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What is Helium Mobile?

Helium Mobile is a decentralized, blockchain-powered wireless service that allows individuals to create and manage mobile networks through token incentivization. It operates on the Helium Network, which uses a distributed network of community-owned hotspots to provide coverage and generate tokens. Users can earn tokens by providing coverage and participating in network governance, and these tokens can be used to pay for services, earn rewards, and contribute to the network's growth. Helium Mobile aims to provide affordable and accessible connectivity, bridging the digital divide and fostering innovation.

How is Helium Mobile used?

Helium Mobile (MOBILE) is a wireless phone service that allows individuals to establish and manage mobile networks through token incentivization. Here are the key ways MOBILE is used:

  1. Phone Plan: MOBILE offers a phone plan with unlimited talk, text, and data for $20 per month, with no contract or gimmicks. Users can earn MOBILE tokens by mapping coverage and improving the network.

  2. Hotspots: Users can purchase and deploy Helium Mobile Hotspots to create wireless coverage for their community. These hotspots earn MOBILE tokens when anyone connects to them.

  3. MOBILE Pay: MOBILE tokens can be used to prepay for up to three months of Helium Mobile subscription service or to purchase items from the Helium Mobile Subscriber Store. The exchange rate is determined by CoinGecko and refreshed every minute.

  1. Rewards: Users can earn MOBILE tokens by participating in Discovery Mapping, which helps improve the network. These tokens can be used to prepay for services or purchase items from the store.

  2. Network Governance: MOBILE tokens are used for network governance, and their value depends on various factors such as individual activities, network usage, and technical issues.

Overall, MOBILE is a decentralized, community-driven mobile network that rewards users for contributing to its growth and improvement.

How do I store Helium Mobile?

To store Helium Mobile (MOBILE) tokens, you can use the Helium Mobile Wallet app. This app allows you to manage and hold MOBILE tokens, as well as other Solana blockchain supported tokens like SOL and HNT. You can transfer these tokens into your Helium Mobile Wallet from other wallets or exchanges that support them, such as Coinbase, Binance US, Gemini, and Kraken.

How to buy Helium Mobile?

To buy Helium Mobile (MOBILE) tokens, follow these steps:

  1. Find a Reliable Exchange: Look for a reliable centralized exchange where MOBILE is listed. Popular options include Coinbase Exchange, Gate.io, and Backpack Exchange.

  2. Set Up a Wallet: Ensure you have a crypto wallet that supports Helium Mobile. You can use the Helium Wallet App for mobile devices or Trust Wallet for desktop and mobile.

  3. Buy a Base Currency: Purchase a base currency like Solana (SOL) on an exchange like Binance. This will be used to trade for MOBILE.

  1. Transfer SOL to Your Wallet: Send the SOL from the exchange to your wallet.

  2. Choose a Decentralized Exchange (DEX): Select a DEX that supports your wallet, such as Raydium.

  3. Connect Your Wallet to the DEX: Use your wallet address to connect to the DEX.

  1. Trade SOL for MOBILE: Swap your SOL for MOBILE on the DEX.

  2. Monitor and Manage: Keep track of your MOBILE tokens and manage your portfolio accordingly.

Remember to always conduct thorough research and ensure the official smart contract address is used to avoid scams.

Helium Mobile
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History of Helium Mobile

Helium Mobile, also known as MOBILE, is a decentralized mobile carrier service built on the Helium Network. The history of Helium Mobile began in 2022 when it was announced as a reimagined carrier that would run on the Helium 5G network and partner networks. The service aimed to provide superior coverage at a lower cost and reward users for their participation in the network.

The Helium Network itself was founded in 2013 by Amir Haleem, Shawn Fanning, and Sean Carey. Initially, it focused on creating a decentralized wireless infrastructure for the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. The network grew with the launch of the Helium Hotspot in 2019, which allowed users to earn HNT tokens by providing wireless coverage for IoT devices.

In 2022, the Helium Network introduced the MOBILE token as part of its expansion into the 5G mobile network space. The MOBILE token was introduced through community proposal HIP-53 and is further defined in subsequent proposals. It is mined by 5G-CBRS and WiFi Hotspots through data transfer and Proof of Coverage.

Helium Mobile officially launched in the first half of 2023, initially available in the United States. The service allows users to earn MOBILE tokens by verifying network coverage from their phones, known as "mapping." Users can also use any compatible unlocked phone with the service.

Today, Helium Mobile continues to grow, offering unique benefits to users and driving down costs through its decentralized model. The service is available in the U.S. and includes international roaming capabilities through partner networks.

Helium Mobile
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How Helium Mobile works

Helium Mobile is a wireless phone service that allows individuals to establish and manage mobile networks through token incentivization. Here's how it works:

Network Structure

Helium Mobile operates on a decentralized network, which means that it relies on a community of individuals who set up and manage their own hotspots. These hotspots are equipped with CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) technology, which provides a larger range than average Wi-Fi units. The network is built by individuals who purchase and deploy these hotspots, creating a community-driven infrastructure.

Hotspot Types

There are two types of hotspots: indoor and outdoor. Indoor hotspots are designed for use in cafes, shops, restaurants, and shopping centers, while outdoor hotspots are meant for parks, beaches, streets, and rooftops. Both types of hotspots can be easily installed and managed using the Helium Mobile Builder App.

