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What is Everdome?

Everdome (DOME) is a cryptocurrency that powers a metaverse platform, allowing users to create, connect, and grow within a unique, interactive environment. It combines immersive computing, blockchain, and cryptocurrency to foster creativity, exploration, and community. The platform offers features such as Metaverse-as-a-Service, interaction tools, and earning opportunities through its web3 economy.

How is Everdome used?

The Everdome (DOME) token is the native cryptocurrency of the Everdome ecosystem, which is a metaverse platform focused on immersive space exploration and interaction. The DOME token has several key use cases within the Everdome ecosystem:

  1. Purchasing and Renting Land: Users can buy, build on, and rent land to earn passive income using the DOME token. This allows individuals and businesses to establish their presence in the metaverse and generate revenue.

  2. Creating and Advertising: The token enables the creation of spaces, advertising of products, and provision of services within the Everdome ecosystem. This includes creating interactive destinations, showcasing brands, and engaging with users.

  3. Marketplace Transactions: The DOME token is the sole currency used for transactions in the Everdome marketplace. Users can buy items, acquire event tickets, and participate in various activities using the token.

  1. Earning Passive Income: By owning and renting out spaces, users can earn passive income in DOME tokens. This incentivizes users to participate in the ecosystem and contribute to its growth.

  2. In-Platform Transactions: The DOME token is used for all transactions within the Everdome platform, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for users.

These use cases position the DOME token as a central element in the Everdome ecosystem, facilitating various activities and interactions within the metaverse.

How do I store Everdome?

To store Everdome (DOME) tokens, you can use any wallet that supports BNB Chain's BEP-20 standard. Some popular options include:

  • Binance Chain Wallet
  • MetaMask
  • Atomic Wallet
  • MathWallet
  • Ledger

These wallets are compatible with the BEP-20 standard, ensuring secure storage for your DOME tokens.

How to buy Everdome?

To buy Everdome (DOME) tokens, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Reliable Exchange:

    • Select a trustworthy and reliable cryptocurrency exchange that supports Everdome (DOME) purchases. Popular options include CoinEx, Bybit, and
    • Ensure the exchange accepts customers from your country and offers the necessary trading features you need.
  2. Create an Account:

    • Register a free account on the chosen exchange by providing the required personal information, including your name and email address.
    • Complete the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification process to increase withdrawal limits and unlock additional features.
  3. Add Funds:

  • Deposit funds into your exchange account using a supported payment method, such as a credit/debit card or bank transfer.
  • You can also buy a popular cryptocurrency like USDT and then exchange it for Everdome (DOME).
  1. Buy Everdome (DOME):

    • Navigate to the exchange's trading platform and select the Everdome (DOME) market.
    • Place a buy order for the desired amount of DOME tokens.
  2. Store Your Tokens:

    • Transfer your purchased DOME tokens to a secure crypto wallet, such as Trust Wallet, to store and manage your assets.
  3. Monitor Your Investment:

  • Keep track of your Everdome (DOME) investment performance and stay updated on market trends and news.

Alternatively, you can also use decentralized exchanges (DEXs) like Pancake Swap or Uniswap to buy Everdome (DOME) tokens. For this, you will need to connect your crypto wallet to the DEX and follow the specific steps for that platform.

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History of Everdome

The history of Everdome (DOME) is closely tied to the development of its metaverse project. Everdome is a metaverse experience platform that aims to create a hyper-realistic, immersive environment for users to interact, explore, and build their online presence. The project focuses on providing a seamless transition from the Web2 to the Web3 space, making it accessible to both crypto and non-crypto users.

Everdome's Metaverse-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform is designed to offer an entry point for users, allowing them to create their own metaverse destinations within the Everdome ecosystem. The platform prioritizes security and freedom through decentralized blockchain technology, protecting user data and enabling small and mid-sized businesses and individuals to participate in the metaverse sector without high costs.

The project's native token, DOME, is used for transactions and earning passive income within the Everdome marketplace. The token has a maximum supply of 100 trillion, with a total supply of 92.1 billion tokens and a circulating supply of 19 billion tokens.

Everdome's development is ongoing, with a focus on creating a unique metaverse environment that fosters creativity, exploration, and community. The project is constantly evolving, with new features and updates being added regularly. For example, Everdome's SPACES product allows users to establish their metaverse destinations, integrating social and professional interactions from the Web2 space with blockchain technology.

The project's progress is marked by various milestones and achievements, such as the creation of Everdome City, a futuristic metaverse Martian outpost, and the development of immersive in-world experiences as multiplayer game/experience hybrids. Everdome continues to grow and improve, with a strong focus on building a better digital future accessible to everyone.

