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What is Dymension?

Dymension (DYM) is a decentralized, modular blockchain platform that enables the creation of high-speed, scalable, and interoperable blockchain applications known as RollApps. It uses a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism and is secured by the DYM token, which facilitates transaction processing, staking, governance, and cross-chain value transfer. Dymension aims to solve the blockchain scaling trilemma by providing a robust and efficient framework for developers to build diverse blockchain applications.

How is Dymension used?

Dymension (DYM) is a decentralized Layer 1 blockchain that provides enterprise-grade oracle solutions to the blockchain market. It operates as a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) network, where nodes delegate their tokens to secure the network and earn rewards. The network is designed to facilitate data exchanges between RollApps, which are modular blockchain applications that can be easily deployed and customized for specific use cases.

Key features of Dymension include:

  1. RollApp Development Kit (RDK): A toolset similar to the Cosmos SDK, allowing developers to build and deploy RollApps efficiently.
  2. RollApp Virtual Machine (RVM): Enhances security and deployment for RollApps.
  3. Automated Market Maker (AMM): Connects traders, reduces slippage, and provides privacy. Users can earn rewards by providing services such as price discovery and routing data feeds.
  4. Dymension Hub: Acts as a settlement layer and hub for Layer 2 RollApps, enabling secure communication and shared liquidity.
  5. Tokenomics: DYM tokens are used for governance, staking, and facilitating transactions across blockchain networks. The token supply is adjusted algorithmically based on staking dynamics to balance network security and token supply.

Dymension aims to provide a scalable, interoperable, and efficient platform for developing and deploying blockchain applications. Its modular architecture and focus on liquidity and governance make it an attractive solution for developers and users alike.

How do I store Dymension?

To store Dymension (DYM) tokens, you have several wallet options. Here are a few:

  1. MetaMask: Connect your MetaMask to the Dymension website to receive an address. Then, transfer your DYM tokens to this address.

  2. Keplr Wallet: You can store DYM tokens in your Keplr wallet. To do this, go to the Keplr website, select "Dymension" under assets, and deposit your tokens.

  3. Leap Wallet: You can also use the Leap wallet to store DYM tokens. Connect your Leap wallet to the Dymension portal and follow the steps to add the Dymension network.

  1. Trust Wallet: Another option is the Trust wallet. Connect your Trust wallet to the Dymension portal and follow the steps to add the Dymension network.

These wallets provide secure storage for your DYM tokens.

How to buy Dymension?

To buy Dymension (DYM) tokens, follow these steps:

  1. Choose an Exchange: Select a reputable cryptocurrency exchange that supports DYM trading, such as MEXC, Kraken, KuCoin, Binance, CoinEx, Bybit, or gate.io. Each exchange has its own features, fees, and requirements, so research and compare them to find the best fit for your needs.

  2. Create an Account: Register on the chosen exchange by providing your email address, password, and other required personal information. Verify your email address and identity to increase withdrawal limits and unlock additional features.

  3. Add Funds: Deposit funds into your exchange account using a credit card, debit card, wire transfer, or Bitcoin. Some exchanges also offer peer-to-peer trading and third-party payment services.

  1. Buy DYM: Use your deposited funds to purchase DYM tokens. You can do this by placing a buy order on the exchange's spot market or by using a stablecoin like USDT as an intermediate step.

  2. Store Your DYM: Once you have purchased DYM, you can store it in your exchange account or transfer it to a personal wallet for added security. Consider the pros and cons of different storage methods to find the best approach for your needs.

Remember to always follow the specific guidelines and requirements of the exchange you choose, and be cautious of fees and security measures to ensure a smooth and secure transaction.

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History of Dymension

Dymension, a modular blockchain network, was founded by Yishay Harel in 2022. The project aims to empower developers by providing a platform for easily deployable and fast modular blockchains called RollApps. The Dymension Hub, a decentralized Delegated Proof-of-Stake blockchain secured by the DYM token, acts as the coordinator for the entire ecosystem, providing security, liquidity, and connectivity to RollApps.

On January 2, 2023, Dymension announced the upcoming launch of its mainnet, which would introduce the native asset DYM. The Genesis Rolldrop, which distributed 70,000,000 DYM tokens to eligible addresses, marked the beginning of Rolldrop seasons that incentivize ecosystem users and builders.

The mainnet was successfully launched on February 7, 2025, marking a significant milestone in Dymension's journey. The initial focus was on enhancing economic security, aggregating liquidity, and supporting the first batch of rollups on the mainnet. This included ensuring sufficient delegated stake, establishing major IBCs and bridging connections, proposing governance proposals, and streaming incentives to single asset staking and trading pairs.

Dymension's development roadmap includes several stages, including the Singularity Point, 2D Permissioned RollApps, 3D Permissionless RollApps, and the 4D Internet of RollApps. The project continues to expand its ecosystem by introducing more modular applications and enhancing the Dymension Hub.

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How Dymension works

Dymension (DYM) is a modular blockchain platform designed to facilitate the development and launch of application-specific Layer 2 rollups called RollApps. Here's a detailed overview of how it works:

Modular Architecture

Dymension operates on a modular architecture, which means it allows different blockchain applications to be built and connected to the network. This approach enables developers to focus on specific use cases without worrying about the underlying blockchain infrastructure.


