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What is Katana Inu?

Katana Inu (KATA) is a cryptocurrency token associated with an open-world Battle Royal play-to-earn game that combines DeFi elements with classic gaming. The game features high-end graphics, photorealistic visuals, and usable 3D characters and weapon models that can be minted as NFTs. Players can earn rewards, participate in tournaments, and trade in-game items on the game's marketplace. The token has a maximum supply of 50 billion and can be traded on various exchanges, including decentralized and centralized platforms.

How is Katana Inu used?

Katana Inu (KATA) is a cryptocurrency that serves as the native token for the Katana Inu ecosystem, which combines elements of gaming and crypto. Here are some key ways KATA is used:

  1. Staking and Passive Income: Users can stake their KATA coins to generate passive income.

  2. In-Game Rewards: Players can earn KATA tokens by participating in the game, including tournaments and other in-game activities.

  3. NFT Marketplace: The Katana Inu platform features a native NFT marketplace where users can trade NFTs, including in-game items like skins and weapons, for KATA tokens.

  1. Governance: KATA token holders have the power to shape the platform's destiny through a governance model, allowing them to participate in decision-making processes.

  2. Transactions: KATA is used for transactions both within the game and on the NFT marketplace, facilitating the exchange of digital assets.

These uses highlight the multifaceted nature of the KATA token, which supports both gaming and financial activities within the Katana Inu ecosystem.

How do I store Katana Inu?

To store Katana Inu (KATA) tokens, you can use a personal cryptocurrency wallet. One recommended option is Metamask Wallet, which supports millions of assets and blockchains. This allows you to trade your Katana Inu (KATA) tokens on decentralized exchanges.

How to buy Katana Inu?

To buy Katana Inu (KATA) tokens, follow these steps:

  1. Choose an Exchange:

    • Select a reliable and trustworthy crypto exchange that supports Katana Inu (KATA) purchases. Popular exchanges include MEXC Global, XT, Bitmart, and Uniswap.
  2. Create an Account:

    • Sign up on the chosen exchange's website or app by providing the required information, including your email address and a secure password. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for added security.
  3. Verify Your Identity (KYC):

  • Complete the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification process, which may require a photo ID and phone number for SMS verification. This step is necessary for some exchanges.
  1. Add a Payment Method:

    • Set up a payment method, such as a credit/debit card, bank account, or third-party payment channels. The specific options will vary depending on the exchange and your bank's security requirements.
  2. Buy Katana Inu (KATA):

    • Use your added payment method to buy a popular cryptocurrency like USDT or ETH, which can then be exchanged for KATA. Alternatively, if the exchange supports direct fiat-to-KATA purchases, you can buy KATA directly.
  3. Transfer to Your Wallet:

  • Once you have purchased KATA, you can transfer it to your personal cryptocurrency wallet for safekeeping and potential trading on decentralized exchanges.

For more detailed instructions, refer to the specific exchange's guidelines, such as those provided for MEXC Global.

Katana Inu
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History of Katana Inu

Katana Inu (KATA) is a cryptocurrency token that powers an ecosystem combining gaming and cryptocurrency elements. The project was developed by Chain Vision Games, a group of blockchain enthusiasts and traders from around the world. The ecosystem includes a native NFT marketplace where users can trade NFTs, stake, purchase, or trade in-game items, and participate in tournaments and charity events.

Katana Inu's tokenomics are designed to ensure a healthy token economy through well-structured smart contracts and inflation-proof devices. The token, $KATA, functions as the governing token for the entire platform, handling transactions both in-game and outside of the game.

The project has undergone several funding rounds, including private token sales and IDOs (Initial DEX Offerings). These funding rounds took place in 2021 and 2023, raising a total of $1.75 million. The token's price during these events varied, with the highest ROI (Return on Investment) recorded at 7.54x, or +653.8%.

Katana Inu aims to bridge the gap between gaming and real-life earnings, providing an accessible platform for gamers, traders, and artists. The project's focus on blockchain gaming and NFTs positions it to capitalize on the growing trend of play-to-earn and GameFi projects, which have seen significant investments and growth in recent years.

