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What is HELLO?

HELLO (HELLO) is a utility token at the center of the HELLO Labs ecosystem, a Web3 platform focused on producing, incubating, and distributing exclusive TV shows, games, NFTs, and live events. The token facilitates transactions within the ecosystem, allowing users to access content, play games, and participate in voting mechanisms. HELLO is available on multiple networks, including BNB, ETH, and SOL, and can be bought on various exchanges such as CoinEx, gate.io, and MEXC.

How is HELLO used?

The crypto HELLO (HELLO) is used within the HELLO Labs ecosystem to facilitate transactions and provide users with access to various products and services. Here are some ways HELLO tokens are utilized:

  1. Watching Shows: Holders can use HELLO tokens to purchase access to individual episodes or entire seasons of HELLO TV content, such as the business reality series "Killer Whales" and other exclusive shows.

  2. Playing Games: HELLO tokens can be used to purchase credits in the HELLO Arcade, which currently features games like "Doge Dash" and "Dash of the Dead." These credits can be used to play games, access in-game items, rewards, and bonuses.

  3. NFTs and Live Events: HELLO tokens are also used to purchase NFTs and participate in live events within the ecosystem.

  1. Voting: Users can vote for projects using HELLO tokens, which helps shape the lineup of content and services offered by HELLO Labs.

  2. Burn Mechanism: HELLO tokens are burnt through transactions within the ecosystem, including voting, watching shows, and playing games. This burn mechanism is designed to reduce the circulating supply of tokens over time.

In summary, the HELLO token is a utility token that enables users to engage with the HELLO Labs ecosystem, access exclusive content, and participate in various activities, all while contributing to the token's burn mechanism.

How do I store HELLO?

To store HELLO tokens, you can use a variety of methods. Here are a few options:

  1. Digital Wallets: You can store your HELLO tokens in digital wallets like Trust Wallet, Bitget's BG Wallet, or MyEtherWallet (MEW). These wallets provide a secure and user-friendly way to manage your tokens.

  2. Mobile Wallet Apps: Mobile apps like BG Wallet are designed to be secure and easy to use, allowing you to store and manage your tokens on the go.

  3. Crypto Wallet Platforms: Platforms like Bitget and MEW offer secure storage options for your HELLO tokens.

These digital storage methods are convenient and secure, making it easy to manage and access your HELLO tokens.

How to buy HELLO?

To buy HELLO (HELLO) tokens, follow these steps:

  1. Decide where to buy HELLO: Choose a reliable cryptocurrency exchange that supports the HELLO token. Popular options include CoinEx, gate.io, and MEXC.

  2. Create an account: Register a free account on the chosen exchange. This typically requires providing personal information, including your name and email address. Some exchanges may also require completing Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification to increase withdrawal limits and unlock additional features.

  3. Set your investment budget: Determine how much you want to invest in HELLO tokens.

  1. Research your investment: Understand the current market trends and risks associated with investing in HELLO tokens.

  2. Place a HELLO buy order: Use the exchange's platform to place a buy order for the desired amount of HELLO tokens.

  3. Store your HELLO tokens: Transfer the purchased tokens to a secure crypto wallet to store them safely.

  1. Keep track of your investment: Monitor the performance of your HELLO tokens and adjust your investment strategy accordingly.
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History of HELLO

The history of the crypto HELLO (HELLO) is deeply intertwined with the development of HELLO Labs, a Web3 ecosystem focused on producing, incubating, and distributing exclusive TV shows, games, NFTs, and live events. HELLO Labs was founded by Paul Caslin, a Grammy-nominated Creative Director of the MTV VMA's, with the goal of onboarding the next 1 billion Web3 users by creating a seamless "Web2 meets Web3" experience.

The $HELLO token is at the center of the HELLO Labs ecosystem, providing users with a convenient and efficient way to access all of the platform's products and services. As a utility token, $HELLO is designed to facilitate transactions within the ecosystem, allowing users to watch shows, play games, and purchase NFTs.

HELLO Labs has made significant strides in its development, including the release of its debut show, "Killer Whales," a business reality series similar to "Shark Tank." The show is available on various streaming platforms such as Apple TV, Google Play, HELLO TV, Amazon Prime, and Tubi, with season 2 in the works.

The ecosystem also features the HELLO Arcade, which offers a collection of casual games that provide utility to NFT collections within the HELLO ecosystem. The games, such as "Doge Dash" and "Dash of the Dead," can be played using credits purchased with $HELLO tokens.

The token's availability has expanded across multiple networks, including BNB, ETH, and SOL, making it accessible to a broader user base. Additionally, the ecosystem has implemented burn mechanisms, where tokens are burnt through transactions, voting, and revenue from streaming platforms, which helps to reduce the token's supply and increase its value.

Overall, the history of HELLO (HELLO) is marked by its innovative approach to combining crypto and entertainment, creating a unique ecosystem that appeals to both crypto and mainstream audiences.

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How HELLO works

HELLO Labs is a Web3 ecosystem that brings together crypto and entertainment. It is designed to be a seamless platform where users can engage with TV shows, games, and NFTs in a single space. The ecosystem revolves around the native token, HELLO, which is essential for accessing special content, playing games in the HELLO Arcade, and purchasing NFTs on the platform.

