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What is NvirWorld?

NvirWorld (NVIR) is a blockchain project aiming to define layer 3 in blockchain technology, powered by patented CBDC technology. It features an ERC-20 utility token on the Ethereum blockchain, providing governance functions and rewards to users across various platforms, including an NFT marketplace, a play-to-earn game, and a DeFi synthetic asset exchange. The project focuses on fair profit distribution to users who contribute to its ecosystem, with a vision to create a user-centric, decentralized environment.

How is NvirWorld used?

NvirWorld (NVIR) is a utility token that serves various purposes within its ecosystem. It is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain, designed to facilitate governance functions and provide benefits to users. Here are some key uses of NVIR:

  1. Governance: NVIR holders can participate in governance decisions, ensuring that the platform is shaped by the community.

  2. NFT Marketplace: Nvir Market, an NFT marketplace, uses NVIR for transactions. The marketplace operates on Ethereum and Solana networks, reducing gas fees through technologies like S2K L2 and Stay Pending.

  3. Virtual Synthetic Asset Investment: N-Hub, a virtual synthetic asset investment platform, allows NVIR holders to invest in various synthetic assets and earn rewards.

  1. Non-Face-to-Face Investment Services: BankoNverse provides services like Split NFT Investment, P2P Investment, Reward Funding, Split Real Estate Investment, and Metaverse Investment, where users can directly invest in financial products including NFT works.

  2. Play-to-Earn (P2E) and Metaverse: NvirWorld aims to expand its services to Nvirland (Metaverse Game), focusing on building a system that returns profits to users who activate the ecosystem.

These uses highlight the versatility of NVIR within the NvirWorld ecosystem, which is designed to provide a multi-dimensional digital realm with various benefits for users.

How do I store NvirWorld?

To store NvirWorld (NVIR) tokens, you can use the NvirWorld Wallet App, which is available for both desktop and mobile devices. This wallet allows you to manage not only your NvirWorld tokens but also other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, and over 1,000 other coins and tokens.

How to buy NvirWorld?

To buy NvirWorld (NVIR) tokens, you can follow these steps:

Buying from Centralized Exchanges (CEX)
  1. Register and Verify Your Account:

    • Create an account on a CEX that supports NvirWorld (NVIR) trading, such as Binance, MXC, or LBank.
    • Verify your identity and secure your account with two-step verification.
  2. Fund Your Account:

    • Use fiat to buy USDT, ETH, or BNB through the CEX's services or third-party platforms like PayPal or Robinhood.
    • Transfer these funds to the CEX that supports NvirWorld (NVIR) trading.
  3. Buy NvirWorld (NVIR):

  • Navigate to the spot market and select the trading pair, such as NVIR-USDT, NVIR-ETH, or NVIR-BNB.
  • Enter the amount you want to buy and confirm the transaction.
Buying from Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)
  1. Set Up Your Wallet:

    • Download and install a Web3 crypto wallet like Metamask or Trust Wallet.
    • Create and set up a new wallet.
  2. Transfer Funds:

    • Transfer ETH, BNB, or other mainnet cryptocurrencies to your wallet address.
    • Ensure you have the necessary funds to trade on the DEX.
  3. Connect to the DEX:

  • Connect your wallet to the DEX by clicking "Connect Wallet" and following the instructions.
  1. Swap for NvirWorld (NVIR):
    • Find the "Swap" option and select the token you want to trade from the "From" section and NvirWorld (NVIR) in the "To" section.
    • Enter the amount and confirm the swap.
Additional Tips
  • Research and compare different exchanges to choose the most suitable one for you.
  • Be cautious of scams and ensure you are using the correct contract address for NvirWorld (NVIR).
  • Consider transferring your tokens to a personal wallet for additional security and flexibility.

By following these steps, you can successfully buy NvirWorld (NVIR) tokens from both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

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History of NvirWorld

NvirWorld (NVIR) is a pioneering platform focused on reshaping the content and application layer with a focus on interoperability and modularity. The revamped platform is built on the philosophy of "Sufficient Decentralization" for social networks. At its core is the Nural Network, which operates on the powerful OP Stack, providing unmatched scalability and functionality that redefines blockchain operations.

The Nural Network is designed to be interoperable and modular, streamlining efficiency and enabling novel interactions within the NvirWorld ecosystem. It extends its reach beyond by integrating with other leading OP chains such as Base and OpBNB via the Superchain open ecosystem. This integration empowers projects and builders to unlock new opportunities for growth, collaboration, and innovation.

In addition to its core technology, NvirWorld supports developers through initiatives like the Nural Launchpad and Incubator. These programs provide comprehensive support, including ideation, operational guidance, tokenomics design, and liquidity provision. This environment allows developers to bring their ideas to life and navigate the challenges of building and launching decentralized applications.

