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What is Ispolink?

Ispolink (ISP) is a cryptocurrency token powering a GameFi AI-driven platform for Web3 developers. It streamlines the hiring process, connecting industry-leading tech talents with businesses using AI and blockchain technologies. The platform offers a user-friendly interface, rewards, and a GameFi experience, aiming to revolutionize the recruitment process.

How is Ispolink used?

Ispolink (ISP) is a cryptocurrency designed to serve and reward the community within the Ispolink ecosystem. The token has various utilities, including:

  • Token Governance: Community members can participate in decision-making by voting and proposing changes using ISP tokens.
  • Staking and Mining: Users can stake their ISP tokens to become liquidity providers within the ecosystem, earning rewards.
  • GameFi System: The token is used to reward users for referring friends, completing tasks, and participating in other activities.
  • Metaverse Services: ISP tokens can be used to rent virtual office spaces, hold events, and make payments within the metaverse.
  • Purchase Services: Users can purchase services, receive discounts, and earn staking bonuses using ISP tokens.
  • NFTs and Assets: ISP tokens can be used to buy NFTs and other assets in the Ispolink store.

These utilities aim to empower the Ispolink ecosystem and provide value to its users.

How do I store Ispolink?

To store Ispolink (ISP) tokens, you can use a reliable crypto wallet that supports the blockchain networks where ISP is available. Here are some options:

  1. Trust Wallet: This wallet supports Ethereum, which is one of the networks where ISP tokens are available. You can download the Trust Wallet app on your mobile device or use the Chrome extension on your desktop.

  2. Atomic Wallet: This multi-asset wallet supports over 1000 coins and tokens, including Ispolink. It is available for both desktop and mobile devices and offers features like private key encryption and 24/7 online support.

  3. Other Wallets: You can also explore other wallets that support the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), or Polygon networks, as ISP tokens are available on these platforms.

When choosing a wallet, ensure it is reputable, secure, and compatible with the blockchain networks where you plan to store your ISP tokens. Always follow best practices for securing your wallet, such as keeping your seed phrase safe and using strong passwords.

How to buy Ispolink?

To buy Ispolink (ISP) tokens, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Centralized Exchange (CEX):

    • Register an account on a CEX that supports Ispolink trading, such as Binance or MEXC.
    • Verify your identity and secure your account with two-step verification.
    • Use fiat to buy a cryptocurrency like USDT, ETH, or BNB, which can be traded for ISP.
  2. Transfer to a CEX Supporting ISP:

    • If the CEX you used in step 1 does not support ISP trading, transfer your purchased cryptocurrency to a CEX that does.
    • Ensure the CEX supports the trading pair you need, such as ISP-USDT or ISP-ETH.
  3. Buy ISP:

  • Use your transferred cryptocurrency to buy ISP tokens in the spot market.

Alternatively, you can use a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) by following these steps:

  1. Set Up a Crypto Wallet:

    • Download a wallet like Trust Wallet and set it up.
    • Make sure to keep your seed phrase safe and note your wallet address.
  2. Buy ETH:

    • Use a CEX like Binance to buy ETH.
    • Transfer the ETH to your crypto wallet.
  3. Choose a DEX:

  • Select a DEX that supports your wallet, such as 1inch.
  • Connect your wallet to the DEX.
  1. Trade ETH for ISP:
    • Select ETH as the payment and ISP as the coin you want to acquire.
    • If ISP does not appear, find its smart contract address and paste it into the DEX.
    • Apply the swap to complete the transaction.

Remember to carefully consider your investment experience, financial situation, and risk tolerance before making any investment decisions.

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History of Ispolink

Ispolink (ISP) is a cryptocurrency token that was launched through several fundraising rounds. The token sale history includes an IDO (Initial DEX Offering) that took place from April 30 to May 6, 2021, raising $300,000 at a price of $0.0016 per token. This IDO resulted in a return on investment (ROI) of 2.39x, or 139.1%.

Additionally, there were other fundraising rounds, including an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) and private sales. The private sale raised $450,000 at $0.0015 per token, resulting in an ROI of 2.55x, or 155%. The pre-sale raised $260,000 at $0.0013 per token, yielding an ROI of 2.94x, or 194.2%. The seed round raised $900,000 at $0.001 per token, resulting in an ROI of 3.83x, or 282.5%.

Ispolink is part of the blockchain infrastructure sector and has a market capitalization of $11.37 million. The token currently ranks 1438 among all known cryptocurrency assets based on its relative market capitalization.

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How Ispolink works

Ispolink (ISP) is a utility token designed to serve and reward the community within the Ispolink ecosystem. This ecosystem is a blockchain-based matchmaking job platform that combines AI to enhance the experience of job seekers and employers. Here's a detailed overview of how ISP works:

Token Functionality

ISP is an ERC20 utility token issued on the Ethereum blockchain. It is designed to be used solely as an interoperable utility token within the Ispolink platform. The token does not represent any shareholding, participation, right, title, or interest in the company or its affiliates. It is not intended to be used as a medium of exchange for goods or services outside the platform.

