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What is Orion Protocol?

Orion Protocol (ORN) is an open-source, decentralized blockchain platform that aggregates liquidity from centralized and decentralized exchanges, providing users with the best trading rates and lowest fees. It operates as a non-custodial platform, ensuring users maintain control over their assets. The native ORN token plays a crucial role in the platform's governance and staking mechanisms, offering exclusive benefits to holders. Orion Protocol offers a suite of features, including portfolio management, trading terminals, and liquidity boost, making it a comprehensive solution for traders and crypto users.

How is Orion Protocol used?

The Orion Protocol (ORN) is a chain-agnostic liquidity aggregator that provides users with access to the entire crypto market from a single, convenient trading portal. The native ORN token plays a crucial role in the platform's governance via the proprietary Delegated Proof of Broker (DPoB) consensus mechanism. This mechanism functions as a decentralized brokerage, allowing ORN token holders to participate in Orion staking and earn compounding ORN token rewards.

ORN tokens are used for several purposes within the ecosystem:

  1. Staking: ORN tokens are staked to participate in the DPoB consensus mechanism, which enables users to earn passive income and contribute to the platform's governance.

  2. Transaction Fees: ORN tokens are used to pay for transaction fees on the platform, making it a necessary component for trading activities.

  3. Unlocking Premium Features: Holding ORN tokens unlocks additional premium features on the platform, enhancing the overall trading experience.

  1. Brokerage: ORN tokens are involved in brokerage within the Orion ecosystem, generating network fees and operational profits.

  2. Governance: ORN token holders have governance rights, allowing them to participate in decision-making processes that shape the platform's future.

In summary, the ORN token is essential for staking, transaction fees, unlocking premium features, brokerage, and governance within the Orion Protocol ecosystem.

How do I store Orion Protocol?

To store Orion Protocol (ORN) tokens, you can use various wallets that support the token. Here are some options:

  1. Atomic Wallet: This wallet allows you to manage your ORN tokens along with other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, and XLM. It is trusted by over 5 million users worldwide and offers features like private key encryption and 24/7 online support.

  2. MetaMask: MetaMask is another popular option for storing ORN tokens. It allows users to securely store, send, and receive ORN, and can be used in conjunction with hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor.

  3. Exodus: As an ERC-20 token, ORN can also be stored in software wallets like Exodus.

  1. Hardware Wallets: Ledger and Trezor can also be used to store ORN tokens, although you would need to use MetaMask to view and manage them.

It is essential to choose a wallet that fits your needs and ensures the security of your tokens.

How to buy Orion Protocol?

To buy Orion Protocol (ORN) tokens, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create an Account:

    • Pionex: Register on the Pionex website or mobile app and pass the KYC verification.
    • KuCoin: Sign up on KuCoin with your email address, mobile phone number, and country of residence, and create a strong password.
    • Coinbase: Download the Coinbase app and start the sign-up process, which includes verifying your ID and adding a payment method.
    • Kriptomat: Sign up with Google, Apple, or enter your name and email, then verify your email, phone number, and identity.
  2. Add Funds:

    • Pionex: Use credit card, debit card, bank wire, or ACH transfer to add funds.
    • KuCoin: Add a credit/debit card or bank account after verifying your account.
    • Coinbase: Connect a payment method such as a bank account, debit card, or initiate a wire transfer.
    • Kriptomat: Make a bank deposit or use your credit card to add funds.
  3. Buy Orion Protocol:

  • Pionex: Choose your preferred method to buy ORN, such as credit card, debit card, bank wire, or ACH transfer.
  • KuCoin: Transfer your crypto to a KuCoin Trading Account and place an order to exchange your existing crypto for Orion Protocol (ORN).
  • Coinbase: Select Orion Protocol from the list of assets, enter the amount you want to buy, and finalize your purchase.
  • Kriptomat: Click on the Kriptomat icon, select "Buy," choose Orion Protocol, enter the amount, preview the transaction, and confirm your purchase.
Orion Protocol
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History of Orion Protocol

Orion Protocol (ORN) is an open-source decentralized blockchain platform that acts as a liquidity aggregator for both centralized and decentralized exchanges. The platform was designed to provide users with the best trading rates and lowest fees by collecting liquidity from a wide variety of exchanges and transforming it into a single API. This allows users to access the best routes for their trades without having to search through multiple exchange platforms.

