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What is GAMEE?

GAMEE (GMEE) is an ERC-20 utility token designed to be the currency of access, action, and governance within the GAMEE ecosystem. It supports multiple game titles on the platform, providing value for both players and partners. GMEE is used for various purposes, including accessing features and items within games, voting on platform decisions, and running custom game experiences and events for partners.

How is GAMEE used?

The GAMEE (GMEE) token is a utility token designed to facilitate various activities within the GAMEE ecosystem. Here are some key ways it is used:

  • Staking: GMEE holders can stake their tokens to participate in governance, earning rewards, and influencing decisions on product features and gaming content.
  • In-game Payments: GMEE is used to purchase, rent, and manage hubs in Arc8, providing essential utility for players.
  • NFT Transactions and Rewards: GMEE is involved in the management and trading of NFTs, such as League Pass NFTs, and is used to earn rewards across various games and virtual worlds.
  • Partnerships and Campaigns: Partners use GMEE tokens to run customized game experiences, acquisition campaigns, and engagement activities within the GAMEE ecosystem.
  • Voting and Governance: GMEE holders can vote on platform decisions, such as the game portfolio for each season, ensuring a level of community control and decentralization.

These uses highlight the token's role in connecting players, brands, and web3 communities, making it a central component of the GAMEE platform.

How do I store GAMEE?

To store GAMEE (GMEE) tokens, you can use a Web3 crypto wallet such as Metamask. This wallet allows you to securely store and manage your GMEE tokens. Additionally, you can also store GMEE tokens in your Arc8 wallet, which is specifically designed for the GAMEE platform.

How to buy GAMEE?

To buy GAMEE (GMEE) tokens, you can follow these steps:

Buying from Centralized Exchanges (CEX)
  1. Register and Verify:

    • Register an account on a centralized exchange (CEX) that supports GMEE trading, such as MEXC or Binance.
    • Verify your identity and secure your account with two-step verification.
  2. Buy Base Currency:

    • Use fiat to buy USDT, ETH, or BNB on the CEX.
    • You can use services like OTC trading or financial platforms like PayPal or Robinhood for funding.
  3. Transfer and Trade:

  • Transfer the purchased base currency to the CEX that supports GMEE trading.
  • Buy GMEE in the spot market using your base currency.
Buying from Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)
  1. Choose a DEX:

    • Select a decentralized exchange that supports GMEE trading.
  2. Set Up a Wallet:

    • Download and install a Web3 crypto wallet like Metamask or Trust Wallet.
    • Create and set up a new wallet.
  3. Buy Base Currency:

  • Buy ETH as your base currency on a CEX like Binance.
  • Transfer the ETH to your crypto wallet.
  1. Connect to DEX:
    • Connect your wallet to the chosen DEX.
    • Trade your ETH for GMEE.
Additional Information
  • You can also buy GMEE anonymously using credit or debit cards through services like Klever Wallet.
  • For more information and links to exchanges, visit the GAMEE website.
  • Always ensure you are using official platforms and wallets to avoid scams.
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History of GAMEE

GAMEE (GMEE) is a blockchain gaming platform that has been operational since 2015. Founded by Bozena Rezab, Jan Castek, and Miroslav Chmelka, the platform has evolved significantly over the years, becoming a prominent player in the gaming and blockchain industry.

GAMEE initially gained recognition as the largest Telegram gaming platform, boasting over 50 million registered users. The platform has expanded its reach through partnerships with globally recognized brands such as NASA, Guinness World Records, Manchester City Football Club, ATARI, and Cool Cats. These collaborations have enriched the gaming experience for users, broadening GAMEE’s appeal.

The GMEE token is used for rewards, in-game purchases, and participation in play-to-earn games within the GAMEE ecosystem. The token has been listed on key exchanges, further expanding its reach. GAMEE has also seen significant growth under the leadership of its founders, with over 75 million registered users and a staggering 9.2 billion gameplay sessions.

In recent times, GAMEE has continued to innovate, hosting events like the Arc8 GameFest, which drew over 1.4 million gameplays with a record prize pool of $120,000 in tokens and NFTs. The platform’s presence on Telegram has continued to surge, and new game additions have enhanced its utility. GAMEE’s mission to integrate blockchain’s value into mainstream gaming has been amplified by its association with Animoca Brands, a global leader in digital entertainment, blockchain, and gamification.

