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What is Dvision Network?

Dvision Network (DVI) is a blockchain-based virtual reality (VR) content ecosystem that allows users to interact, create, and customize their own virtual spaces. It operates on both the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks, utilizing the DVI token for transactions, content purchases, and other activities within the platform. The ecosystem includes features such as creating and trading NFTs, customizing virtual spaces, and participating in a "Play to Earn" model.

How is Dvision Network used?

Dvision Network (DVI) is the official utility token of the Dvision Network, an Ethereum-based utility token and crypto asset used within the Dvision Network’s new VR content ecosystem. The DVI tokens are used for various purposes:

  1. Purchasing Content: DVI tokens are used for payments when purchasing new pieces of content between participants within the ecosystem.

  2. NFT Creation and Trading: Users can create, mint, and sell their NFTs without coding. The tokens can be used to settle charges and extra fees within the platform.

  3. Meta-Space Acquisition: Participants can secure a personal Meta-Space in the VR world by holding DVI tokens, which also provides various benefits.

  1. Compensation: DVI tokens can be obtained as compensation within the Dvision Network ecosystem.

  2. Stablecoin Exchange: DVI tokens can be exchanged for an equal amount of stablecoin, which can be used to purchase materials outside the VR world.

These uses highlight the versatility and utility of the DVI token within the Dvision Network ecosystem.

How do I store Dvision Network?

To store Dvision Network (DVI) tokens, you have several options:

  1. Binance Custody: Dvision Network has partnered with Binance Custody, which offers offline, cold storage facilities for DVI tokens. This service provides institutional investors with a secure and compatible storage solution using advanced technology and innovative procedures.

  2. Guarda Wallet: You can store DVI tokens along with other coins and tokens on the Guarda wallet, which supports over 50 coins and 400,000 tokens.

  3. SimpleHold Wallet: SimpleHold is a light wallet that prioritizes safety and usability. It supports DVI tokens and allows users to store, send, and receive them without requiring private data or sign-up.

  1. MEXC Account Wallet: After buying DVI tokens, you can store them in your MEXC Account Wallet or send them to other wallets.

  2. Bitrue: DVI tokens can be stored in your blockchain network wallet address after completing a transaction on Bitrue.

These options provide various ways to securely store and manage your DVI tokens.

How to buy Dvision Network?

To buy Dvision Network (DVI) tokens, follow these steps:

  1. Create an Account on an Exchange:

    • Choose a reliable exchange, such as Binance, Coinbase, or MXC.
    • Register by providing necessary information, including your email address and a secure password.
    • Complete any required identity verification steps.
  2. Choose a Funding Method:

    • Most exchanges offer multiple payment methods, including:
      • Credit/Debit Card: Ideal for newcomers, supporting Visa and Mastercard transactions.
      • Bank Deposit: Transfer fiat currency from your bank account to the exchange.
      • P2P Trading: Purchase directly from other users.
      • Third-Party Payment: Various channels available, check the exchange's FAQ for options.
  3. Buy Dvision Network (DVI):

  • In the Buy & Sell section, select Dvision Network (DVI) as the cryptocurrency you want to buy.
  • Choose the funding method and complete the purchase.
  1. Transfer DVI to Your Wallet:
    • Once purchased, you can hold the DVI in your exchange account or transfer it to your personal cryptocurrency wallet, such as Metamask, for additional security and trading options.

For decentralized exchanges, you can use a wallet like Trust Wallet and follow these additional steps:

  1. Set up Your Wallet:

    • Download and set up the Trust Wallet app or Chrome extension.
    • Register and keep your seed phrase safe.
  2. Buy ETH as Your Base Currency:

    • Buy Ethereum (ETH) on Binance or another exchange.
    • Transfer the ETH to your Trust Wallet.
  3. Choose a Decentralized Exchange (DEX):

  • Select a DEX that supports your wallet, such as 1inch.
  • Connect your wallet to the DEX using your wallet address.
  1. Trade ETH for DVI:
    • Select ETH as the payment and Dvision Network (DVI) as the coin you want to acquire.
    • Complete the swap.

Remember to research the exchange, read user reviews, and compare different options to ensure you choose the most suitable method for your needs.

Dvision Network
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History of Dvision Network

Dvision Network (DVI) is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that emerged in late 2019, just before the COVID-19 pandemic. The founding team, with a strong appreciation for blockchain technology and experience in building metaverses, came together to address issues in the gaming industry and provide a robust in-game economy. They aimed to create a decentralized future, particularly in the metaverse industry, where all games would be linked to the blockchain for copyright protection and sustainable "Play to Earn" concepts.

The team's vision was to become the number one blockchain-based metaverse company, both in the crypto and traditional AR/VR domains. They built their KPIs and performance metrics around this vision, focusing on a decentralized future where users could monetize their possessions smoothly. Dvision Network integrated a robust NFT marketplace, allowing users to capitalize on their creations and in-game assets, such as LANDs, ITEMS, and Characters.

Dvision Network has been an early adopter of metaverse-based MICE events and has conducted large conferences and meetings. It is one of the few multichain metaverse projects, running its Dapp over five different blockchain networks. The project also allows for a smooth transition into the metaverse for offline businesses, providing a user-friendly interface and diverse content.