Orion Protocol offers a comprehensive suite of features and tools for traders, including a portfolio management application, trading terminals, enterprise trading, liquidity boost, app store, and DEX launcher. These tools enable users to manage their assets within a single application and access the best trading opportunities across the entire crypto market.

The platform also addresses security concerns by providing non-custodial solutions for asset management, which reduces the risk of hacking associated with centralized exchanges. Additionally, the protocol has undergone thorough audits for security purposes, including a full audit by CertiK upon the launch of its mainnet.

ORN tokens are used as the primary method of payment on the network, as rewards for stakers, and for staking. They can also be traded in the crypto market for profit. Users can store ORN tokens in various wallets, including hardware wallets, software wallets, and online wallets, each with its own level of security and convenience.

In terms of market data, the current market capitalization of Orion Protocol is around $59.50 million, with a circulating supply of 34.43 million ORN tokens. The token currently ranks 587 among all known cryptocurrency assets based on its relative market capitalization.

Overall, Orion Protocol aims to simplify the trading process for users by providing a unified platform that aggregates liquidity from multiple exchanges, ensuring the best trading rates and lowest fees.

Orion Protocol
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How Orion Protocol works

Orion Protocol (ORN) is a decentralized platform designed to aggregate the liquidity of the entire crypto market into a single platform. Here’s how it works:

Key Components
  1. Central Hub: Orion Protocol acts as a central hub that connects decentralized applications (DApps) with various exchanges in its ecosystem. This connection is facilitated through APIs, which provide price feeds and order book data.

  2. Order Matching Engine: The order matching engine executes trades by drawing from a shared liquidity pool contributed by exchanges in the ecosystem. This ensures that users can access the best available prices across multiple exchanges.

  3. Blockchain Integration: The protocol connects directly to the blockchain to settle transactions securely without compromising security, as it is a non-custodial system. This means that users maintain control over their assets and private keys.

  1. DApp Integration: DApps can connect to Orion Protocol, allowing users to interact with the platform without needing to connect to other non-native blockchains. The protocol handles cross-chain settlement processes, making it convenient for users.
Token Utility

The ORN token is the native utility token of the Orion Protocol. It provides several benefits:

  • Discounted Trading Fees: Users, brokers, and other parties involved can enjoy discounted trading fees when using ORN.
  • Staking Rewards: Brokers and liquidity providers can stake ORN to earn transaction fees on the platform.
  • Voting: ORN holders can vote for brokerages and other platform decisions.
Consensus Algorithm

Orion Protocol uses the Delegated Proof of Broker (DPoB) consensus algorithm, a variation of the Proof of Stake mechanism. This algorithm involves two roles:

  • Brokers: Brokers ensure that all exchanges on the Orion platform are connected. They have the Orion Broker Software installed, multiple exchange accounts, and at least $10,000 in ORN staked. Brokers execute trades automatically and receive a portion of the fees paid on each trade.
  • Non-Broker Stakers: These are users who stake their ORN to "vote" on their preferred Broker. The choice is based on the share of the reward the Broker offers. Brokers are incentivized to offer attractive rates to Non-Broker Stakers to increase their chances of being chosen.

Orion Protocol offers several benefits to users:

  • Best Exchange Rates: Users can access the best exchange rates from multiple exchanges through a single platform.
  • Convenience: Users do not need to open multiple trading accounts on various exchanges to take advantage of the best rates and lowest fees.
  • Security: As a non-custodial platform, users maintain control over their assets and private keys, reducing the risk of asset loss due to third-party custody.

Overall, Orion Protocol aims to solve liquidity problems in the cryptocurrency sector by aggregating the liquidity of multiple exchanges into a decentralized platform, providing users with a convenient and secure way to access the best exchange rates.

Orion Protocol
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Orion Protocol's strengths

The token Orion Protocol (ORN) has several strengths that make it an attractive investment opportunity:

  1. Liquidity Aggregation: Orion Protocol aggregates liquidity from multiple exchanges, providing users with access to the best prices in the market without the need to switch between platforms.

