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What is AgeOfGods?

AgeOfGods (AOG) is a cryptocurrency token associated with a casual NFT RPG Action Card Game. The game allows players to build and level up a personalized team of Gods, earning tokens through various gameplay mechanics. The token's value is designed to grow through a buyback system, where 100% of revenue streams are used to purchase tokens from the market, reducing the circulating supply and increasing the token's value. The project aims to become the number one crypto game in the market, with a strong focus on community engagement and tokenomics designed to benefit token holders.

How is AgeOfGods used?

The AgeOfGods (AOG) crypto token is the native token of the AgeOfGods game, a next-generation non-fungible token (NFT) action card game. The token is used in various ways within the game ecosystem:

  1. Play-to-Earn: Players can earn AOG tokens by playing the game, participating in PvP and PvE battles, and progressing through challenges.

  2. Staking: Users can stake their AOG tokens to earn passive income. The more tokens staked, the higher the VIP level, which increases experience gained even when offline.

  3. NFT Trading: AOG tokens are used to trade NFTs on the game's decentralized marketplace, as well as on other platforms like Binance and Galler.

  1. Buyback and Burning: All revenue generated from the game, including NFT royalties, is used to buy back AOG tokens from the market. These purchased tokens are then burned, reducing the total circulating supply and potentially increasing the token's value.

  2. Guild Wars and Leaderboards: Players can participate in guild wars and climb global leaderboards to earn more tokens and rewards.

  3. Invite and Earn: Users can invite new players and earn passive income through referrals.

Overall, the AOG token is designed to incentivize gameplay, community engagement, and token holding, with the goal of becoming the number one crypto game in the market.

How do I store AgeOfGods?

To store AgeOfGods (AOG) tokens, you need to use a reliable cryptocurrency wallet. The most recommended wallets for this purpose are Trustwallet and Metamask. Here are the steps to set up and use these wallets:

  1. Download and Install the Wallet:

    • For Trustwallet, download the app from the App Store (for iOS) or Google PlayStore (for Android). For desktop use, download the Google Chrome extension from the Trust Wallet website.
    • For Metamask, download the browser extension from the Metamask website.
  2. Create a New Wallet:

    • Open the Trustwallet app and create a new wallet. Make sure to carefully backup and secure your 12-word secret phrase.
    • For Metamask, follow the on-screen instructions to create a new wallet and set up your account.
  3. Fund Your Wallet:

  • Buy BNB (Binance Coin) from a reliable Centralized Exchange like Binance. This is necessary for using Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) like Pancakeswap.
  • Send the BNB from Binance to your Trustwallet or Metamask wallet.
  1. Connect to a Decentralized Exchange (DEX):

    • Choose a DEX that supports the BNB Chain network, such as Pancakeswap. Ensure that your wallet is compatible with the chosen DEX.
    • Connect your wallet to the DEX using your wallet address.
  2. Swap BNB for AOG Tokens:

    • On the DEX, select BNB as the payment and AgeOfGods (AOG) as the coin you want to acquire.
    • Execute the swap by clicking the "Swap" button.

By following these steps, you can securely store your AgeOfGods (AOG) tokens in your Trustwallet or Metamask wallet.

How to buy AgeOfGods?

To buy AgeOfGods (AOG) tokens, you can use either a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) or a Centralized Exchange (CEX). Here are the general steps:

Using a Decentralized Exchange (DEX)
  1. Download and Install a Wallet:

    • Download a Web3 crypto wallet like Metamask or an App wallet like Trust Wallet, which is supported by the DEX.
  2. Create and Set Up a Wallet:

    • Create a new wallet and set it up according to the wallet's instructions.
  3. Transfer Cryptocurrency to Wallet:

  • Transfer a cryptocurrency like ETH or BNB to your wallet address. This can be done by purchasing it with fiat and then transferring it from a CEX to your wallet.
  1. Connect Wallet to DEX:

    • Connect your wallet to the DEX by clicking "Connect Wallet" and following the instructions.
  2. Swap for AOG:

    • On the DEX, find the "Swap" option and choose the token you want to trade (e.g., BNB) in the "From" section and AgeOfGods (AOG) in the "To" section. Enter the amount you want to swap and confirm the transaction.
Using a Centralized Exchange (CEX)
  1. Register on a CEX:

