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What is Power Ledger?

Power Ledger (POWR) is a blockchain-based platform that enables the tracking, tracing, and trading of renewable energy. It aims to democratize the energy market by allowing consumers and producers to trade energy directly, promoting sustainability and reducing reliance on traditional energy sources.

How is Power Ledger used?

Power Ledger (POWR) is a blockchain-based energy trading platform that enables peer-to-peer energy transactions, promoting renewable energy adoption and decentralized energy markets. Here are the key ways POWR is used:

  • Access Permission and Governance: POWR serves as access permission tokens, allowing users to participate in the Power Ledger ecosystem. It also facilitates governance within the platform.
  • Incentives and Rewards: POWR acts as incentive tokens, encouraging users to contribute to the platform's growth and adoption.
  • Transaction Fees: POWR is used to pay transaction fees on the Powerledger Energy Blockchain, covering both Layer 1 blockchain fees and application-specific fees.
  • Energy Trading: POWR is exchanged for Sparkz tokens, which represent units of energy (in kWh). This allows clients to purchase energy at favorable rates and ensures that the price of energy supply is separate from the price of POWR.

Overall, POWR plays a crucial role in facilitating energy transactions, governance, and incentives within the Power Ledger ecosystem, promoting the adoption of renewable energy and decentralized energy markets.

How do I store Power Ledger?

The Power Ledger platform is designed to create decentralized energy markets where users can buy and sell energy tokens based on their needs or excess energy capacity in a peer-to-peer format. The platform uses a dual token system, with POWR tokens serving as utility tokens and Sparkz tokens serving as electricity credits tethered to local markets. POWR tokens are listed on several exchanges and can be stored securely using hardware wallets like Ledger, which provide offline storage and signing of transactions, making them resistant to malicious attacks and threats.

How to buy Power Ledger?

To buy Power Ledger (POWR) tokens, you can follow these steps:

  1. Choose an Exchange: POWR is listed on several exchanges, including Binance and Kriptomat. You can select an exchange that suits your needs and is available in your region.

  2. Create an Account: Register on the chosen exchange's website or app. This typically involves providing personal details and verifying your identity.

  3. Add Funds: Deposit fiat currency into your exchange account using methods such as credit/debit cards, bank transfers, or third-party payment services.

  1. Buy POWR: Use the deposited funds to purchase POWR tokens. You may need to buy a stablecoin like USDT first and then swap it for POWR, depending on the exchange's available trading pairs.

  2. Store Your Tokens: Once you have purchased POWR, you can store it in your exchange account or transfer it to a personal crypto wallet for safekeeping.

Remember to carefully review the fees, risks, and terms associated with each exchange before making a purchase.

Power Ledger
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History of Power Ledger

Power Ledger (POWR) was founded in May 2016 by Dr. Jemma Green, Dave Martin, John Bulich, and Jenni Conroy. The company is an Australian blockchain-based cryptocurrency and energy trading platform that aims to disrupt the global energy industry by enabling local areas to sell and distribute solar power to their neighbors without the need for intermediaries. The platform went live with proof of concept deployments in Auckland, New Zealand, and a retirement village south of Perth, Australia, and was publicly announced on August 11, 2016.

In 2017, the company released its white paper, which introduced an ERC-20 Ethereum-based token called POWR and another token called Sparkz, which operates on their own Consortium Ethereum Network. The pre-sale of POWR tokens was launched on August 27, 2017, and over 100 million tokens were sold in just three days, with 25% sold in the first hour.

Power Ledger has been a key driver for change in energy market policy and blockchain innovation since its inception. The company has partnered with various organizations, including Carlton & United Breweries (CUB), owned by Asahi Beverages, to develop the Victoria Bitters Solar Exchange (VBSE), which allows households to trade their excess solar power for VB beers.

Power Ledger
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How Power Ledger works

Power Ledger (POWR) is a blockchain-based energy trading platform that facilitates peer-to-peer energy transactions, promoting renewable energy adoption and empowering individuals. Here's how it works:

Key Components
  • Blockchain Technology: Power Ledger uses a customized Solana blockchain, which is faster and less energy-intensive than traditional proof-of-work blockchains. It employs Proof-of-History and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanisms, ensuring high scalability and low energy consumption.

  • POWR Tokens: These tokens are the native cryptocurrency of the platform, controlling access and permissions. They are used for trading, incentivizing participants, and ensuring global usability. The maximum supply is capped at 1 billion units, with 48% already in circulation.

  • Sparkz Tokens: These utility tokens facilitate energy trading within the ecosystem, representing the value of electricity. They can be exchanged for fiat currency, allowing participants to monetize surplus energy or purchase additional electricity.

  • Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading: Power Ledger enables renewable energy producers to monetize their excess power and customers to access cleaner and more cost-effective energy. This is achieved through real-time electricity metering, big data collection, microgrid management, and micro-transactions.

  • Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) Trading: The platform includes TraceX, a blockchain-powered digital marketplace for trading EACs, including Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), carbon credits, and other environmental instruments. This simplifies trading for generators, utilities, and organizations seeking to meet regulatory obligations or sustainability targets.

