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What is GameZone?

GameZone (GZONE) is a cryptocurrency that operates as an all-in-one hub for high-quality blockchain gaming projects. It funds, incubates, and grows play-to-earn and NFT-enabled gaming experiences, providing a close-knit ecosystem for players to access top-notch games. The GZONE token is integral to the GameZone product ecosystem, serving as a gateway to partnered games and a qualifier for initial game offerings (IGOs) and initial NFT offerings (INOs).

How is GameZone used?

GameZone (GZONE) is a cryptocurrency that operates on the Binance Smart Chain, aiming to bridge the gap between game developers and players. It empowers users to own digital assets from their games, engaging in a decentralized economy with in-game assets. The token can be used for various purposes within the gaming ecosystem, including:

  • Play-to-Earn Opportunities: Players can earn rewards and tokens by participating in games on the platform.
  • Gaming Tokens and NFTs: Users can own and trade digital assets, such as tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), from various games.
  • Early Access to New Games: The community has access to new game releases before they are available to the general public.
  • Scholarships and Tutorials: GameZone offers educational resources and scholarships to support gamers and developers.
  • Decentralized Trading: The token can be traded on decentralized exchanges, allowing users to buy and sell GZONE tokens freely.

These features create a comprehensive gaming ecosystem where players can engage with games, earn rewards, and participate in a decentralized economy.

How do I store GameZone?

To store GameZone (GZONE) tokens, you have several options:

  1. Exchanges' Wallets: You can store your GZONE tokens in the wallets provided by the exchanges where you purchased them, such as or MEXC. This is a convenient option, but keep in mind that exchanges' wallets are "hot wallets," which means they are always online and potentially vulnerable to hacking.

  2. Crypto Wallets: You can transfer your GZONE tokens to a personal crypto wallet. There are various options available, including:

    • Metamask: A popular Web3 wallet that supports millions of assets and blockchains.
    • Trust Wallet: A widely used wallet that allows you to store and manage your cryptocurrencies.
    • Hardware Wallets: These are physical devices that store your cryptocurrency offline, providing an additional layer of security. Examples include Trezor and Ledger wallets.
    • Cold Wallets: These are offline wallets that can be used to store your GZONE tokens securely. They come in two forms:
      • Paper Wallets: A paper wallet is created offline and stores your public and private keys in the form of QR codes.
      • Hardware Cold Wallets: These are physical devices like USB drives that store your crypto addresses and keys offline.

It is recommended to use cold wallets for long-term storage to minimize the risk of hacking and ensure the security of your assets.

How to buy GameZone?

To buy GameZone (GZONE) tokens, you can follow these steps:

Buying on a Centralized Exchange (CEX)
  1. Choose a Reliable CEX: Select a trustworthy centralized exchange that supports GameZone (GZONE) purchases. Consider factors such as ease of use, fee structure, and supported payment methods.

  2. Create an Account: Register on the exchange's website or app, providing necessary information and setting a secure password. Enable two-factor authentication for added security.

  3. Verify Your Identity: Complete Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification, which may require a government-issued identification document.

  1. Add a Payment Method: Set up a payment method, such as a credit/debit card or bank account, following the exchange's instructions.

  2. Buy GameZone (GZONE): Use your added payment method to buy GameZone (GZONE) directly with fiat currency if supported, or first purchase a popular cryptocurrency like USDT or ETH and then exchange it for GameZone (GZONE).

Buying on a Decentralized Exchange (DEX)
  1. Choose a DEX: Select a decentralized exchange that supports GameZone (GZONE) trading.

  2. Download and Set Up a Crypto Wallet: Download a crypto wallet like Trust Wallet or Metamask, which is supported by the DEX. Create a new wallet address or import an existing one, and keep your seed phrase secure.

  3. Buy Ethereum or Another Base Currency: Purchase Ethereum or another base currency on a centralized exchange like Binance, then transfer it to your crypto wallet.

  1. Connect Your Wallet to the DEX: Connect your crypto wallet to the DEX, following the DEX's instructions.

  2. Swap for GameZone (GZONE): On the DEX, select the base currency you want to trade from and GameZone (GZONE) as the coin you want to buy. Enter the amount and confirm the swap.

Remember to always research the exchange and DEX you choose, and be cautious of scams and market risks.

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History of GameZone

The history of GameZone (GZONE) is marked by significant events and milestones. The token was issued through a series of fundraising rounds, including a private token sale and an initial DEX offering (IDO). The private token sale took place between September 30 and October 1, 2021, raising $1.22 million at a price of $0.005 per token, resulting in a return on investment (ROI) of 1.99 times, or 98.8%.

The IDO, which also occurred on September 30, 2021, raised $112,500 at the same price of $0.005 per token, yielding the same ROI of 1.99 times, or 98.8%. Another private round raised $1 million at the same price, again resulting in an ROI of 1.99 times, or 98.8%.

GameZone's all-time high (ATH) ROI was 236.55 times, or 23,555%, indicating significant growth in the token's value at its peak. The token's price has fluctuated over time, with its all-time high recorded on November 18, 2021, at $1.18.