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How Everdome works

Everdome (DOME) is a cryptocurrency that powers the Everdome metaverse experience ecosystem. It is the primary currency used for all transactions within the metaverse, including land sales, digital asset purchases, and access to special events. The DOME token is designed to facilitate a vibrant economy where users can buy, sell, and trade digital assets, services, and creations.

Key Features of DOME Token
  1. Utility Token: DOME is a utility token that enables users to participate in the Everdome economy. It is the only currency accepted for transactions within the metaverse.

  2. Passive Earnings: Users can stake their DOME holdings to earn passive rewards, supporting the ecosystem and contributing to its growth.

  3. Staking Options: Staking periods range from 1 to 52 weeks, with rewards calculated and added daily.

  1. Marketplace Transactions: The DOME token is used to facilitate transactions in the Everdome marketplace, where users can buy, sell, or swap digital creations and services.

  2. Event Access: DOME is required to acquire event tickets within Everdome City, allowing users to participate in various experiences and activities.

Everdome Metaverse Environment

The Everdome metaverse is a hyper-realistic, futuristic environment set on Mars. It is designed to foster creativity, exploration, and community engagement. The platform offers various features, including:

  1. Metaverse-as-a-Service (MaaS): A platform that simplifies the complexities of blockchain technology, allowing users to build their online presence without high costs.

  2. SPACES: A feature that allows users to create their own metaverse destinations, integrating social and professional interactions with blockchain technology.

  3. Marketplace: A platform where users can buy, sell, or swap digital creations and services.

  1. Land Ownership: Users can own and develop land in Everdome City, creating their own digital assets and experiences.
Security and Transparency

Everdome is built on blockchain technology, ensuring that all transactions are secure, confidential, and transparent. This decentralized approach protects user data and promotes a fair and equitable digital environment.

Partnerships and Growth

Everdome has partnered with various organizations, including the Alfa Romeo F1 Team, to create immersive digital experiences. The project continues to grow, with a focus on building a sustainable future for its users, creators, and partners.

In summary, the DOME token is the backbone of the Everdome metaverse, facilitating transactions, passive earnings, and community engagement. The Everdome platform offers a unique and immersive environment for users to create, connect, and grow, leveraging the power of blockchain technology and web3 economy.

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Everdome's strengths

The Everdome (DOME) token has several strengths that contribute to its potential success in the cryptocurrency market. Here are some of the key advantages:

  1. Metaverse Integration: Everdome is a part of a comprehensive metaverse ecosystem, offering users a hyper-realistic virtual reality experience. This immersive environment allows users to live, work, and create their own unique world, which can attract a large user base and drive the token’s value.

  2. Multiple Use Cases: The DOME token has various use cases within the Everdome ecosystem. It can be used to purchase, build on, and rent land, earning passive income. Additionally, it enables the creation of spaces, advertisement of products, and provision of services for individuals and businesses, making it a versatile token.

  3. Tokenomics: The tokenomics of Everdome are designed to ensure a scalable and stable future ecosystem. The allocation of tokens to different categories, such as staking, in-game rewards, and development, helps to maintain liquidity and support the project’s growth.

  1. Technical Analysis: Everdome’s price predictions are supported by technical analysis tools like trend lines, moving averages, and the relative strength index (RSI). These tools help traders and investors understand market trends and make informed decisions.

  2. Long-Term Potential: Everdome’s long-term price predictions suggest significant growth, with the potential to reach $52.45 by 2030. This optimism is based on the integration of crypto-assets into financial systems and the consistent growth of the crypto-market.

  3. Ecosystem Sustainability: Everdome aims to create a self-sustaining digital civilization, which includes revenue sharing from various elements. This approach can lead to a robust economic model, ensuring the project’s long-term viability.

These strengths collectively contribute to the potential success and growth of the Everdome (DOME) token in the cryptocurrency market.

Everdome's risks

Everdome (DOME) is considered a high-risk investment due to its significant volatility. This volatility makes it unsuitable for investors who are not comfortable with the possibility of substantial losses. The risks are further amplified by the uncertainty surrounding new technologies like the metaverse, which Everdome is heavily invested in. The project's ambitious nature and the need for costly equipment and technologies that take years to build also contribute to the risks involved.

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Did Everdome raise funds?

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Everdome's ecosystem

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Everdome’s team

  • David Cairns: Head of Content and Social Media, responsible for creating and coordinating content across various media platforms to explain Everdome's vision and its place in the metaverse ecosystem.
  • Jeremy Lopez: CEO of Everdome, leading the project's development and strategy, with a background in creating startups with profitable exits and a focus on expanding Everdome's brand and community.

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