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What is Gold Fever?

Gold Fever (NGL) is a cryptocurrency launched in 2021, operating on the Ethereum platform. It is integrated into a survival MMORPG game where players can mine and fight for NGL tokens, which can be used in a blockchain economy driven by commercial NFTs. The game features action-packed battles, infrastructure development, and in-game businesses that generate passive income. The token can be purchased from exchanges or mined within the game.

How is Gold Fever used?

Gold Fever (NGL) is the primary utility token for the Gold Fever ecosystem, a blockchain-based gaming project. It powers the game's transactions and offers various use cases:

  • In-Game Currency: NGL is the main currency used for all transactions within the game, including purchasing in-game items and assets.
  • Staking: Holders can stake their NGL tokens temporarily to earn rewards, such as discounts on the Gold Fever store, guild privileges, and VIP access to exclusive events.
  • Trading: NGL can be traded for other cryptocurrencies on crypto exchanges.
  • Earning: Players can earn NGL tokens by participating in the game, creating and selling in-game assets, hosting arenas, lending in-game currency, and more.
  • Transfer: NGL tokens can be transferred from the game to an outside wallet or directly to an exchange, where they can be converted into cash.

Overall, NGL is an ERC-20 token that supports the Gold Fever ecosystem, providing a seamless and immersive gaming experience.

How do I store Gold Fever?

To store Gold Fever (NGL) tokens, you can use various options:

  1. Exchanges' Wallets: You can store your NGL tokens on the wallets provided by exchanges such as MEXC, Binance Wallet, or other exchanges that support Gold Fever.
  2. Crypto Wallets: You can also store your NGL tokens on crypto wallets like Trust Wallet or other third-party wallets.
  3. Cold Wallets: For long-term storage, consider using cold wallets, which are more secure than hot wallets.

Before choosing a storage method, ensure you understand the security measures and fees associated with each option.

How to buy Gold Fever?

To buy Gold Fever (NGL) tokens, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Crypto Exchange: Select a reliable centralized exchange (CEX) that supports Gold Fever trading, such as KuCoin, CoinEx,, or MEXC. Ensure the exchange accepts customers from your country and offers the features you need.

  2. Create an Account: Register a free account on the chosen exchange, providing personal information and completing Know Your Customer (KYC) verification if required.

  3. Fund Your Account: Deposit fiat currency into your exchange account using services like PayPal or bank cards. You can also use over-the-counter (OTC) trading services for USDT, ETH, or BNB, which can be traded for Gold Fever.

  1. Buy Gold Fever: Place a buy order for Gold Fever using either a Market Order or a Limit Order. Market Orders execute quickly at the best available price, while Limit Orders specify a maximum price you are willing to pay.

  2. Store Your Tokens: Once purchased, store your Gold Fever tokens in a secure wallet, such as Trust Wallet, to ensure their safety.

Alternatively, you can also use a decentralized exchange (DEX) that supports the blockchain where your Gold Fever resides. This involves setting up a crypto wallet, buying ETH as a base currency, sending it to your wallet, and then trading it for Gold Fever on the DEX.

Gold Fever
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History of Gold Fever

Gold Fever (NGL) is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that powers the blockchain-based gaming project, Gold Fever. The project was launched in 2021 and operates on the Ethereum platform. The token is the main in-game currency for the Gold Fever ecosystem, supporting every in-game transaction. It is also an ERC-20 token, making it transferable from the game to an outside wallet or directly to an exchange, where it can be converted into cash.

Gold Fever is a Web 3.0 RPG game built on the blockchain network, utilizing blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs to allow players to create, own, and exchange in-game items. The game provides several earning opportunities, including creating and selling in-game assets, hosting arenas, lending in-game currency, renting out in-game items, trading NFTs, and selling services to other players.

The token distribution mechanism is designed to ensure the sustainability and growth of the Gold Fever ecosystem. The token supply is divided among various categories, including mining, team, staking and liquidity, VC round, seed round, partners and advisors, angel round, marketing and acquisition, and SHG.

Gold Fever is a product of Bitter Cherry Productions, a multi-disciplined team aiming to combine gaming and crypto to offer a unique experience to players. The founder and CEO of Gold Fever is Emilian Ciocanea, a serial entrepreneur and product and business manager with over 20 years of experience in his areas of specialization. Other leading team members include Jan Szymanski, the game's art director, and Pavel Baslak, the CTO of Gold Fever.