  2. Decentralized Gateway: The protocol offers a non-custodial gateway to the digital asset market, ensuring that users maintain control over their assets.

  3. Cross-Chain Liquidity: Orion Protocol enables cross-chain liquidity, allowing users to access liquidity from various blockchains in one place.

  1. Portfolio Management: The protocol offers a user-friendly portfolio management application, making it easy to track activities and performance across multiple exchanges.

  2. Automated Asset Management: Orion Protocol automates asset management, reducing the need for users to constantly monitor their assets and allowing them to focus on more complex issues.

  3. Trading Discounts: Holding ORN tokens provides users with trading fee discounts, incentivizing them to hold the token and support the platform.

  1. Staking Rewards: ORN holders can engage in staking, earning passive income and contributing to the liquidity of the platform.

  2. Native Token Benefits: The ORN token is essential for carrying out network activities and provides exclusive benefits such as discounted fees, margin trading, and access to arbitrage opportunities.

  3. Chain-Agnostic: Orion Protocol is blockchain-agnostic, allowing it to communicate with various blockchains and settle transactions directly without compromising security.

  1. Revenue Streams: The protocol generates revenue through multiple streams, including transaction fees, staking, and liquidity provision, ensuring a sustainable ecosystem.

These strengths position Orion Protocol as a comprehensive solution for liquidity aggregation and trading, making it an attractive investment opportunity for those interested in the cryptocurrency space.

Orion Protocol's risks

Orion Protocol (ORN) is exposed to several financial risks that can impact its performance and value. Some of the key financial risks associated with ORN include:

  1. Volatility Risk: The price of ORN is highly volatile due to the constant fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market. This volatility can lead to significant changes in the token's value, making it a high-risk investment.

  2. Liquidity Risk: Although ORN aims to solve liquidity issues in the crypto industry, it is not immune to liquidity risks itself. The token's value can be affected if there is a lack of liquidity in the market, making it difficult to buy or sell the token.

  3. Credit Risk: ORN is also exposed to credit risk, which arises when counterparties fail to fulfill their contractual obligations. This can result in non-payment of funds, leading to financial losses.

  1. Interest Rate Risk: Changes in interest rates can affect the token's value and the overall performance of the Orion Protocol. Rising interest rates can increase borrowing costs and reduce the demand for ORN, leading to a decrease in its value.

  2. Counterparty Risk: The protocol is exposed to counterparty risk, which occurs when a counterparty fails to meet its obligations. This risk is significant, as it can result in financial losses and undermine the stability of the protocol.

  3. Regulatory Risks: ORN is also subject to regulatory risks, as changes in laws and regulations can impact the token's value and the overall operation of the Orion Protocol. Stricter regulations can limit the use of ORN and reduce its value.

These financial risks highlight the importance of careful consideration and thorough research before investing in ORN. It is essential to understand the potential risks and rewards associated with this token to make informed investment decisions.

Orion Protocol
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Did Orion Protocol raise funds?

Orion Protocol
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Orion Protocol’s team

  • Alexey Koloskov (CEO): Co-founder and CEO of Orion Protocol, with extensive experience in blockchain development and banking systems management. He is also the creator of the Waves DEX.
  • Kal Ali (COO): Co-founder and COO of Orion Protocol, with a background in partnerships, business development, and blockchain strategic advising. He holds a finance degree from Rutgers Business School.
  • Yanush Ali (Chief Strategy Officer): A key member of the Orion team, responsible for strategic planning and development.
  • Andrew Kirk (Chief Marketing Officer): Oversees marketing efforts for Orion Protocol, ensuring effective communication and promotion of the project.
  • Eduardo Moreira (Head of Development): Leads the development team, focusing on the technical implementation of Orion Protocol's features and services.
  • Nail Fakhrutdinov (Lead Backend Developer): Responsible for the backend development of Orion Protocol, ensuring the platform's technical infrastructure is robust and efficient.
  • Eduard Zaydel (Lead Frontend Developer): Focuses on the frontend development of Orion Protocol, creating a user-friendly interface for users to interact with the platform.
  • Brad Townsend (Advisor): Provides strategic guidance and support to the Orion Protocol team, leveraging his expertise to help the project grow and succeed.

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