Coverage and Speed

The coverage of Helium Mobile is a combination of the community-built Helium Network and the nation's largest 5G network from a partner provider (T-Mobile). This dual-sim approach ensures that users have access to both networks, depending on their location. The speed of the service is generally good, with users reporting speeds of around 50-120 megabytes per second. However, data speeds may slow down to 1 megabyte per second after 30 gigabytes of usage.

Token Incentivization

The core of Helium Mobile is its token incentivization system. When individuals connect to the internet through a hotspot, the hotspot owner earns Helium tokens (HNT). The more people connect to the internet through that hotspot, the more tokens the owner earns. These tokens can be used to pay for phone service or traded for other cryptocurrencies.

Phone Plan

Helium Mobile offers an unlimited phone plan for $20 per month, which includes access to both the Helium Network and the partner 5G network. Users can earn MOBILE rewards for mapping coverage, and these rewards can be used to pay for their phone service.

Management and Maintenance

The Helium Mobile Builder App and the Builder Dashboard allow users to manage and maintain their hotspots remotely. This includes performing maintenance, viewing detailed metrics, and managing the fleet of hotspots.

Potential Issues

One potential issue with Helium Mobile is that it might violate internet service providers' terms of service if users are using their connections to provide network content or services. Additionally, if a large number of people sign up for the service, internet service providers might take action, potentially affecting the viability of the service.

Overall, Helium Mobile is an innovative approach to wireless phone service that leverages community-driven infrastructure and token incentivization to provide affordable and accessible connectivity.

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Helium Mobile's strengths

Helium Mobile (MOBILE) has several strengths that make it a unique and promising wireless service:

  1. Decentralized Network: Helium Mobile operates on a decentralized, blockchain-powered network, which allows individuals to establish and manage mobile networks through token incentivization. This decentralized approach ensures that the power is in the hands of the users rather than corporate giants.

  2. Token Incentivization: The network rewards users with MOBILE tokens for providing coverage and participating in network governance. These tokens can be used to pay for monthly services, earn rewards, contribute to the network, and incentivize users to maintain and grow the network.

  3. Community-Driven: The Helium Network is built and maintained by a community of users who deploy hotspots to provide coverage. This community-driven approach ensures that the network is constantly growing and improving, bridging gaps in coverage and reducing costs.

  1. Scalability and Affordability: Helium Mobile offers a scalable and affordable solution for wireless connectivity. By leveraging the Helium Network, users can enjoy low-cost coverage, and sensors can cost cents to run per year.

  2. Open Source Technology: The Helium Network is built on open source technology, which encourages innovation and allows developers to build applications on top of it. This open approach fosters a collaborative environment and promotes the development of new solutions.

  3. Hybrid Coverage: Helium Mobile combines the nation's largest 5G network with the Helium Network, ensuring seamless connectivity and drastically reducing costs.

  1. Empowering Underserved Communities: By providing affordable and easy access to the internet, Helium Mobile can empower underserved communities and individuals, bridging the digital divide.

  2. Resilience: The decentralized architecture of the Helium Network makes it more resilient to censorship attacks and outages, ensuring a more reliable internet infrastructure.

These strengths position Helium Mobile as a revolutionary wireless service that is transforming the way we think about mobile connectivity.

Helium Mobile's risks

Helium Mobile (MOBILE) faces several risks that could impact its performance and value. Here are some of the key risks associated with the project:

  1. Lack of Network Utilization: The value of Helium tokens is derived from the need to burn them to create data credits. If the network is not utilized, the value of the tokens may decline, leading to a downward spiral of the network.

  2. Government Regulation: Regulatory actions could potentially make the network illegal or create significant barriers to entry, posing a significant systemic risk.

  3. Critical Flaw: There is a risk of a critical failure or flaw in the blockchain that could lead to a loss of confidence in the project.

  1. Ongoing Issues: Technical issues such as API problems could shake user confidence and impact the network's scalability.

  2. Competition from ISPs: Internet Service Providers (ISPs) could potentially outcompete Helium by integrating similar technology into their routers, making Helium hotspots redundant.

  3. High Risk Rating: InvestorsObserver has given Helium Mobile a high risk rating due to its market volatility and potential for price manipulation.

  1. Policy Risks: The project faces policy risks related to 5G network construction, geographical restrictions, and potential instability of signals from virtual mobile operators.

  2. Token Distribution and Liquidity: The token distribution is highly concentrated, and it has not been listed on mainstream exchanges, leading to significant price volatility.

  3. Previous Failures: Helium's previous IoT project, HNT, was not successful, which has affected people's confidence in the new project.

These risks highlight the potential challenges and uncertainties surrounding Helium Mobile, which investors should carefully consider before investing.

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Did Helium Mobile raise funds?

Helium Mobile
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Helium Mobile’s team

  • Boris Renski: General Manager of Wireless at Nova Labs, leading the launch of Helium Mobile.
  • Amir Haleem: CEO of Nova Labs, pioneering decentralized wireless communications and the open-source Helium Network.
  • José Juan Haro: Chief Wholesale and Public Affairs Officer at Telefónica, partnering with Nova Labs to launch Helium Mobile Hotspots in Mexico.

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