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What is Nash Exchange?

Nash Exchange (NEX) is a decentralized, non-custodial cryptocurrency platform that enables secure and permissionless asset transfers. It combines the security benefits of blockchain with the speed and functionality of traditional services, offering a suite of DeFi products including a fiat on/off ramp, self-custody wallet, decentralized exchange, and high-yield savings accounts. Nash aims to provide users with full control over their finances, integrating traditional banking services and payments with decentralized technologies.

How is Nash Exchange used?

The Nash Exchange (NEX) token is a crucial component of the Nash platform, offering various benefits and functionalities to its holders. Here are the key ways NEX is used:

  1. Revenue Share: NEX holders are entitled to a 10% revenue share of Nash's core services, including DeFi earnings management fees, fiat gateway fees, and DEX trading fees.

  2. Boosted Functionality: NEX tokens enhance functionality within the Nash platform. They provide earnings APY boosts to liquidity providers, reduce fees, increase crypto cashback with the Nash debit card, and grant access to special promotions.

  3. Referral Program: NEX tokens play a significant role in the Nash referral program. Holders can earn up to 1% APY on their friends' DeFi earnings balances. The more NEX tokens held, the longer the benefits last, with 10,000 tokens securing them for life.

  1. Investment and Trading: NEX tokens can be traded on various exchanges, such as Uniswap (Polygon), and can be used to diversify a cryptocurrency portfolio.

  2. Compliance and Security: As a registered security, NEX offers a hedge against the lax approach to compliance prevalent in the cryptocurrency industry. It provides guarantees against fraud and market manipulation, ensuring investor safety in the case of regulatory developments.

Overall, the Nash Exchange token (NEX) serves as a key investment opportunity and a means to participate in the Nash ecosystem, offering a range of benefits and functionalities to its holders.

How do I store Nash Exchange?

To store Nash Exchange (NEX) tokens, you can use a variety of crypto wallets that support the token. Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Choose a Wallet: Select a reliable crypto wallet that supports NEX tokens. Popular options include Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, and TrustWallet. You can download the wallet extension on Google Chrome or the wallet app from the iOS App Store or Google Play.

  2. Set Up Your Wallet: Create an account by providing personal information and a strong password. You will be given a Secret Recovery Phrase or Seed Words, which are crucial for recovering your wallet in case you lose access. Accurately note these down before proceeding.

  3. Wallet Compatibility: Ensure the wallet you choose supports the blockchain network NEX operates on, which includes NEO, Ethereum, and Polygon.

  1. Transfer Funds: Once you have purchased NEX tokens, transfer them to your chosen wallet. Log into your exchange account, provide your wallet address, and specify the amount to transfer. After a brief wait, the funds should appear in your wallet.

  2. Security: Always prioritize security by using strong passwords, keeping your recovery phrase safe, and being cautious of scams.

By following these steps, you can securely store your Nash Exchange (NEX) tokens in a compatible wallet.

How to buy Nash Exchange?

To buy Nash Exchange (NEX) tokens, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Crypto Wallet: Select a reliable crypto wallet that supports NEX, such as Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, or TrustWallet. Download the wallet extension or app and set it up by providing personal information and a strong password. Make sure to note down the secret recovery phrase or seed words for security.

  2. Buy Base Currency: Choose a cryptocurrency exchange platform and buy a base currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Tether. This will be used to trade for NEX. Ensure the exchange supports your chosen wallet.

  3. Transfer Funds to Wallet: Withdraw the base currency to your crypto wallet by providing the wallet address and the amount to transfer.

  1. Choose a Decentralized Exchange (DEX): Select a DEX that supports your wallet and NEX, such as Pancake Swap. Connect your wallet to the DEX and ensure it supports the wallet you chose.

  2. Buy NEX: On the DEX, select NEX and enter the amount you want to trade. Be cautious of market trends and trading fees.

Alternatively, you can also buy NEX through a centralized exchange like KuCoin or Binance. Create an account, verify your identity, add a payment method, and then purchase NEX using fiat currency or by exchanging it with a popular cryptocurrency like USDT.

Nash Exchange
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History of Nash Exchange

The Nash Exchange (NEX) has a rich history that dates back to 2017. It was initially known as Neon Meta Exchange (NEX) and was founded by the open-sourced community founders of The City of Zion (CoZ). The project aimed to elevate security and performance in digital asset exchanges. Throughout 2018, the founders presented their technology globally, securing partnerships and registering their token as a security to ensure legal compliance. This compliance was achieved in August 2018, and their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) was launched in September 2018.

In 2019, NEX was rebranded as Nash, and the team launched a new website and referral program. The same year, Nash officially launched its platform, allowing users to trade Neo and Ethereum on its off-chain matching engine. The platform also introduced a funds management system and published articles in major news publications, establishing a well-developed customer support system with a high satisfaction rate.

Over time, Nash expanded its services, introducing features like Nash Cash, a fiat-to-cryptocurrency on and offramp, and NashLink, a service enabling merchants to accept cryptocurrency. The platform also became known for its non-custodial Bitcoin trading, achieved through a flexible state channel protocol. Today, Nash continues to innovate and provide a suite of decentralized finance (DeFi) products, solidifying its position as a pioneer in the crypto space.

Nash Exchange
We give you the tools to invest your time and money in 1000+ tokens.

