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SPECTRE AI (SPECTRE) is a cryptocurrency token that powers a decentralized trading platform, offering broker-less access to international markets via its platform and mobile app. It utilizes a Decentralized Autonomous Liquidity Pool (DALP) to execute smart option contracts, ensuring fraud-free trading. The platform supports a range of trading assets, including currency pairs, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, with features such as low deposit and trade size requirements, risk management tools, and a proprietary platform.

How is SPECTRE AI used?

SPECTRE AI (SPECTRE) is the native token of an innovative AI-powered predictive learning tool designed to assist traders and investors. It is used on the Spectre AI trading platform, which allows users to trade directly from their digital wallets containing Ethereum (ETH) without the need for deposits into a trading account. This token entitles holders to certain privileges on the platform, such as higher potential payouts and access to more trading assets.

How do I store SPECTRE AI?

To store SPECTRE AI (SPECTRE) tokens, you can use Guarda Wallet, which supports over 50 coins and 400,000 tokens. For added security, consider storing your SPECTRE AI in a hardware wallet and keeping it disconnected from the internet.

How to buy SPECTRE AI?

To buy SPECTRE AI (SPECTRE) tokens, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Crypto Wallet: Select a reliable crypto wallet that works well in your area and accepts your payment method. Popular options include Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, and TrustWallet. Download the wallet extension on Google Chrome or the wallet app from the iOS App Store or Google Play.

  2. Set up your Wallet: Create an account, provide personal information, and select a strong password. You will be given a Secret recovery phrase or Seed Words, which you must note down carefully.

  3. Buy your Base Currency: Choose a cryptocurrency exchange platform and buy a base currency, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Tether, which you will use to trade SPECTRE.

  1. Transfer Funds to your Wallet: Withdraw your base currency to your crypto wallet by logging into your exchange account, providing your wallet address, and specifying the amount to transfer.

  2. Choose a Decentralized Exchange (DEX): Select a DEX that supports your wallet, such as Pancake Swap if you are using the Binance wallet. Compare trading fees and liquidity of the trading pairs.

  3. Buy SPECTRE AI (SPECTRE): Connect your wallet to the DEX, select SPECTRE from the list, and enter the amount you want to trade. Be cautious of market trends, trading fees, and crypto taxes.

  1. If SPECTRE AI (SPECTRE) is not listed, use Smart Contracts: Use bscscan or etherscan to locate the smart contract address and paste it into the DEX to complete the transaction. Ensure you have the correct contract address to avoid scams.

Popular exchanges to buy and trade SPECTRE AI include Bishang, Uniswap V2 (Ethereum), and Matcha (Ethereum).

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History of SPECTRE AI

The history of Spectre AI (SPECTRE) is rooted in its inception as a Web3 AI startup focused on providing tools for analyzing DeFi projects and predicting crypto token performance. The project launched its utility token, SXUT, in the open crypto asset market in early 2018. Initially, the token did not perform well for its early investors.

Spectre AI has since evolved into a decentralized blockchain-based exchange, offering a unique trading platform that allows users to trade directly from their digital wallets, eliminating the need for deposits into a trading account. This feature, similar to decentralized exchanges, sets it apart from traditional brokers.

The platform offers a range of financial instruments, including reverse futures and Epic Synthetic Indices, which have shown significant upward momentum. Users have praised the platform's high payouts, risk management options, and user-friendly interface.

Despite its promising features, Spectre AI is not regulated by any government agency, although it is legally registered in the Cayman Islands as Spectre Global Limited. The project continues to develop and improve its services, aiming to provide a modern and streamlined trading experience for its users.

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How SPECTRE AI works

SPECTRE AI (SPECTRE) is a cryptocurrency token built on the Ethereum blockchain. It operates as an ERC-20 protocol, which means it leverages the Ethereum network's infrastructure. Here's how it works:

Trading Platform

SPECTRE AI offers a decentralized trading platform that allows users to trade various assets, including binary options, forex pairs, commodities, stocks, indices, bonds, and cryptocurrencies. The platform is designed to be broker-less, meaning that trades are executed directly against other traders or a liquidity pool, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

DALP (Decentralized Autonomous Liquidity Pool)

The heart of the SPECTRE AI system is the DALP, which ensures that all trades are filled in a timely manner. The DALP holds a significant amount of Ethereum (ETH) for liquidity, ensuring that trades are executed instantly. This system removes the uncertainty of broker reliability and provides 24/7 liquidity.

