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What is EPIK Token?

EPIK Token (EPIK) is a cryptocurrency powering the Epik Prime ecosystem, which focuses on integrating blockchain technology into mainstream gaming. It enables the creation and trading of in-game NFT goods and experiences, leveraging collaborations with AAA gaming platforms and prominent entertainment brands. The token is central to the platform's loyalty rewards program, offering exclusive benefits and rewards to its holders.

How is EPIK Token used?

The EPIK Token (EPIK) is used within the EPIK ecosystem for various purposes, primarily facilitating transactions and interactions related to virtual goods and services. It is the native cryptocurrency of the EPIK blockchain, which focuses on creating a virtual goods economy. Key uses of EPIK include:

  • Transactions: EPIK is used for buying, selling, and interacting with virtual goods and services within the EPIK ecosystem.
  • Loyalty Rewards: EPIK is part of a loyalty reward program, offering exclusive benefits and rewards to token holders.
  • Staking: Users can stake EPIK tokens to become EPIK Prime members, which grants access to better quality in-game and NFT items and a chance to win NFT rewards.

How do I store EPIK Token?

To store EPIK tokens securely, you have several options:

  1. MetaMask: MetaMask supports EPIK, allowing you to manage your funds directly within your web browser. It is a popular choice for ERC-20 tokens like EPIK.

  2. Trust Wallet: Trust Wallet is another reliable option for storing EPIK tokens. It is known for its user-friendly interface and robust security features.

  3. Hardware Wallets: For an extra layer of security, consider using hardware wallets like Ledger or Trezor. These devices provide offline storage and are highly resistant to hacking attempts. Always purchase them directly from the manufacturer to ensure authenticity.

  1. Atomic Wallet: Atomic Wallet is a versatile option that supports over 1,000 coins and tokens, including EPIK. It offers both desktop and mobile versions for convenient management.

  2. Guarda Wallet: Guarda Wallet is another option that supports EPIK, allowing you to store it alongside other coins and tokens.

Remember to always use unique and strong passwords for your wallets and exchanges, and be cautious of phishing attempts and scams.

How to buy EPIK Token?

To buy EPIK Token (EPIK) tokens, you can follow these steps:

Buying on Centralized Exchanges (CEX)
  1. Register and Verify Your Account:

    • Go to a reliable centralized exchange (CEX) that supports EPIK, such as Huobi Global.
    • Register for an account on the exchange's official website or app.
    • Verify your identity and secure your account by enabling two-step verification.
  2. Buy Base Currency:

    • Use fiat to purchase a base currency like USDT, ETH, or BNB.
    • You can use the exchange's OTC trading service or a financial service platform like PayPal or Robinhood (available for US residents) to fund your account via bank transfer or credit card.
  3. Transfer Base Currency:

  • Transfer the purchased base currency to the CEX that supports EPIK trading.
  • Ensure the exchange supports both the base currency and the EPIK trading pair.
  1. Buy EPIK:
    • Use the base currency to buy EPIK in the spot market.
    • Follow the exchange's procedures for placing an order and executing the trade.
Buying on Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)
  1. Choose a DEX:

    • Select a DEX that supports the blockchain where EPIK is listed.
    • Ensure your chosen wallet is compatible with the DEX.
  2. Set Up Your Wallet:

    • Download and install a Web3 crypto wallet like Metamask or an App wallet like Trust Wallet.
    • Create and set up a new wallet, taking note of your seed phrase and wallet address.
  3. Buy Base Currency:

  • Buy a base currency like ETH or BNB using fiat.
  • Transfer the base currency to your self-custody crypto wallet address.
  1. Connect to DEX:

    • Connect your wallet to the DEX by clicking "Connect Wallet" and following the instructions.
  2. Swap for EPIK:

    • Find the "Swap" option on the DEX.
    • Choose the base currency as the "From" token and EPIK as the "To" token.
    • Enter the desired amount and confirm the swap.
  3. Confirm Transaction:

  • Review the details and click the "Swap" button.
  • Confirm the action in your wallet.
Additional Tips
  • Be cautious of scams and ensure you are using the official contract address for EPIK.
  • Consult the exchange's customer service or announcements for any country-specific restrictions.
  • Understand the associated risks and tax implications before investing in EPIK tokens.
EPIK Token
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History of EPIK Token

The EPIK Token (EPIK) is a cryptocurrency that powers a unique loyalty reward program, granting members exclusive NFT benefits and rewards. Epik Prime, the company behind the token, is a leading global NFT licensing technology company that puts brands into video games to produce premium digital items and experiences for over one billion gamers worldwide.

Epik started working with brands and games in 2018, focusing on producing premium digital items. They believe that digital items are the future of consumer products and play a central role in ownership and self-expression. The company is blockchain agnostic but uses the Ethereum blockchain as its core network, and it is also building on the Huobi Eco Chain (Heco) for its decentralized and cost-efficient features.

Epik is known for its collaborations with AAA gaming companies and giant entertainment IP and brands to create in-game NFT goods and marketplaces. It has worked with clients such as ViacomCBS, Warner Music, Garena, Tencent, and Universal, making it the first and only NFT company to do deals with AAA gaming companies for NFTs.

The EPIK Token is used to support Epik's ecosystem, which includes a B2B SaaS NFT platform, a consumer marketplace, a mobile experience called Lockr, and a cross-chain, cross-platform interoperable metaverse called Epikverse. The token's price and market statistics are tracked by various cryptocurrency exchanges and websites, providing real-time updates on its value and trading volume.