How Nash Exchange works

Nash Exchange (NEX) is a unique cryptocurrency project that operates as a decentralized exchange (DEX). It stands out for being the first registered security token in Europe, offering a 75% share in exchange revenue paid out as dividends to its token holders daily. This dividend structure is a key feature that sets NEX apart from other cryptocurrencies.

Non-Custodial Exchange

Nash Exchange operates as a non-custodial exchange, which means users maintain full control over their assets. This is achieved through the use of self-custodial wallets, ensuring that users have direct ownership and management of their digital assets. This approach provides a higher level of security and privacy compared to traditional centralized exchanges.

Trading and Staking

The exchange allows users to trade various digital assets, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, directly from their own wallets. This process is facilitated by the use of smart contracts, which enable fast and secure transactions. Additionally, users can stake their NEX tokens in a smart contract to earn a proportion of the exchange's revenue. This staking mechanism incentivizes users to hold and support the platform.

Fiat On-Ramps and Off-Ramps

Nash Exchange also offers feeless and fast fiat on- and off-ramps, making it easier for users to enter and exit the cryptocurrency market. This feature is particularly useful for users who want to buy or sell cryptocurrencies without incurring additional fees.

Technical Features

The exchange is built on advanced technology that enables fast and reliable transactions. Users can trade assets quickly, often in a matter of seconds, which is a significant advantage over some other exchanges. The platform's technical capabilities, combined with its non-custodial nature, make it an attractive option for users seeking a secure and efficient trading experience.


Nash Exchange (NEX) offers a unique combination of features that set it apart from other cryptocurrency projects. Its dividend-paying structure, non-custodial nature, and advanced technical capabilities make it an attractive option for users seeking a secure and rewarding trading experience.

Nash Exchange
We give you the tools to invest your time and money in 1000+ tokens.

Nash Exchange's strengths

The Nash Exchange Token (NEX) has several key strengths that make it an attractive investment opportunity:

  1. Profit-Sharing: NEX is a registered security, allowing Nash to share profits with token holders. This means that NEX holders are entitled to a proportionate share of Nash’s revenue, which increases if they lock their tokens for longer periods.

  2. Compliance: NEX is a fully compliant exchange token, which sets it apart from other tokens in the cryptocurrency space. This compliance ensures that investors are protected against potential legal risks associated with unregistered tokens.

  3. Security: Nash’s use of Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology provides a high level of security for users. This technology allows for secure transactions without the need for hardware wallets, making it more accessible to a wider range of users.

  1. Integration and Accessibility: NEX is available on multiple blockchains, including NEO and Ethereum, and is being bridged to the Polygon Layer-2 network. This multi-chain approach increases its accessibility and usability.

  2. Utility: NEX holders can benefit from additional utilities designed to boost the usage of Nash’s products. These utilities include special promotions connected to marketing campaigns and a referral program that rewards users for bringing new users to Nash’s earnings products.

  3. Revenue Streams: NEX holders can earn dividends from various core services offered by Nash, including its Layer-2 exchange and other financial products. This diversified revenue stream provides a stable source of income for token holders.

Overall, the Nash Exchange Token (NEX) offers a unique combination of profit-sharing, compliance, security, integration, utility, and diversified revenue streams, making it a strong investment opportunity in the cryptocurrency space.

Nash Exchange's risks

Nash Exchange (NEX) is a cryptocurrency project that offers a profit-sharing token, allowing holders to receive dividends from the exchange's revenue. The financial risks associated with NEX include:

  • Liquidity Risk: Decreased liquidity can lead to wider bid-to-ask spreads, making it difficult to buy or sell tokens at favorable prices. This risk can be exacerbated by changes in economic or political conditions, affecting the overall market, or by specific issues with Nash Markets' liquidity providers.
  • Market Volatility: Cryptocurrency markets are known for their high volatility, which can result in significant price fluctuations. This volatility can lead to substantial losses if not managed properly.
  • Regulatory Risks: As a registered security, NEX is subject to regulatory requirements. Changes in regulations or enforcement actions can impact the token's value and availability.
  • Security Risks: The use of electronic trading systems and the internet can expose users to risks such as hardware and software failures, communication disruptions, and potential security breaches.
  • Leverage Risks: Nash Markets offers high leverage options, which can amplify both gains and losses. Users must be cautious when using leverage to avoid significant losses.
  • Counterparty Risks: Nash Markets' reliance on liquidity providers and custodians can expose users to counterparty risks, including the potential failure of these entities.

It is essential for investors to understand and manage these risks to make informed decisions about investing in NEX.

Nash Exchange
We give you the tools to invest your time and money in 1000+ tokens.

Did Nash Exchange raise funds?

Nash Exchange
We give you the tools to invest your time and money in 1000+ tokens.

Nash Exchange’s team

  • Fabio Canesin: Co-founder of Nash, who spoke about the future of decentralized exchanges and the custodianship of digital assets.
  • Fabian Wahle: Co-founder of Nash, involved in developing the decentralized exchange (DEX) and other DeFi products.
  • Ethan Fast: Co-founder and CTO of Nash, who discussed the benefits of trading on a self-custody DEX and the challenges of building a user experience for crypto.
  • Thomas Saunders: Co-founder of Nash, who worked on the development of the DEX and payment platforms, including the non-custodial Bitcoin trading feature.
  • Luciano Engel: Co-founder of Nash, involved in the overall development of the platform and its various features.

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