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How GAMEE works

GAMEE (GMEE) is a blockchain gaming platform that uses its native token, GMEE, to facilitate various features and interactions within its ecosystem. Here's a detailed overview of how it works:

Tokenomics and Supply

GMEE is an ERC-20 token with a total supply of 3,180,000,000 tokens. It operates on the Polygon network, utilizing its Layer 2 scaling solution and a bridge to the BNB Smart Chain.

Gaming and Rewards

GAMEE offers a range of casual games and interactive experiences within its platform. Players can earn rewards in the form of GMEE tokens, NFTs, and other in-game items by participating in various activities such as:

  • Completing quests and challenges
  • Leveling up characters
  • Participating in Lucky Events
  • Buying and trading League Pass NFTs
  • Purchasing in-game items, season boosters, and power-ups.
Governance and Decision-Making

GMEE token holders have a say in the platform's future by participating in the decision-making process. They can vote on the game's roadmap and platform features, ensuring that the community has a significant role in shaping the platform's direction.

Partnerships and Utility

GAMEE partners with various brands and organizations to enhance the gaming experience. These partnerships allow for customized game experiences, adding utility to NFTs, and engaging and monetizing web3 communities through Offerwall. GMEE serves multiple purposes for partners, including running customized game experiences and monetizing their NFTs.

Trading and Accessibility

GMEE tokens can be traded on various exchanges, such as Bitget and To own GMEE, users need to create an account on a centralized crypto exchange, get it verified and funded, and then follow the steps to buy GMEE.

Regulatory Considerations

While GAMEE offers a promising play-to-earn model, investors should be aware of potential regulatory restrictions that could impact the ecosystem's operations. It is essential to evaluate GMEE's investment potential by considering both its appealing features and the evolving regulatory landscape.

Overall Ecosystem

GAMEE has evolved into a significant player in the gaming and blockchain industry, boasting over 75 million registered users and 9.2 billion gameplay sessions. Its presence as the leading gaming bot on Telegram, with 50 million registered users, highlights its innovative approach to casual gaming. The platform continues to grow, with new games and partnerships being added regularly.

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GAMEE's strengths

The token GAMEE (GMEE) has several strengths that contribute to its utility and potential within the gaming ecosystem:

  1. Versatile Utility: GMEE serves as a versatile utility token, facilitating various interactions within the GAMEE ecosystem. It allows players to access features and buy items within games, while also enabling ecosystem partners to run custom game experiences and events.

  2. Governance Rights: GMEE empowers players with governance rights, allowing them to participate in decision-making processes and shape the future of the gaming platform. This democratizes the gaming experience, giving players a stake in the ecosystem's evolution.

  3. Tokenomics: The tokenomics of GMEE are structured to ensure a balanced and robust token economy. The total supply is divided among several groups, and GMEE is not burned upon use but reintroduced into the economy, sustaining a dynamic and continuous flow within the ecosystem.

  1. Multi-Platform Presence: GMEE is available on multiple platforms, including Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, and can be traded on various exchanges such as Uniswap, Sushiswap, and Kucoin.

  2. Parent Company Support: As part of the Animoca Brands network, GMEE benefits from the broader ecosystem and resources of its parent company, expanding its utility across other applications and DApps.

These strengths collectively position GMEE as a key facilitator of interaction and growth within the GAMEE ecosystem, bridging the gaming community with blockchain technology.

GAMEE's risks

GAMEE (GMEE) carries significant financial risks. It has received a high risk rating from InvestorsObserver due to its potential for price manipulation based on recent changes in volume and market capitalization. Additionally, investing in GMEE involves substantial risk, as prices can fluctuate rapidly, leading to potential losses.

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Did GAMEE raise funds?

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GAMEE’s team

  • Bozena Rezab: Co-Founder and CEO of GAMEE, guiding the platform's growth and strategic direction.
  • Jan Castex: Co-Founder and CPO of GAMEE, responsible for the platform's product and game development.
  • Miroslav Chmelka: Co-Founder and CTO of GAMEE, overseeing the technical development and infrastructure of the platform.
  • Martin Zakovec: Head of Games at GAMEE, focusing on the development and management of the platform's diverse game offerings.

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