  • Electric Vehicle Charging: Power Port provides affordable and secure metering, transparent settlement mechanisms, and low-cost payment solutions for electric vehicle charging stations. It integrates with existing systems like the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) for seamless compatibility.

  • Crowdfunding Renewable Energy Projects: The platform allows investors to participate directly in the growth of clean energy infrastructure and earn returns through crowdfunding events.
  • Decentralized Energy Markets: Power Ledger promotes decentralized energy markets, giving individuals control over their surplus energy and enabling direct transactions between producers and consumers.

  • Renewable Energy Adoption: By facilitating peer-to-peer energy trading and incentivizing participants, Power Ledger encourages the adoption of renewable energy sources and contributes to a more sustainable future.

  • Scalability and Efficiency: The platform's blockchain technology supports over 50,000 transactions per second, ensuring high scalability and efficiency in energy trading and management.

  • Security and Transparency: Power Ledger's blockchain technology provides an immutable and verifiable audit trail, ensuring secure trading and mitigating settlement risk.
Partnerships and Recognition
  • Global Recognition: Power Ledger has received global recognition, including the Renewable Energy Markets Award for innovation and new market approaches to sustainable energy, and Sir Richard Branson’s global Extreme Tech Challenge.

  • Partnerships: The company has collaborated with various organizations, such as Metlen (formerly MYTILINEOS) in Greece, to introduce clean energy PPA tracking and smart energy sourcing solutions.

  • Crypto Valley Association: Power Ledger has been recognized as one of the top 50 companies in Crypto Valley in Zug, Switzerland, and has participated in the Crypto Valley Association's sustainability meetup, highlighting blockchain's transformative role in the energy transition.


Power Ledger (POWR) is a pioneering blockchain-based platform that transforms the energy sector by enabling peer-to-peer energy transactions, promoting renewable energy adoption, and empowering individuals. Its scalable and secure technology, combined with its versatile use cases, positions it as a key player in the transition to a more sustainable and efficient energy system.

Power Ledger
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Power Ledger's strengths

Power Ledger (POWR) has several strengths that contribute to its viability and potential for success:

  1. Strong Team: The team behind Power Ledger is comprised of experienced professionals from various fields, including energy specialists, software engineers, and legal experts. This diverse skill set ensures that the project is well-rounded and capable of addressing different aspects of the energy market.

  2. Prominent Investor/Backers: Power Ledger has received backing from high-profile investors, such as billionaire Mike Novogratz and venture capitalist Bill Tai. This support from prominent figures in the industry adds credibility to the project and indicates that it has a strong potential for growth.

  3. Working Product: Unlike many projects, Power Ledger has a functional product that is currently being used in pilot projects in Australia, New Zealand, and India. This proof of concept demonstrates the feasibility of the platform and its ability to facilitate peer-to-peer energy trading.

  1. Adaptability: Power Ledger's governance structure allows it to be flexible and adaptable to different blockchain platforms, ensuring that it can evolve and integrate with emerging technologies.

These strengths collectively position Power Ledger as a robust and innovative solution in the renewable energy sector, with a solid foundation for future growth and adoption.

Power Ledger's risks

Power Ledger (POWR) faces several risks, including:

  1. Volatility in Cryptocurrency Value: The value of POWR tokens can fluctuate significantly, making it a high-risk investment.

  2. Hacking Risks: The Staking Portal and POWR Bridge are vulnerable to hacking, including malware attacks, which could compromise the security of the system.

  3. Mining Attacks: The blockchain is susceptible to various mining attacks, such as double-spend mining attacks, majority mining power attacks, selfish-mining attacks, and race condition attacks.

  1. Regulatory Risks: Using exchanges and marketplaces with little regulatory control or oversight can increase the risk of losses.

  2. Non-Availability of the Blockchain: The Powerledger Blockchain may become unavailable, disrupting the functioning of the system.

  3. Irrevocability of Transactions: Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible, which means that any mistakes or malicious activities cannot be undone.

  1. Dependence on Ethereum Protocols: As Power Ledger uses the Ethereum blockchain, it is exposed to risks associated with Ethereum protocols.

  2. Risk of Malicious Withdrawals: The system is designed to prevent malicious withdrawals, but there is still a risk of such activities occurring.

  3. Risk of Manipulation: The token's price can potentially be manipulated by limited trading activity, which is a concern for traders focused on risk assessment.

Power Ledger
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Did Power Ledger raise funds?

Power Ledger
We give you the tools to invest your time and money in 1000+ tokens.

Power Ledger's ecosystem

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Power Ledger
We give you the tools to invest your time and money in 1000+ tokens.

Power Ledger’s team

  • Dr. Jemma Green: Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Power Ledger, also a board member at the Water Corporation and an advisory board member at Carbon Tracker.
  • Dave Martin: Co-Founder and Managing Director of Power Ledger, also a committee member at Sustainable Energy Now and the director of Evolution Road.
  • John Bulich: Co-Founder and Technical Director of Power Ledger, previously a co-founder and director of Ledger Assets and a director at WA Property Investments.
  • Jenni Conroy: Co-Founder and Company Secretary of Power Ledger, also the managing director of Future Effect and previously a manager wholesale regulatory & compliance at Synergy electricity generation and retail corporation.

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