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What is Hoge Finance?

Hoge Finance (HOGE) is a community-driven, decentralized finance (DeFi) token built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is an ERC-20 token with a capped and deflationary supply, utilizing smart contracts to facilitate secure and transparent transactions. HOGE features a unique tokenomics model where a percentage of each transaction is burned, reducing the overall supply over time and incentivizing holders through redistribution. The project aims to provide a fair and inclusive financial ecosystem, combating market manipulation and supporting charitable causes.

How is Hoge Finance used?

Hoge Finance (HOGE) is a community-driven DeFi auto-staking ERC-20 token with a capped and deflationary supply. It operates on the Ethereum blockchain and supports other chains like BSC, FTM, Polygon, and XDAI. HOGE tokenomics involve a 2% tax on every transaction, which is split equally between token holders and a burn wallet. This mechanism ensures that the token supply decreases over time, potentially increasing its value.

HOGE holders receive incentives from transactions, and the token burn system prevents price manipulation. The token is used to power the Hoge Finance ecosystem, which includes a decentralized exchange (DEX) and other services. Additionally, HOGE has been involved in various activities such as NFT minting, eSports sponsorships, and rally truck racing to boost its profile.

How do I store Hoge Finance?

To store Hoge Finance (HOGE) tokens, you can use various popular cryptocurrency wallets that support ERC-20 tokens. Here are some options:

  1. MetaMask: MetaMask is a widely used browser extension and mobile app that supports HOGE tokens. You can download the extension from MetaMask.io and set up a wallet to store your HOGE tokens.

  2. Coinbase Wallet: Coinbase is a well-known exchange that also offers a wallet service. You can store HOGE tokens in your Coinbase wallet, which is accessible through their website or mobile app.

  3. Binance Wallet: Binance is another prominent exchange that supports HOGE tokens. You can store your HOGE tokens in your Binance wallet, which can be accessed through their website or mobile app.

  1. PTP Wallet: PTP Wallet is another option that supports HOGE tokens. You can create a wallet and store your HOGE tokens securely.

  2. ACCWallet: ACCWallet is another wallet that supports HOGE tokens. You can create a wallet and store your HOGE tokens securely.

  3. XDeFi Wallet: XDeFi Wallet is another option that supports HOGE tokens. You can create a wallet and store your HOGE tokens securely.

These wallets provide a secure way to store your HOGE tokens and manage your cryptocurrency assets.

How to buy Hoge Finance?

To buy Hoge Finance (HOGE) tokens, you can follow these steps:

Buying HOGE on Centralized Exchanges (CEX)
  1. Register and Verify: Create an account on a centralized exchange (CEX) that supports HOGE trading, such as Binance. Verify your identity and secure your account with two-factor authentication.
  2. Buy USDT, ETH, or BNB: Use fiat to purchase USDT, ETH, or BNB on the CEX. You can use the exchange's OTC trading service or a financial service platform like PayPal or Robinhood.
  3. Transfer to HOGE Trading Pair: Transfer the purchased USDT, ETH, or BNB to the CEX that supports HOGE trading in the spot market.
  4. Buy HOGE: Use the transferred funds to buy HOGE tokens in the spot market.
Buying HOGE on Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)
  1. Choose a DEX: Select a decentralized exchange (DEX) that supports HOGE trading, such as Uniswap.
  2. Download and Set Up a Wallet: Download and install a Web3 crypto wallet like Metamask or Trust Wallet, which is supported by the DEX.
  3. Transfer ETH or BNB: Transfer ETH or BNB from a CEX or another wallet to your self-custody crypto wallet address.
  4. Connect Wallet to DEX: Connect your wallet to the DEX by clicking "Connect Wallet" and following the instructions.
  5. Swap for HOGE: Find the "Swap" option on the DEX, select the token you want to trade (e.g., ETH), and choose HOGE as the token to receive. Enter the amount and confirm the swap.
Additional Tips
  • Ensure you have sufficient funds for gas fees when using DEX.
  • Be cautious of scams and fake tokens on DEX.
  • Check the exchange's customer service and announcements for any restrictions or issues in your region.
  • Consult local authorities for tax implications.

By following these steps, you can successfully purchase HOGE tokens on either centralized or decentralized exchanges.

Hoge Finance
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History of Hoge Finance

Hoge Finance (HOGE) is a decentralized cryptocurrency project that was launched on February 7, 2021, by a team of anonymous developers. Initially, the project was inspired by Dogecoin and aimed to leverage the benefits of Ethereum’s decentralized finance (DeFi) structure in a fun and accessible way. The project started with a total supply of 1 trillion HOGE tokens, but 50% of these tokens were burned at launch, leaving a circulating supply of 402 billion tokens.

The project was initially managed by an anonymous team, but later, four developers revealed their identities through "self-doxxing" announcements. These developers, Joseph Niehaus, Zach Issa Al-Kharusy, Marc-Antoine Belair, and Florin Podaru, took on various roles within the project, including technology, talent, operations, and business.