EPIK Token
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How EPIK Token works

The EPIK Token, an ERC20-compliant cryptocurrency, is the core of the Epik ecosystem. It is a subscription token designed to compensate users for participating in the NFT ecosystem. Users can stake EPIK tokens to access Epik Prime, a comprehensive loyalty rewards program that offers exclusive incentives and privileges from innovative products and services. This program allows users to pre-order digital collectibles and NFTs, which can earn them randomized NFT gifts in exchange for access to game NFTs.

Epik Prime is powered by the Epikverse, a digital collection environment and technology that integrates multiple games, virtual reality settings, and metaverses. This allows users to purchase, resell, and trade a wide range of NFTs and rare digital merchandise, as well as participate in live virtual activities with their peers. The Ethereum blockchain is currently Epik’s main network, providing access to the largest crypto library available. Additionally, Epik uses the Huobi Eco Chain to minimize transaction costs and latency.

Members who stake EPIK tokens have the opportunity to receive NFT rewards randomly. They can also upgrade their Epik Prime membership to Epik Prime+, which grants access to more premium products and services. The EPIK token is essential for comprehensive interaction on the Epik network from the customer perspective.

Epik is a complete Web2 and Web3 ecosystem that captivates one billion gamers through in-game experiences and NFTs. It is powered by an interoperable proprietary cross-chain technology, driving the largest digital ecosystem with collaborations across hundreds of gaming companies and popular entertainment brands. Epik encompasses a suite of proprietary products, cutting-edge technologies, exclusive content, and a vast partner network.

Overall, the EPIK Token is a key component of the Epik ecosystem, enabling users to engage with the platform, access exclusive rewards, and participate in the NFT marketplace.

EPIK Token
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EPIK Token's strengths

The EPIK Prime token, which powers the EPIK blockchain, has several strengths that contribute to its potential in the cryptocurrency market:

  1. Market Cap and Valuation: EPIK Prime has a significant market capitalization of $10.7 million, indicating a substantial presence in the crypto market. Its initial market capitalization was $1.46 million, and its fully diluted market capitalization is $18.6 million, reflecting the project's growth and potential.

  2. Token Distribution: The token distribution is structured across various stages, including seed, private, strategic, and public rounds, ensuring a diverse investor base. Additionally, the token distribution includes allocations for the team, liquidity, reserves, and ecosystem development, which can help maintain a balanced and sustainable project.

  3. NFT Platform: EPIK Prime is an NFT platform that partners with AAA gaming companies and major entertainment brands, providing a unique value proposition in the digital goods economy. This focus on NFTs can attract a dedicated user base and create opportunities for growth.

  1. Blockchain-Based: As a blockchain-based platform, EPIK Prime leverages the security, transparency, and decentralization that blockchain technology offers. This can help build trust among users and provide a robust foundation for the platform's operations.

  2. Potential for Growth: Long-term price predictions suggest that EPIK Prime could experience significant growth, with average prices potentially reaching $15.77 by 2030. This growth is expected to be driven by increased adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies across various industries.

These strengths collectively contribute to EPIK Prime's potential in the cryptocurrency market, making it an attractive option for investors and users interested in NFTs and blockchain technology.

EPIK Token's risks

The financial risks associated with the EPIK token (EPIK) are multifaceted and influenced by various factors. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Market Volatility: The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and EPIK's price can fluctuate rapidly due to changes in market sentiment, global economic conditions, and regulatory developments. This volatility can result in significant losses if not managed properly.

  2. Risk Assessment: While some analyses suggest that EPIK has a low risk score, others indicate a high risk assessment. This disparity highlights the importance of conducting thorough research and understanding the potential risks before investing.

  3. Token Security: The EPIK token contract has been identified as potentially dependent on other contracts, which may pose a risk. Additionally, the token is not a gas abuser, but this does not eliminate all security concerns.

  1. Investment Suitability: EPIK is considered a highly volatile investment and may not be suitable for all investors. It is crucial to assess personal risk tolerance and investment goals before investing in EPIK.

  2. Liquidity Risks: The liquidity of EPIK can impact its price and trading volume. If liquidity is low, it may be challenging to buy or sell the token quickly, leading to potential losses.

  3. Regulatory Risks: Changes in government regulations or policies can significantly impact the cryptocurrency market, including EPIK. Regulatory uncertainty can lead to price fluctuations and affect the token's overall value.

  1. Project Ecology: The development and growth of the EPIK project's ecosystem can influence the token's value. Any setbacks or failures in the project can negatively impact the token's price.

  2. Short Selling: Currently, there are no crypto exchanges that support short selling EPIK contracts or ETF trading, which can limit the ability to hedge against potential losses.

In summary, investing in EPIK carries a range of financial risks, including market volatility, risk assessment disparities, token security concerns, investment suitability, liquidity risks, regulatory risks, project ecology, and the lack of short selling options. It is essential for investors to thoroughly understand these risks and conduct their own research before making investment decisions.

EPIK Token
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Did EPIK Token raise funds?

EPIK Token
We give you the tools to invest your time and money in 1000+ tokens.

EPIK Token’s team

  • CEO: Victor David
  • COO: Gary Ma
  • VP Product: Darren Smith

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