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How Katana Inu works

Katana Inu (KATA) is a cryptocurrency project that combines blockchain technology with a play-to-earn gaming experience. Here's an overview of how it works:


Katana Inu is a 3D game built on an Ethereum layer-2 solution, which helps keep fees low. The game features AAA-grade graphics and various game modes, including a PvP battle royale system where players compete against each other. The game also includes other modes like capture the flag, 5-vs-5 battles, races, and tournaments. Players can earn in-game items and mint them as NFTs, which can be traded on the game's built-in NFT marketplace using KATA or ETH.

NFT Marketplace

The NFT marketplace is a central part of the Katana Inu ecosystem. It allows players to buy, sell, and trade NFTs, which can be used in-game or as special power-ups. The marketplace is open to artists and creatives who can offer their own NFT collections, providing an additional revenue stream for players and artists. A portion of the fees generated by the marketplace is used for token buybacks.


The KATA token is the native cryptocurrency of the Katana Inu ecosystem. It is used for transactions within the game and marketplace. The tokenomics model is designed to be sustainable, with a focus on deflation, charity, and environmental responsibility. Team tokens are locked for six months and then unlock linearly over three years, while seed sale, pre-sale, and public sale tokens have a cliff before unlocking linearly.


Katana Inu has a governance model that allows KATA token holders to shape the project's destiny. This ensures that the community has a say in the development and direction of the project.


The project has a detailed roadmap divided into four phases. These phases include completing smart contract audits, releasing the first game characters, launching the NFT marketplace, and executing charity campaigns. The roadmap outlines the project's plans for game development, e-commerce platform launches, and centralized exchange listings.

Charity Initiatives

Katana Inu has a strong focus on charitable initiatives. A portion of the token supply is dedicated to various charity projects, such as building self-sustaining fountains in Africa, reforestation efforts, and building orphanages and schools.

Investment and Trading

Katana Inu is listed on several exchanges, including Uniswap, PancakeSwap, and Hotbit. The token can be traded on these exchanges, and its price and market capitalization can be tracked on platforms like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

Overall, Katana Inu combines blockchain technology, play-to-earn gaming, and NFTs to create a unique and engaging experience for players, artists, and traders.

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Katana Inu's strengths

Katana Inu (KATA) is a cryptocurrency token that offers several strengths, making it an attractive investment opportunity:

  1. Play-to-Earn Mechanism: Katana Inu combines gaming and cryptocurrency, allowing players to earn money while playing the game. This mechanism encourages user engagement and provides a unique experience for gamers.

  2. NFT Marketplace: The platform features a native NFT marketplace where players can trade in-game items like skins, weapons, and characters. This marketplace also allows artists to sell their artwork for KATA tokens, providing an additional revenue stream.

  3. Staking and Passive Income: Users can stake their KATA tokens to generate passive income, providing an incentive for long-term holders.

  1. Deflationary Token: The token's design ensures it is deflationary, which can increase its value over time as more players join the ecosystem.

  2. Charity Concepts: Katana Inu plans to implement charity concepts for animal welfare, green living, and poverty reduction, adding a social responsibility aspect to the project.

  3. Strong Development Roadmap: The project has a well-structured roadmap, ensuring continuous development and improvement of the platform.

These strengths make Katana Inu an attractive investment opportunity, especially for those interested in the intersection of gaming and cryptocurrency.

Katana Inu's risks

Katana Inu (KATA) is considered a high-risk investment due to its significant volatility. It is recommended for investors who have a high tolerance for risk and are already in a strong financial position, as they can afford potential losses. The token's price can be heavily influenced by market conditions, project updates, and advancements in blockchain technology, making it crucial for investors to stay informed and conduct thorough research before making investment decisions.

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Did Katana Inu raise funds?

Katana Inu
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Katana Inu’s team

  • Marwan: CEO, Co-Founder, Creative and Art Director of Katana Inu, responsible for the game's development and vision.
  • Chainvision Team: A group of German developers who created the game, with backgrounds in sales and e-commerce, supported by various crypto VC funds.
  • HR and Marketing Manager: Skilled in project management, entered the crypto space in 2020 and has been working at Katana Inu since 2021.
  • Advisors: Include Wulf Kaal, Ian Scarffe, and Timo Trippler, who are experienced in blockchain and fintech.

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