price changes can result in substantial losses for investors.

  3. Speculative Risk: DOSE, like other cryptocurrencies, is often subject to speculative investments. If investors make poor decisions or overestimate the potential returns, they may face significant financial losses.

  1. Systemic Risk: DOSE, as part of the broader cryptocurrency market, is exposed to systemic risks that can affect the entire market. This includes risks such as a global economic downturn or a loss of confidence in cryptocurrencies.

Understanding and managing these financial risks is crucial for the long-term success and stability of DOSE.

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Did DOSE raise funds?

We give you the tools to invest your time and money in 1000+ tokens.

DOSE’s team

  • Keith Rumjahn: Chief Executive Officer
  • Keith Chan: Blockchain Lead
  • Kenneth Chau: Engineering Manager.

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