NvirWorld has a significant market presence, with a market capitalization and trading volume that reflect its growing influence in the blockchain space. The token's price history and market trends are closely monitored by crypto investors and analysts, who use this data to predict future price movements and make informed investment decisions.

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How NvirWorld works

NvirWorld (NVIR) is a cryptocurrency project built on the Ethereum blockchain, utilizing an ERC-20 token. At its core, NvirWorld aims to create a multi-dimensional digital realm where users can engage in various activities and earn rewards. The project encompasses several key components:

Nvir Utility Token (NVIR)

The NVIR token is the central utility token of the NvirWorld ecosystem. It is used for governance functions, allowing users to participate in shaping the platform's future. NVIR is also used for transactions and interactions within the various platforms and services offered by NvirWorld.

Platforms and Services

NvirWorld consists of several interconnected platforms:

  1. NvirMarket (NFT Marketplace): A marketplace where users can buy, sell, and trade unique digital collectibles. This platform reduces gas fees through its key solution technologies, S2K L2 and Stay Pending, making transactions more efficient and cost-effective.

  2. N-Hub (DeFi Synthetic Asset Exchange): A virtual synthetic asset investment platform where NVIR holders can invest in various synthetic assets and earn rewards.

  3. NvirLand (Metaverse Game): A Play-to-Earn metaverse game where users can engage in immersive experiences and potentially earn rewards.

  1. NWS (Nvir Web3 Studio): A game studio that builds a variety of games for web, desktop, and mobile platforms. The goal is to make it easy for anyone, even those new to crypto, to join and potentially earn money through these games.
Tokenomics and Governance

The NVIR token is used to reward users for their participation in the ecosystem. Users can earn NVIR tokens by engaging in activities such as staking, playing games, and contributing to the development of the ecosystem. The governance functions of the token allow users to have a say in the direction and growth of NvirWorld.

Technical Details

NvirWorld's mainnet is powered by patented CBDC technology, ensuring a secure and efficient environment for transactions and interactions. The project also employs advanced technologies like S2K L2 to reduce gas fees and enhance user experience.

Accessibility and Support

NvirWorld can be accessed through various cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, such as Atomic Wallet, which supports over 1,000 cryptocurrencies, including NVIR. Users can also buy NVIR on exchanges like MEXC and Binance. The project has a strong focus on user support, with fast and reliable customer service available through live chat and email.

Overall, NvirWorld is designed to be a user-centric ecosystem where enjoyment and profitability go hand in hand.

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NvirWorld's strengths

The token NvirWorld (NVIR) has several strengths that set it apart from other cryptocurrency projects:

  1. Multi-Dimensional Platform: NvirWorld is not just an NFT marketplace; it offers a comprehensive ecosystem that includes a curated section for verified artists, a DeFi synthetic asset exchange (N-Hub), and a Play-to-Earn metaverse game (Nvirland). This diverse range of features creates a user-centric environment where enjoyment is profitable.

  2. Governance Functions: The NVIR token, built on the Ethereum blockchain, empowers users to participate in shaping the platform’s future through governance functions. This level of user involvement ensures that the ecosystem is responsive to the needs of its users.

  3. Reward System: NvirWorld rewards users for their participation, making it more than just a transaction platform. Users can earn stable tokens on synthetic assets by staking NVIR, providing a clear incentive for engagement.

  1. Strong Team: The project is led by a team with diverse skills and experience in tech, gaming, and marketing. This combination of expertise positions NvirWorld for success in the ever-evolving Web3 gaming market.

  2. Integrated Environment: NvirWorld provides an integrated environment where various benefits are rewarded and distributed to users of its functions, forming a multi-dimensional digital realm. This integrated approach enhances user experience and encourages participation.

  3. Future Development: The project plans to introduce groundbreaking tools, such as Low Code No Code (LCNC) tools, allowing anyone to create their own games without needing coding skills. This will further expand the possibilities within the NvirWorld ecosystem.

These strengths collectively contribute to NvirWorld’s potential for growth and success in the cryptocurrency market.

NvirWorld's risks

NvirWorld (NVIR) carries significant financial risks. According to InvestorsObserver, the token has been given a high risk assessment, indicating that a substantial amount of money is required to move the price. Additionally, the legal disclaimer on NvirWorld's website highlights that buyers of NVIR are exposed to legal and financial risks indefinitely, including compliance with Know-Your-Customer (KYC) laws.

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Did NvirWorld raise funds?

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NvirWorld's ecosystem

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We give you the tools to invest your time and money in 1000+ tokens.

NvirWorld’s team

  • JS Lee: CEO of NvirWorld Global / Korea.
  • Leo Kim: Co-Founder of NvirWorld Ltd.
  • Tony Kim: IT / Web3 / Blockchain / Marketing professional at NvirWorld.
  • Seema Ansari: Team member at NvirWorld.

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