Gold Fever
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How Gold Fever works

Gold Fever (NGL) is a cryptocurrency token that operates within a blockchain-enabled, free-to-play, and play-to-earn massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. The game is designed as a survival RPG, where players can join factions, engage in combat, and extract gold from mining claims. Here's how the crypto aspect of Gold Fever works:

Mining Claims and NGL

The primary way players extract value from the game is through mining claims, which are represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These claims entitle the player to all the NGL from a specific location in the game world. Mining claim owners need to attract Adventurers to extract gold and strike a balance between keeping profits and rewarding Adventurers to maximize yields.

NFTs and In-Game Items

In-game items, including clothing, food rations, and medications, can be traded, bought, or looted. These items are represented by NFTs, which can be sold and traded between players. This allows players to own and control the items they create, find, or purchase.

Governance and Julius' Brain (JBR)

The game incorporates a decentralized governance system, where players can participate in decision-making through a secondary token called Julius' Brain (JBR). Players receive JBR by interacting with the game, which can be used for proposing and voting on new game features and modifying game properties. Over time, the governance system will confer more power to the players.

Earning NGL

Players can earn NGL through various activities:

  • Crafting, selling, and trading in-game items
  • Renting and leasing in-game items
  • Farming, selling, and trading Gold Fever NFTs
  • Providing and monetizing in-game services
Token Transfer and Storage

NGL tokens can be purchased from exchanges or mined in the game. Players can transfer their tokens from the game to an outside wallet, allowing for easy management and storage of their assets.

Roadmap and Revenue Streams

Gold Fever's roadmap includes the gradual introduction of decentralized governance mechanisms, aiming to create a self-governing game where players elect a council to decide on the game's development direction and budget allocation. The game generates revenue through various streams, including in-game purchases, NFT sales, and other crypto-enabled mechanisms.

Overall, Gold Fever (NGL) combines a high-quality gaming experience with blockchain technology, allowing players to earn real-world income through various activities within the game.

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Gold Fever's strengths

The token Gold Fever (NGL) has several strengths that make it an attractive investment opportunity. Here are some of the key strengths:

  1. Unique Gaming Concept: Gold Fever is a survival MMORPG that allows players to mine and fight for NGL tokens in a blockchain-driven economy. This unique concept combines gaming and cryptocurrency, offering a new and exciting experience for users.

  2. Commercial NFTs: The game incorporates commercial NFTs, which are in-game businesses that provide items and services to players. These NFTs can generate passive income, be rented, or put in custody, offering a new use case for NFTs.

  3. Player Ownership: The game is fully owned by players, giving them control over the game's infrastructure and economy. This decentralized approach allows players to develop the game and earn revenue from their contributions.

  1. Strategic Gameplay: The game features action-packed battles with complex terrain and varying character strengths, making it highly strategic and engaging for players.

  2. Potential for Growth: According to price predictions, the value of NGL is expected to rise significantly in the future, making it a promising investment opportunity.

Overall, Gold Fever's unique gaming concept, innovative use of commercial NFTs, and decentralized ownership structure make it an attractive investment opportunity with significant potential for growth.

Gold Fever's risks

Gold Fever (NGL) is a high-risk investment due to its significant volatility. It should only be considered by investors with a high tolerance for risk and who are already familiar with the cryptocurrency market. The value of Gold Fever Native Gold can fluctuate greatly, and there is a possibility that it could crash to zero, although this is considered highly unlikely. Additionally, the cryptocurrency market is known for its price volatility, and the value of Gold Fever Native Gold can go down as well as up, with no guarantee of returns on investment.

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Did Gold Fever raise funds?

Gold Fever
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Gold Fever’s team

  • Emilian Ciocanea: Founder and CEO, involved in the crypto space since 2016 and a well-established serial entrepreneur.
  • Jan Szymański: Art Director, accomplished artist with over 15 years of experience building popular game titles.
  • Defi Mechanics Lab: The multi-disciplined team that launched Gold Fever, aiming to combine gaming and crypto to create something unique.

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