    • Register an account on a CEX like Binance,, or KuCoin.
  2. Verify Your Account:

    • Verify your identity and secure your account by enabling two-step verification.
  3. Buy USDT or BNB:

  • Use fiat to buy USDT or BNB on the CEX.
  1. Transfer to CEX:

    • Transfer the purchased USDT or BNB to the CEX that supports AgeOfGods (AOG) trading.
  2. Buy AOG:

    • Buy AgeOfGods (AOG) using USDT or BNB in the spot market.
Additional Options

    • Create an account on, buy USDT, and then swap it for AOG tokens.
  • Pancakeswap:

    • Download Trust Wallet, buy BNB on Binance, and then use it to buy AOG on Pancakeswap.
  • KuCoin and Biswap:

  • These exchanges also support trading AgeOfGods (AOG) tokens.

Remember to always follow security guidelines and be cautious of scams when buying cryptocurrencies.

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History of AgeOfGods

AgeOfGods (AOG) is a cryptocurrency that has been in circulation for some time. The token is part of a high-quality game developed by Juego Game studios, where players can engage in various activities such as joining guilds, progressing through challenges, and battling other players in PvP tournaments. The game rewards players with tokens that can be sold for real value.

The token's market performance has been tracked by various sources, including CoinMarketCap, CoinCodex, and TokenInsight. These platforms provide historical data on the token's price, volume, and market capitalization. For instance, CoinMarketCap shows that the token's market capitalization has fluctuated over time, with a current market capitalization of $760,616 and a circulating supply of 103,474,429 AOG.

Price predictions for AgeOfGods have been made based on historical price movements and Bitcoin halving cycles. CoinCodex estimates that the token's price could rise by 227.97% and reach $0.024134 by July 18, 2024. However, the current sentiment is bearish, indicating that it might not be the best time to invest in the token.

Historical price charts are available on platforms like BitDegree and CoinCarp, which provide detailed data on the token's price movements over time. These charts can help investors make informed decisions about their investments.

Overall, AgeOfGods has a dedicated community and various marketplaces where its NFTs can be traded. The token's value is influenced by its usage in the game and the revenue streams generated from it, which are used to buy back tokens and decrease the circulating supply, driving up the token's value.

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How AgeOfGods works

AgeOfGods (AOG) is a next-generation NFT action card game that combines blockchain technology with a play-to-earn model. Here's how it works:

  • Play-to-Earn Model: Players can earn tokens by playing the game, which can be used to level up their Gods, purchase gear and in-game items, stake, and more.
  • Idle Game Mechanics: Players can build a team of Gods, experiment with different strategies, and level up their Gods even when they are offline.
  • PvP and PvE Modes: The game offers both player-versus-player (PvP) and player-versus-environment (PvE) modes, allowing players to compete against each other or against the game environment.
  • NFTs: The game uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to represent unique in-game items, such as Gods, which can be traded on the game's decentralized marketplace or other platforms like Binance.
Token Economy
  • Native Token: The AOG token is the native cryptocurrency of the game and is used for various in-game transactions.
  • Token Supply: The total supply of AOG tokens is 270 million, with a circulating supply of 60.7 million.
  • Token Distribution: The token distribution includes allocations for the play-to-earn ecosystem, public launchpad, strategic partners, private sales, seed investors, advisors, team members, and game development.
Earning Mechanisms
  • Staking: Players can earn passive income by staking their AOG tokens, which provides a risk-free high-yield return.
  • Invite and Earn: Players can invite new players and earn passive income through the referral system.
  • NFT Trading: Players can trade NFTs on the game's marketplace or other platforms, generating revenue from buying and selling unique in-game items.
Technical Details
  • Blockchain Platform: AgeOfGods operates on the Binance Smart Chain, which provides a low-transaction-fee environment for NFT trading.
  • Token Standard: The AOG token follows the BEP-20 token standard.
Team and Development
  • Game Studio: The game is developed by Juego Games Studios, a premier game development studio with experience in creating successful games.
  • Expert Crypto Team: The project has a team of top 10 exchange experts who know how to grow token value.
  • Roadmap: The game has a roadmap that outlines its development milestones, including the full game release, new Gods, and affiliate programs.