Token Economy

The total supply of ISP tokens is 10 billion. The token is used for various purposes within the ecosystem, including purchasing hiring packages, paying referral bonuses, rewarding verified users, staking, and governance. The token's distribution is divided among the ecosystem, marketing, team, advisors, liquidity, seed, strategic, private, and public sales. Any unsold tokens are burnt, while the rest remains in active circulation.

Staking and Mining

ISP tokens can be staked to become a liquidity provider within the Ispolink ecosystem. This allows users to earn rewards by participating in the platform's liquidity provision.

GameFi System

The platform offers a GameFi experience where users can refer friends, complete tasks, and earn commissions in ISP tokens. This system is designed to incentivize user engagement and participation within the ecosystem.

Metaverse Services

ISP tokens can be used to rent virtual office space, hold events, and make payments within the Ispolink metaverse services. This expands the token's utility beyond the job matching platform.

Purchase Services

ISP tokens can be used to purchase services, get discounts, and earn staking bonuses within the ecosystem. This provides users with a convenient and secure mode of payment and settlement.

NFTs and More

ISP tokens can be used to purchase NFTs and other assets in the Ispolink store, further expanding the token's utility.

Cross-Chain Compatibility

ISP tokens are available on multiple chains, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Polygon. This allows users to bridge tokens between these networks, ensuring seamless interaction across different blockchain platforms.


The ISP token enables community-driven decisions through voting and proposal mechanisms. This ensures that the community has a say in the development and direction of the Ispolink ecosystem.

In summary, ISP is a utility token that powers various aspects of the Ispolink ecosystem, including job matching, staking, governance, and metaverse services. Its cross-chain compatibility and diverse use cases make it a versatile token within the Web3 space.

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Ispolink's strengths

The token Ispolink (ISP) has several strengths that contribute to its potential success:

  1. High Staking APY: Ispolink offers a high annual percentage yield (APY) of up to 125% for staking, making it an attractive option for investors seeking passive income.

  2. Multi-Chain Support: The ISP token is live on multiple chains, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon, which enhances its versatility and accessibility.

  3. Utility and Use Cases: The ISP token has various use cases within the Ispolink ecosystem, such as purchasing services, staking, mining, and governance, which adds value to the token.

  1. Strong Founding Team: The platform is led by experienced co-founders, Emanuil Pavlov and Nikolay Pavlov, who have backgrounds in business management and software development, respectively.

  2. Backed by Top Investment Firms: Ispolink is supported by notable investment firms like Magnus Capital, Lotus Capital, and AU21 Capital, which lends credibility to the project.

  3. Partnerships and Collaborations: The platform has partnerships with prominent entities like DAO Maker, Polygon, and Besco, which can help expand its reach and influence.

These strengths collectively contribute to the potential growth and adoption of the Ispolink token.

Ispolink's risks

Ispolink (ISP), a blockchain-based job platform, carries several financial risks associated with cryptocurrency trading. These risks include market volatility, regulatory changes, and potential technical vulnerabilities in the platform. Additionally, the platform's reliance on the Ethereum blockchain and its shift to layer two scaling solutions like Polygon and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) may expose it to risks related to these technologies.

Cryptocurrency trading, in general, involves significant risks and may result in the loss of capital. Prices are highly volatile and can fluctuate widely in a short period, making it unsuitable for everyone. Furthermore, storing cryptocurrencies on a centralized exchange carries inherent risks, including the potential for loss due to hacking, exchange collapse, or other security breaches.

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Did Ispolink raise funds?

We give you the tools to invest your time and money in 1000+ tokens.

Ispolink’s team

  • Emanuil Pavlov: Co-Founder & CEO, with a background in blockchain analysis, business development, and vendor management, and a degree in business management from the University of Sheffield.
  • Nikolay Pavlov: Co-Founder & CTO, a senior software engineer with expertise in programming languages like Python, Java, and TypeScript.
  • Jens Gantz: Art Director & UX/UI Designer, with 9+ years of experience in graphic design and UX/UI, having worked on projects for major companies like Shell and Mercedes-Benz.
  • Songxun Zhao: Front End Developer, with 7 years of experience in building complex front-end applications with a focus on design and usability.
  • Pavel Usanli: Senior DevOps Engineer, with extensive experience in backend and cloud engineering, including skills in Java, Azure CI/CD, and AWS infrastructure setup.
  • Li Jiang: Frontend Engineer, with over 6 years of experience in web development, proficient in languages like JavaScript, TypeScript, React, and Vue.
  • Marianna Dimova: Sales & Business Development, with 6+ years of experience in sales and IT management, fluent in four languages and skilled in leading seminars and webinars.

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