Smart Contracts

SPECTRE AI uses smart contracts to execute trades. These contracts are fraud-free and verifiable across the publicly distributed ledger network. This means that all trades are settled immediately upon expiry and verified by the Ethereum blockchain network.

Fees and Spreads

The platform operates on a fee system with no commissions. The spreads are tighter compared to traditional brokers, which results in better execution and higher win rates for traders.

EPIC (Epochal Price Index Composite)

SPECTRE AI also offers EPIC, an asset that aggregates past market movements and mimics live markets. This asset can be traded 24/7 and provides real-time market values.


Withdrawals are easy and can be made in USD to certain regions. Funds paid into the SPECTRE AI wallet may take 24 hours to show in your exchange wallet, depending on the Ethereum network volume. Earnings paid to a stand-alone wallet are available for exchange or withdrawal immediately.

Utility Token (SXUT)

SPECTRE AI has its own crypto token, known as the Spectre.ai Utility Token (SXUT). This token entitles holders to certain privileges on the trading platform, such as higher potential payouts and access to more trading assets.

Prediction Bot

SPECTRE AI also offers an AI-powered prediction bot that uses advanced machine learning to analyze historical market data and identify patterns and trends. This assists users in making more accurate predictions about future market movements.

Overall, SPECTRE AI provides a decentralized trading platform that leverages blockchain technology to ensure secure, transparent, and efficient trading.

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SPECTRE AI's strengths

The token SPECTRE AI (SPECTRE) has several strengths that make it an attractive investment opportunity. One of its key strengths is its innovative AI-powered predictive learning tool, which is designed to assist traders and investors in making informed decisions. This tool leverages advanced artificial intelligence to analyze market trends and predict future price movements, providing users with valuable insights to optimize their investments.

Another strength of SPECTRE AI is its robust technical indicators. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a popular technical indicator that helps assess the token's market sentiment. Currently, the 14-day RSI stands at 39.58, indicating a neutral market sentiment, which can be seen as a sign of stability.

Additionally, SPECTRE AI has a strong online presence, with official websites and social media links that provide easy access to information and updates about the project. This transparency and accessibility can instill confidence in potential investors.

Lastly, the token's market capitalization and trading volume are significant, indicating a level of liquidity and market interest. The maximum trading volume is observed for the trading pair SPECTRE/WETH, which suggests a strong demand for the token.

Overall, SPECTRE AI's unique AI-powered tool, robust technical indicators, strong online presence, and significant market capitalization and trading volume make it an attractive investment opportunity.

SPECTRE AI's risks

SPECTRE AI (SPECTRE) carries several financial risks. One significant risk is that it is not regulated by a top-tier financial authority, which means it lacks the strict oversight and protection offered by reputable regulators like the SEC, FCA, or ASIC. This lack of regulation increases the likelihood of fraudulent activities and reduces the options for investors to recover their funds in case of a scam.

Another risk is the limited user protections compared to regulated brokers. Without a trusted regulatory body overseeing the platform, investors are more vulnerable to potential legal and financial issues. Additionally, the platform's reliance on blockchain technology and smart contracts may be unfamiliar to some users, which could lead to misunderstandings or mismanagement of investments.

Furthermore, SPECTRE AI's business model, which allows traders to trade directly against its liquidity pool or other traders, may introduce liquidity risks and market volatility. This could result in significant losses for investors if the platform experiences liquidity issues or market fluctuations.

Lastly, the platform's fee-free trading and Sharia compliance may attract investors seeking specific benefits, but these features do not mitigate the underlying risks associated with an unregulated platform. Overall, investors should exercise extreme caution when considering SPECTRE AI due to its unregulated nature and the potential risks involved.

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Did SPECTRE AI raise funds?

We give you the tools to invest your time and money in 1000+ tokens.


  • Sunny Hussaini: Founder and CEO of Spectre AI.
  • Gavrilo Bosakov: AI expert on the team.
  • Bruno Souto: Frontend Software Engineer with a focus on Web3.
  • Denys Dod: WEB3 UI UX and Blockchain developer.
  • Kay Khemani: Managing Director at Spectre AI, with a background in equity research and experience at J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs.
  • Karan Khemani: CEO of Spectre AI, with a background in finance and investment banking at J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs.

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