In March 2021, the initial project team abandoned the project, leaving the community to take control. The community established a new project team and corporate structure, enabling members to take initiatives and structure themselves. This community-driven approach allowed the project to continue growing and developing.

Hoge Finance has several unique features, including a deflationary supply mechanism where a small percentage of tokens are burned with each transaction, reducing the overall supply over time. This mechanism aims to combat market manipulation and create a more sustainable ecosystem. Additionally, the project has a strong focus on philanthropy, with initiatives such as the #HogeSavesTheAnimals campaign, which raised over $20,000 for animal shelters.

The project has expanded to include various components, such as HOGE University, Hoge Swap, and the Hoge Aerospace Institute. It has also ventured into NFT minting and eSports sponsorships, further diversifying its ecosystem.

Overall, Hoge Finance has evolved from a meme token to a community-driven DeFi project with a strong focus on sustainability, philanthropy, and innovation.

Hoge Finance
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How Hoge Finance works

Hoge Finance (HOGE) is a community-driven, decentralized finance (DeFi) token that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. It is an ERC-20 token with a capped and deflationary supply, meaning that the total number of tokens will decrease over time due to a burning mechanism. Here is a detailed overview of how HOGE works:

  • Supply: HOGE has an initial supply of 1 trillion tokens, with half of it burned on the day of launch. The circulating supply is approximately 402 billion tokens.
  • Tax: Each transaction incurs a 2% fixed fee. Half of this fee (1%) is burned, permanently removing it from the supply, while the other half (1%) is redistributed to wallet holders.
  • Deflationary Model: The burning mechanism ensures that the supply of HOGE decreases over time, which can lead to an increase in its value.
Trading and Storage
  • Exchanges: HOGE can be traded on various exchanges, including decentralized exchanges (DEX) and centralized exchanges (CEX).
  • Wallets: HOGE is supported by popular crypto wallets such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and Binance Wallet, allowing users to store and manage their tokens securely.
Community and Use Cases
  • Community: HOGE has a strong community, known as HogeArmy, which actively promotes the token and supports various initiatives, including charitable efforts and NFT minting.
  • Use Cases: HOGE can be used for various purposes, including trading, staking, and purchasing goods and services. It is also accepted as a payment method by some businesses through payment gateways like NOWPayments.
Security and Transparency
  • Smart Contracts: HOGE utilizes smart contracts to ensure trustless transactions and to implement its tokenomics, including the burning mechanism.
  • Audit: HOGE has successfully completed a CertiK audit, demonstrating the absence of critical, major, or medium issues in its protocol.
Future Developments
  • DAO: The HOGE project aims to establish a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to ensure the safety and optimization of the platform, giving more control to the community.
  • Gaming and eSports: HOGE is developing community-driven games and has sponsored eSports events to attract gaming enthusiasts.

Overall, Hoge Finance is a unique cryptocurrency that combines DeFi concepts with a strong community focus, aiming to create a fun and accessible experience for its users.

Hoge Finance
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Hoge Finance's strengths

Hoge Finance (HOGE) has several strengths that contribute to its unique position in the cryptocurrency market:

  1. Deflationary Tokenomics: HOGE operates under a deflationary model, where a 2% tax is imposed on every transaction. Half of this tax is redistributed to HOGE holders, and the other half is burned, reducing the token supply over time. This mechanism is designed to increase the token's value by decreasing its supply.

  2. Community-Driven Governance: Hoge Finance is governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which involves HOGE holders in decision-making processes. This ensures that power is distributed fairly among users, rather than being controlled by a small group of founders.

  3. Cross-Blockchain Bridges: HOGE has implemented bridges to other chains, such as the Gnosis Chain (formerly xDai Chain), allowing for cheaper transactions and increasing its usability.

  1. Certik Audit: Hoge Finance has successfully completed a Certik audit, which ensures the security and reliability of its code. This audit adds credibility to the project and helps to build trust among users.

  2. NFTs and Gaming: HOGE offers non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and is involved in various gaming and eSports initiatives. This expands its appeal to a broader audience and provides additional use cases for the token.

  3. Strong Development Team: The team behind Hoge Finance consists of experienced developers and marketers with a proven track record. They have ambitious plans for the project's future and are committed to delivering on their roadmap.

These strengths position Hoge Finance as a unique and promising project in the cryptocurrency space, with a focus on community involvement, security, and innovative use cases.

Hoge Finance's risks

Hoge Finance (HOGE) is considered a high-risk investment due to its significant volatility. It should only be considered by those with a high tolerance for risk, a strong financial position, and the ability to afford potential losses.

Hoge Finance
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Did Hoge Finance raise funds?

Hoge Finance
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Hoge Finance’s team

  • Kash Corleone Rogers: Founder of BLAST HOGE and community leader of HOGE Finance.
  • Kyle Jackson: Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of BLAST HOGE.
  • Joseph Niehaus: Head of Technology and NFT Programs for Hoge Finance.
  • Zach Issa Al-Kharusy: Head of Talent and Culture for Hoge Finance.
  • Marc-Antoine Belair: Head of Operations for Hoge Finance.
  • Florin Podaru: Head of Business for Hoge Finance.

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