As of June 19, 2024, the token's price has declined significantly, with its all-time low recorded at $0.009932. Despite this, GameZone remains a notable cryptocurrency project, with a market capitalization of $8,357,101 and a circulating supply of 840,117,285 GZONE tokens.

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How GameZone works

GameZone (GZONE) is a cryptocurrency designed to support the rapidly growing world of blockchain-based gaming. Here's an overview of how it works:

Tokenomics and Fees

GameZone operates on a deflationary tokenomics model, which includes several mechanisms to manage token supply and incentivize user participation. Key features of this model include:

  • Sell Order Fees: A 7% fee is applied to GZONE sell orders. Of this fee, 2% is burned, reducing the overall token supply, and 5% is allocated as staking rewards to encourage users to hold their tokens.

  • Early Unstaking Fee: An additional fee of up to 25% is applied when users unstake their tokens early, discouraging rapid withdrawals and promoting long-term staking.

Launchpad and Incubation

GameZone serves as a robust launchpad platform for GameFi and NFT projects. It offers Initial Game Offerings (IGO) and Initial NFT Offerings (INO) to support blockchain-based games developed on various networks such as Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, and Ethereum. The platform uses a tier-based system to distribute allocations, ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to secure a stake in popular blockchain-based games.

Marketplace and Gaming Experience

GameZone also features a marketplace designed for gamers and creators to buy and sell NFTs. This marketplace offers competitive fees, affordability, and tier-based pricing. Additionally, the platform provides an incubation program for promising blockchain-based games, offering a range of services including legal support, marketing, tokenomics, and development support.

Trading and Accessibility

GZONE tokens can be traded on both decentralized and centralized exchanges. Users can buy and sell GZONE on platforms like PancakeSwap, MEXC, and To access these exchanges, users can connect their crypto wallets, such as Trust Wallet, to the exchanges and follow the necessary steps to purchase or trade GZONE tokens.

Staking and Benefits

The more GZONE tokens users stake, the greater the weight of their pool, granting access to more benefits within the GameZone ecosystem. This encourages users to hold and participate in the platform, contributing to its growth and stability.

Overall, GameZone is designed to support the growth of blockchain-based gaming by providing a robust launchpad, marketplace, and tokenomics model that incentivizes user participation and promotes the development of new gaming projects.

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GameZone's strengths

The token GameZone (GZONE) has several strengths that make it an attractive investment opportunity:

  1. Viability in Blockchain Gaming: GameZone has demonstrated a significant return on investment (ROI) of 100x, confirming the viability of blockchain gaming and the potential for long-term growth.

  2. Tokenomics: The token's design includes fees for early selling and long-term rewards, incentivizing holders to keep their tokens for extended periods, which can contribute to stability and growth.

  3. Strong Community: GameZone offers a wide range of benefits to its community, including early access to new games, gaming tokens, NFTs, play-to-earn opportunities, and more, fostering a loyal and engaged user base.

  1. Optimistic Price Predictions: Analysts expect steady growth in the price of GZONE, with projected average prices ranging from $1.43 in 2025 to $4.00 in 2030, driven by factors such as technological advancements and increased adoption of blockchain technology in the gaming industry.

  2. Diversified Trading Options: GZONE tokens can be traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges, including PancakeSwap and, providing investors with multiple platforms to buy and sell the token.

These strengths collectively contribute to GameZone's potential for long-term growth and its appeal to investors seeking opportunities in the blockchain gaming sector.

GameZone's risks

GameZone (GZONE) is a cryptocurrency that operates on the Binance Smart Chain, aiming to bridge the gap between game developers and players by allowing users to own digital assets from their games. While it has potential for growth, it also carries significant financial risks.

One of the primary risks associated with GameZone is its high volatility. The cryptocurrency market is known for its rapid price fluctuations, which can result in significant losses for investors. This volatility is further exacerbated by the relatively small market capitalization of GameZone, making it more susceptible to price swings.

Another risk is the high risk score assigned to GZONE. This score indicates that the investment is relatively high risk, which may deter investors who prioritize risk assessment. The cryptocurrency's market capitalization is currently around $8.36 million, which is relatively small compared to other cryptocurrencies, making it more vulnerable to market fluctuations.

Additionally, the adoption rate of blockchain technology in the gaming industry can significantly impact the value of GZONE. If the adoption rate is slow or faces significant challenges, it could negatively affect the price of GameZone. Furthermore, the overall health of the gaming industry itself can also influence the cryptocurrency's value, as a downturn in the industry could lead to a decrease in demand for GameZone.

Technical analysis also plays a crucial role in understanding the risks associated with GameZone. Indicators such as trend lines, moving averages, and the relative strength index (RSI) can help traders identify potential price movements and trends. However, these indicators are not foolproof and can sometimes provide misleading signals, adding to the risk.

In summary, GameZone carries significant financial risks due to its high volatility, small market capitalization, and dependence on the adoption rate of blockchain technology in the gaming industry. Investors should carefully consider these risks before making any investment decisions.

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Did GameZone raise funds?

We give you the tools to invest your time and money in 1000+ tokens.

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