Key Features
  • Cryptotainment: HELLO Labs aims to create a unique blend of cryptocurrency and entertainment, dubbed "Cryptotainment." This concept brings together various forms of entertainment, such as TV shows, games, and NFTs, under one umbrella.
  • Web3 Native Ecosystem: The platform is built on Web3 technology, which allows for decentralized and community-driven experiences. This ecosystem is designed to onboard the next billion Web3 users by providing a smooth transition from traditional Web2 experiences.
  • HELLO Token: The HELLO token is the native currency of the platform. It is used to access exclusive content, play games, and purchase NFTs. The token also enables players to earn rewards and accumulate tokens while playing games.
  • HELLO Arcade: HELLO Arcade is a collection of casual games that incorporate NFT collections within the HELLO ecosystem. Currently, it includes games like Dash of the Dead and Doge Dash.
  • NFTs and Content: The platform supports the creation and distribution of original content, including TV shows and games, with a Web3 twist. This content is designed to appeal to mainstream audiences.
  • Access to Exclusive Content: HELLO token holders can access special content, including TV shows and games, that are not available to non-token holders.
  • Gaming and NFTs: The HELLO Arcade offers a range of games that incorporate NFT collections. Players can earn and own tokens while playing these games, which can be used for exclusive rewards.
  • Decentralized Experience: The platform is built on Web3 technology, ensuring a decentralized and community-driven experience for users.
Investment and Trading
  • Availability: HELLO tokens can be traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges, including MEXC, CoinEx, and gate.io.
  • Investment Approach: It is recommended to approach investment in HELLO Labs with caution, as the project is still in its early stages. It is essential to have a proper exit strategy and consult with a financial advisor before investing.

Overall, HELLO Labs aims to create a unique entertainment ecosystem that leverages the power of Web3 and cryptocurrency to provide a seamless and engaging experience for users.

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HELLO's strengths

The token HELLO (HELLO) has several strengths that contribute to its potential success:

  1. Cross-Chain Functionality: The $HELLO token is available on multiple chains, including Ethereum, ensuring its reach and accessibility to a global audience. This cross-chain functionality expands its usability and opens up new possibilities for the platform and its community.

  2. Fair Launch: HELLO is a fair launch token, meaning no Initial Coin Offering (ICO) was conducted. The initial capital to build the ecosystem was injected by the founders, which eliminates Venture Capitalist (VC) token unlocks. This approach ensures a more equitable distribution of tokens.

  3. Tokenomics: The total supply of $HELLO is permanently fixed at 1 billion tokens, with no minting capability exposed through the contract interface. This fixed supply helps maintain the token's value and prevents inflation. The token distribution is also well-planned, with a significant portion already circulating and the rest reserved for strategic events and vesting over time.

  1. Strong Community: HELLO Labs has a growing and loyal community, which is crucial for the success of any cryptocurrency project. The community is actively engaged, and the project encourages sharing and collaboration among its members.

  2. Innovative Use Cases: HELLO is part of a web3 entertainment company that aims to create a hub of entertainment, including video games, TV, films, and NFTs. This diverse range of use cases has the potential to attract a large user base and create a significant impact in the crypto and entertainment landscape.

  3. Strong Partnerships: HELLO Labs has partnered with prominent crypto influencers and organizations, such as Altcoin Daily and Coin Market Cap, which underscores its growing influence and commitment to providing opportunities for its participants.

These strengths collectively contribute to the potential of the HELLO token and its ability to make a significant impact in the crypto and entertainment industries.

HELLO's risks

HELLO (HELLO) is a cryptocurrency project that, like any other investment, carries various financial risks. These risks can be categorized into several types, including:

  1. Credit Risk: This risk arises when the borrower, in this case, the project developers or associated entities, fail to meet their payment obligations. This can impact investors who have loaned money or provided credit to the project.

  2. Liquidity Risk: This risk is twofold. Market Liquidity Risk occurs when assets or securities cannot be sold or purchased at a rate that compensates for losses in a volatile market. Funding Liquidity Risk, also known as cash flow liquidity risk, is the possibility that the project might not have the necessary capital to pay its debts, leading to default and harm to stakeholders.

  3. Operational Risk: This risk stems from poor management or flawed financial reasoning within the project. It can lead to financial losses due to internal factors.

  1. Speculative Risk: This risk arises when investors make speculative investments with uncertain success. Improper research before investing can lead to speculative risks.

  2. Currency Risk: If the project involves foreign currencies, it is exposed to currency financial risks due to factors such as interest rate changes, monetary policy changes, and market differences.

  3. Regulatory Risk: Changes in regulations or laws can negatively impact the project, leading to financial losses.

  1. Economic Risk: Economic downturns or changes in market conditions can affect the project's financial stability.

  2. Profitability Risk: The project's profitability can be impacted by various factors, including market competition, operational efficiency, and management decisions.

  3. Third-Party Risk: The project's reliance on third-party services or partners can lead to risks if these entities fail to meet their obligations.

  1. Asset-Backed Risk: If the project's assets are not sufficient to cover its liabilities, it can lead to financial instability.

Understanding and assessing these financial risks is crucial for making informed investment decisions and mitigating potential losses.

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Did HELLO raise funds?

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HELLO’s team

  • Paul Caslin: The brainchild behind HELLO Labs, a Grammy-nominated Creative Director of the MTV VMA, who aims to onboard the next billion Web3 users by delivering a smooth “Web 2 meets Web 3” experience.
  • Chris Wells: Former Director of Business Development at Coindesk, who joined HELLO Labs as the Head of Media, focusing on forging new partnerships with Web3 media and PR firms.

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