Overall, AgeOfGods combines engaging gameplay with a robust token economy and earning mechanisms, making it an attractive option for players and investors alike.

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AgeOfGods's strengths

The token AgeOfGods (AOG) has several strengths that contribute to its potential success:

  1. Play-to-Earn Mechanics: AgeOfGods is a next-generation NFT action card game that combines the fundamentals of a successful game like AFKArena with a blockchain token economy and play-to-earn, idle game mechanics. This allows players to earn tokens while playing the game, which can be used for various in-game activities.

  2. Token Utility: The AOG token has multiple uses within the game, such as leveling up Gods, purchasing gear and in-game items, and staking. This utility adds value to the token and encourages players to engage with the game and its ecosystem.

  3. Strong Development Team: The game is developed by a premier game studio with a proven track record of success, having made over 250 games and achieving 1 billion game installs in just eight years. This experience and expertise can help ensure the game's quality and longevity.

  1. Tokenomics: The tokenomics of AgeOfGods are designed with the community in mind. For example, the total team tokens are only 1% of the total supply and will not vest until the token reaches a market capitalization of $1 billion. Additionally, all revenue streams are used to buy back tokens from the market, which can help increase the token's value.

  2. Growing Community: The game already has a significant player base, with over 33,000 active players, and offers various ways for players to engage and earn, such as staking, inviting friends, and participating in guild wars. This growing community can contribute to the token's value and adoption.

  3. Multiple Revenue Streams: The game generates revenue through various channels, including the sale of NFTs, in-game items, and staking. This diversified revenue stream can help sustain the game and token over time.

  1. Partnerships and Listings: AgeOfGods is listed on several popular cryptocurrency exchanges, including PanCakeSwap, Kucoin,, and Biswap, making it easily accessible to investors and players. The game also has partnerships with prominent brands, which can help increase its visibility and credibility.

These strengths collectively contribute to the potential success and value of the AgeOfGods token.

AgeOfGods's risks

AgeOfGods (AOG) is a cryptocurrency token associated with a next-generation NFT action card game. The financial risks involved with investing in AOG are similar to those associated with other cryptocurrencies and financial instruments. These risks include:

  1. Market Volatility: The value of AOG tokens can fluctuate rapidly and unpredictably, leading to significant losses if the market moves against the investor. For instance, the token has experienced a price decline of -5.50% in the last 7 days, which is a common occurrence in the cryptocurrency market.

  2. Trading Risks: Trading in AOG tokens involves high risks, including the risk of losing some or all of the investment. This is a common warning associated with trading in financial instruments and cryptocurrencies.

  3. Liquidity Risks: The liquidity of AOG tokens can be low, making it difficult to buy or sell the tokens quickly enough or at a favorable price. This can be particularly problematic if the investor needs to liquidate their assets rapidly.

  1. Regulatory Risks: The regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies is constantly evolving and can be unpredictable. Changes in regulations or laws governing cryptocurrencies can negatively impact the value of AOG tokens.

  2. Security Risks: As with any digital asset, there is a risk of hacking, theft, or other security breaches that can result in the loss of AOG tokens. Investors must take necessary precautions to secure their tokens, such as using strong passwords and two-factor authentication.

  3. Project Risks: The success of AOG tokens is closely tied to the success of the AgeOfGods game and the ability of the development team to deliver on their promises. If the game fails to gain traction or the team is unable to execute their roadmap, the value of AOG tokens could decline significantly.

  1. Buyback Risks: While AgeOfGods has a 100% buyback policy, where all revenue is used to buy back tokens from the market, there is a risk that this policy may not be sustainable or effective in supporting the token's value.

Investors should carefully consider these risks and conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions in AgeOfGods (AOG) tokens.

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Did AgeOfGods raise funds?

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AgeOfGods's ecosystem

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We give you the tools to invest your time and money in 1000+ tokens.

AgeOfGods’s team

  • Expert Crypto Team: The team behind AgeOfGods includes top 10 exchange experts who know how to grow token value.

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