RollApps are the core components of the Dymension network. They are modular, application-specific blockchains that can be easily deployed and customized for various use cases such as decentralized exchanges, play-to-earn games, and more. RollApps are designed to be highly efficient and scalable, using Elastic Block Production (EBP) to produce blocks on-demand, reducing network load and improving efficiency.

Dymension Hub

The Dymension Hub is the central component of the network, acting as a coordinator for all RollApps. It ensures interoperability between different RollApps, allowing them to communicate and exchange data seamlessly. The Hub also provides security, liquidity, and connectivity for the entire ecosystem.

Consensus Mechanism

Dymension uses a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism. Validators are responsible for securing the network and processing transactions. DYM token holders can stake their tokens or delegate them to validators, incentivizing network security and integrity.


The DYM token plays multiple roles within the ecosystem. It is used for staking, governance, cross-chain interoperability, and liquidity provision for Automated Market Makers (AMMs). The token supply is algorithmically adjusted based on staking dynamics to balance network security and token supply.


Dymension enables interoperability between different blockchain networks through the use of Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC), a standard for Cosmos ecosystem bridges. This allows RollApps to interact with each other and with other blockchain networks.

Automated Market Maker (AMM)

Dymension integrates an AMM within its hub, which facilitates efficient asset exchange and price discovery. Token holders can contribute to liquidity pools, earning rewards for providing liquidity.

Development and Roadmap

The Dymension team continues to develop and enhance the platform, focusing on expanding IBC connectivity, optimizing network governance and security, and introducing more modular applications. The roadmap includes phases such as 2D Permissioned RollApps, 3D Permissionless RollApps, and 4D Internet of RollApps.

In summary, Dymension (DYM) is a modular blockchain platform that enables the development of highly efficient and scalable blockchain applications through its RollApps. The platform ensures interoperability, security, and liquidity through its Dymension Hub and DPoS consensus mechanism, making it a promising solution for the future of blockchain technology.

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Dymension's strengths

Dymension (DYM) offers several strengths that position it as a significant player in the multichain Web3 space:

  1. Scalability and Interoperability: Dymension's modular blockchain architecture, utilizing RollApps, allows for efficient and scalable solutions. RollApps are designed to be easily deployable, offering a streamlined approach for creating diverse blockchain applications. This approach addresses the blockchain scaling trilemma by achieving a balance between scalability, security, and decentralization.

  2. Efficient Resource Management: RollApps use Elastic Block Production (EBP) to produce blocks on-demand, reducing network load and improving efficiency. This approach avoids unnecessary resource consumption during periods of low activity.

  3. Modular and Tailor-Made Solutions: Each RollApp can be designed to handle the specific demands of its application, rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all approach. This modular nature allows for optimized transaction throughput and tailored solutions for various use cases.

  1. Security and Governance: Dymension uses a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) mechanism, ensuring the security of RollApps. The DYM token also plays a crucial role in governance, providing voting rights and facilitating cross-chain interoperability.

  2. Liquidity and Shared Resources: The Embedded Hub Automated Market Maker (AMM) provides shared liquidity and security for RollApps, facilitating efficient asset routing and price discovery. This shared liquidity enhances the overall user experience and promotes interconnected blockchain operations.

  3. Developer-Friendly Ecosystem: Dymension offers a robust toolkit through its RollApp Development Kit (RDK), akin to the Cosmos SDK for RollApps. This enables developers to expedite the building process of these applications, fostering a more inclusive and accessible environment.

  1. Growing Ecosystem: The Dymension ecosystem is characterized by a high number of deployments, active addresses, and significant Total Value Locked (TVL) in RollApps, indicating a thriving and rapidly growing landscape within the broader blockchain universe.

These strengths collectively position Dymension as a pivotal player in the future development of blockchain technology, offering a comprehensive solution that addresses scalability, security, interoperability, and liquidity challenges.

Dymension's risks

Dymension (DYM) faces several risks, including:

  • High Risk Analysis: According to InvestorsObserver, Dymension has a high risk analysis due to the potential for manipulation based on its price movement and market capitalization.
  • Validator Concerns: The concentration of power among a few validators, such as Big Brain Staking, raises concerns about collusion and slower transaction times. This is particularly problematic as a single validator holding significant influence can impact the network's performance.
  • Technical Issues: The initial launch of DYM was marred by technical issues, including transactional errors, delays, and delegation problems. These issues led to a delayed start and difficulties for users in adding the blockchain to their wallets.
  • Market Volatility: Trading volumes on Binance have been divided by 10 since the start of the month, indicating significant market volatility. This volatility can make it challenging for investors to predict the token's performance.
  • Uncertainty Around Technical Commitments: Despite its promising start, it remains to be seen whether Dymension can deliver on its technical commitments and meet expectations effectively.
  • Lack of Major Projects: No major projects have yet declared an interest in Dymension, which raises doubts about its long-term potential.
  • Overvaluation: The token's valuation of $6.5 billion may be beyond its actual business, driven by anticipation of airdrops from associated projects rather than its current performance.

These risks highlight the need for investors to carefully consider the potential downsides before investing in Dymension (DYM).

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Did Dymension raise funds?

We give you the tools to invest your time and money in 1000+ tokens.
We give you the tools to invest your time and money in 1000+ tokens.

Dymension’s team

  • Yishay Harel: CEO and co-founder of Dymension, emphasizing the importance of $DYM as money within the ecosystem and highlighting its role in transactions and settlement layers.
  • Michael Tsitrin: Lead developer of Dymension, with a background from NSO Group, an Israeli cybersecurity company.

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