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ROCO FINANCE (ROCO) is a decentralized GAMEFI platform built on the AVAX network, providing blockchain services to game developers, content creators, and player communities. It aims to evolve online gaming with targeted solutions, enabling players to earn crypto assets and trade virtual items through its NFT market and staking pools.

How is ROCO FINANCE used?

ROCO FINANCE (ROCO) is a decentralized GAMEFI platform that provides blockchain services to game developers, content creators, and player communities. The ROCO token is used in various ways within the platform:

  • Play & Earn: ROCO enables players to earn crypto assets in games through game add-ons and allows them to buy and sell virtual items on the NFT Market, ensuring that NFTs have real-world value.
  • NFT Services: ROCO provides NFT services for game developers and player communities, managing, distributing, and exchanging virtual items over the blockchain network.
  • Staking and Farming: ROCO token holders can earn rewards by staking their tokens in staking pools, and partner gaming companies can manage and earn rewards for their players through staking and farming pools.
  • Open Source SDKs and APIs: ROCO offers open source software development kits (SDKs), APIs, game add-ons, virtual items management applications, and a payment systems platform service to support game development.
  • Promoting Gaming Projects: ROCO Starter promotes promising game projects in the seed and incubation stages, organizing IDOs for partner companies to meet and invest with player communities.
  • Technical Support: ROCO provides technical support to partner companies, contributing to the token economy of projects with staking and farming efficiencies.

Overall, the ROCO token is designed to facilitate the integration of blockchain technology into the gaming industry, creating a decentralized ecosystem where players, developers, and content creators can interact and benefit from each other.

How do I store ROCO FINANCE?

To store Roco Finance (ROCO) tokens, you have several options:

  1. Exchanges' Wallets: You can store your ROCO tokens on exchanges like Binance, but this is considered a "hot wallet" and is not as secure as other options.

  2. Crypto Wallets: You can use crypto wallets like Trust Wallet, which supports multiple cryptocurrencies including ROCO. These wallets are more secure than exchanges' wallets.

  3. Cold Wallets: For long-term storage, cold wallets are the safest option. They are offline and not connected to the internet, making them less vulnerable to hacking.

  1. Atomic Wallet: Atomic Wallet is another option that supports ROCO and over 1,000 other coins and tokens. It is a multi-asset wallet with features like private keys encryption and 24/7 online support.

When choosing a wallet, make sure to follow the setup instructions carefully and keep your seed phrase and wallet address safe to ensure the security of your ROCO tokens.

How to buy ROCO FINANCE?

To buy ROCO FINANCE (ROCO) tokens, you can follow these steps:

Buying from Centralized Exchanges (CEX)
  1. Register on a CEX: Choose a reliable centralized exchange that supports ROCO FINANCE trading, such as or MEXC. Register an account on the exchange's official website or app.

  2. Verify Your Account: Complete the verification process by providing a government-issued identification document and enabling two-step verification for added security.

  3. Buy Base Currency: Use fiat to purchase a base currency like USDT, ETH, or BNB. You can use the exchange's OTC trading service or a financial service platform like PayPal or Robinhood.

  1. Transfer Base Currency: Transfer the base currency to the CEX that supports ROCO FINANCE trading. If the same exchange supports both the base currency and ROCO FINANCE, you can skip this step.

  2. Buy ROCO FINANCE: Use the base currency to buy ROCO FINANCE in the spot market.

Buying from Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)
  1. Choose a DEX: Select a decentralized exchange that supports the blockchain where ROCO FINANCE operates. Ensure the DEX is compatible with your chosen wallet.

  2. Set Up a Wallet: Download and install a Web3 crypto wallet like Metamask or Trust Wallet. Create and set up a new wallet, making sure to keep your seed phrase safe.

  3. Transfer Base Currency: Transfer the base currency (e.g., ETH or BNB) to your self-custody crypto wallet address. You can do this by withdrawing from a CEX or purchasing directly.

  1. Connect to DEX: Connect your wallet to the DEX by clicking "Connect Wallet" and following the instructions.

  2. Swap for ROCO FINANCE: Find the "Swap" option on the DEX, select the base currency as the "From" currency and ROCO FINANCE as the "To" currency. Enter the desired amount and confirm the transaction.

  3. Verify Transaction: Check the transaction details on the block explorer to ensure the ROCO FINANCE tokens are in your wallet.

Remember to be cautious of scams and ensure you are using the official contract address for ROCO FINANCE.

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ROCO FINANCE (ROCO) is a decentralized GAMEFI platform built on the Avalanche (AVAX) network. The platform aims to provide blockchain services to game developers, content creators, and player communities. ROCO FINANCE offers various solutions to support the gaming industry, including NFT services, staking pools, and open-source software development kits (SDKs) and APIs.

ROCO FINANCE has a circulating supply of 17,298,805 ROCO tokens, with a total supply of 99,982,729 ROCO. The token's all-time high was $7.98, reached on November 16, 2021. The token's price has fluctuated significantly since then, with a current price around $0.07 per ROCO.