In terms of governance, Dvision Network plans to initiate a DAO system, giving DVI holders the power to decide the future trajectory of the Dvision Metaverse. Users participating in DAO governance or ecosystem activities will be incentivized with fees collected in the DAO Pool, proportionate to their efforts.

Overall, Dvision Network has been working towards creating a comprehensive blockchain-based metaverse ecosystem, focusing on decentralized gaming, NFT marketplaces, and user engagement.

Dvision Network
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How Dvision Network works

Dvision Network (DVI) is a metaverse project that combines blockchain and virtual reality technologies to create a comprehensive virtual world. The project is built on both the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks, ensuring a robust and secure infrastructure.

Tokenomics and Utility

The Dvision Token (DVI) is the native cryptocurrency of the Dvision Network. It serves as the primary medium of exchange within the ecosystem, facilitating various activities such as buying and selling virtual real estate (LAND), unique characters (AVATARS), and in-game items (ITEMS) on the marketplace. DVI holders can also participate in governance by proposing and voting on proposals to shape the future of the network, with voting power proportional to the tokens staked.

Governance and Rewards

The Dvision Network operates a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) mechanism, allowing DVI holders to engage in policy-making decisions. The DAO Pool accumulates fees from the NFT Marketplace and Metaverse activities, which are then distributed to users who participate in governance and other ecosystem activities, incentivizing positive behavior.

Cross-Chain Bridge and Partnerships

To expand its reach, Dvision Network has established a cross-chain bridge with Binance Smart Chain, enabling seamless token transfers between Ethereum and BSC. The project has also partnered with prominent players like Coinbase Custody for secure cold storage, Enjin Network for multi-blockchain integration, and CertiK for security audits.

Virtual World and Activities

The Dvision Metaverse is divided into three key pillars: Meta-City, Meta-Space, and an NFT Marketplace. Meta-City is a public space for various activities like gaming, shopping, and education. Meta-Space allows users to design and monetize their own virtual spaces. The NFT Marketplace enables users to create and sell unique digital assets.

Security and Development

Dvision Network has undergone security audits by CertiK to ensure the safety of its smart contracts. The project continues to develop and release new features, including limited-edition NFTs and user-created content, enhancing the overall utility and value of the DVI token.

In summary, Dvision Network is a comprehensive metaverse project that leverages blockchain technology to create a robust and engaging virtual world. The DVI token is at the heart of this ecosystem, facilitating transactions, governance, and rewards, while the project's partnerships and security measures ensure a secure and dynamic environment for users.

Dvision Network
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Dvision Network's strengths

The token Dvision Network (DVI) has several strengths:

  1. Utility Token: DVI is the official utility token of Dvision Network, allowing users to purchase new content, advertise, and engage in various transactions within the platform.

  2. Ethereum-Based: Dvision Network is built on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring the reliability and security of transactions through smart contracts.

  3. Multi-Chain Bridge: The platform has a multi-chain bridge, enabling the flow of DVI tokens between Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), expanding its use cases and deployment.

  1. Security: Dvision Network has undergone security audits by Certik, ensuring the safety of its smart contracts and token storage.

  2. Partnerships: The project has collaborated with notable entities like Coinbase Custody for secure token storage and Enjin Network for linking to multiple blockchains.

  3. NFT Marketplace: Dvision Network allows users to create, mint, and sell NFTs without requiring coding knowledge, making it accessible to a broader user base.

  1. Play-to-Earn Model: The platform incorporates a play-to-earn model, where users can engage in activities like combat to purify lands and earn rewards.

  2. Customization and Ownership: Users can design and own their unique virtual spaces (Meta-Spaces) and participate in the metaverse with other users.

These strengths contribute to the overall value and usability of the Dvision Network (DVI) token within its virtual reality ecosystem.

Dvision Network's risks

Dvision Network (DVI) is considered a high-risk investment due to its significant volatility. The cryptocurrency market is known for its unpredictability, and DVI is no exception. Factors such as market sentiment, technological advancements, and broader economic conditions can all impact the value of DVI, making it difficult to predict its future performance.

InvestorsObserver gives DVI a medium Risk/Reward Score, indicating that it is a relatively moderate risk investment. However, other sources, such as Coincu, categorize DVI as a high-risk investment, emphasizing that it should only be considered by those with a high tolerance for risk and a strong financial position.

Additionally, DVI's price can be influenced by various market dynamics, including institutional access, regulatory changes, and global events. This volatility means that investors could potentially lose money if they are not prepared for the risks involved.

In summary, Dvision Network (DVI) carries significant financial risks due to its high volatility and susceptibility to market fluctuations. Investors should carefully evaluate their risk appetite and financial situation before investing in DVI.

Dvision Network
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Did Dvision Network raise funds?

Dvision Network
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Dvision Network’s team

Here is the information about the team behind Dvision Network (DVI):

  • JungHyun Eom: CEO
  • JaeSuk Jang: CTO
  • SeongChan Hong: CLO

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