The platform allows token holders to stake their tokens and earn passive income. Additionally, stakers have priority participation in IDOs at Roco Starter and can earn airdrops from partner games tokens. ROCO FINANCE also plans to organize a buyback program every year, with a buyback amount of 10% of annual revenue.

ROCO FINANCE has a market capitalization of around $1.23 million and is currently ranked 1786th among all known cryptocurrency assets. The token is traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges, including those that support spot trading and staking.

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ROCO FINANCE (ROCO) is a decentralized cryptocurrency that operates on the Avalanche C-Chain platform. It is designed to provide blockchain services to the gaming industry, specifically focusing on GameFi (gaming finance) applications. Here's an overview of how ROCO FINANCE works:


ROCO FINANCE has a total supply of 100 million tokens, with 33 million tokens currently in circulation. The token's price is calculated in real-time by aggregating data from multiple exchanges and markets, using a global volume-weighted average formula.

Trading and Exchanges

ROCO tokens can be traded on both centralized and decentralized exchanges. The most active trading pair is ROCO/USDT on the MEXC exchange, with a significant trading volume. Other popular exchanges include HTX and Pangolin.

Wallet Management

To manage and store ROCO tokens, users can utilize the Atomic Wallet, which supports over 1,000 coins and tokens, including ROCO FINANCE. This wallet offers a secure and private environment, with no registration or KYC requirements, and provides 24/7 online support.

Launchpad and IDO Participation

ROCO FINANCE also operates a decentralized launchpad platform, Roco Finance Starter, which connects new blockchain projects with potential investors. Users can participate in Initial Token Offerings (ITOs) by purchasing tokens using cryptocurrency, and may be eligible for special bonuses or benefits depending on their level of participation. The platform ensures transparency and security through a vetting process for projects and a decentralized structure.

Market Performance

The price performance of ROCO FINANCE can be tracked through various metrics, including its market capitalization, fully diluted valuation, and trading volume. The token's all-time high was recorded at BTC0.0001031, and its all-time low was at BTC0.000051037.

Overall, ROCO FINANCE is a cryptocurrency designed to support the gaming industry through blockchain services, with a decentralized launchpad platform and a secure wallet management system.

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ROCO FINANCE's strengths

The strengths of the ROCO FINANCE (ROCO) token include:

  • Faster Transactions and Cheaper Fees: ROCO FINANCE offers faster transactions and lower fees compared to traditional systems, enhancing the overall gaming experience.
  • Provable Rarity of Items: The platform ensures the rarity of items, which is crucial for maintaining the value and authenticity of in-game assets.
  • Staking and Passive Income: ROCO token holders can stake their tokens and earn passive income, providing a potential source of revenue.
  • Priority Participation in IDOs: Stakers have priority participation in Initial Decentralized Offerings (IDOs) at Roco Starter, giving them early access to new projects.
  • Airdrops from Partner Games: Stakers can earn airdrops from partner games, further increasing their potential earnings.
  • Buyback Program: ROCO Finance organizes an annual buyback program, where 10% of the annual revenue is used to buy back tokens, which can help stabilize the token's value.
  • Secure and Transparent Transactions: The platform ensures secure and transparent transactions, minimizing the risk of fraud and chargebacks.
  • Support for Game Developers: ROCO Finance provides tools and services to game developers, such as open-source software development kits (SDKs), APIs, and game add-ons, which can help them manage and distribute virtual items more efficiently.

These strengths highlight the potential benefits of the ROCO FINANCE token for both gamers and game developers, making it an attractive option for those interested in the gaming and blockchain space.


ROCO FINANCE (ROCO) carries financial risks that can impact its value and investor returns. The primary risk associated with ROCO is its average risk rating, which indicates that it is not entirely immune to market fluctuations and investor sentiment changes. This average risk score means that ROCO is not a low-risk investment, and investors should be prepared for potential losses.

The risk-on risk-off (RORO) investment paradigm plays a significant role in shaping ROCO's financial risks. In risk-on environments, where investors are more willing to take risks, ROCO's value may increase as demand for higher-risk assets grows. Conversely, in risk-off periods, when investors become more cautious, ROCO's value may decline as investors seek safer assets.

Additionally, ROCO's financial health can be influenced by broader economic conditions. If corporate earnings decline or economic data slows, ROCO's value may drop as investors become more risk-averse and seek safe havens such as bonds or gold. This highlights the importance of diversification and asset allocation for investors looking to mitigate risk.

While ROCO FINANCE is not considered a high-risk investment, it is crucial for investors to understand that each investment carries some level of risk. The possibility of ROCO losing its entire value is highly unlikely, but investors should still be cautious and consider their risk tolerance before investing.

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Did ROCO FINANCE raise funds?

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  • Sebahattin Akay: Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ROCO Finance.
  • Cenap Kondal: Chief Operating Officer (COO) of ROCO Finance.
  • No additional team members mentioned: The sources only mention the CEO and COO, but do not provide information about other team members.

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