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What is Umbrella Network?

Umbrella Network (UMB) is a decentralized, community-owned oracle service that provides blockchain projects with secure, scalable, and customizable data solutions. It operates using a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism, where the UMB token serves multiple functions, including network security, governance, and passive income generation for token holders.

How is Umbrella Network used?

Umbrella Network (UMB) is a decentralized, Ethereum blockchain-based oracle service that provides secure and scalable data solutions to blockchain projects. It uses financial data from the real world, translates it to smart contracts, and makes it accessible for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications to utilize. The UMB token is used for various utility functions such as voting and staking, as well as a motivational reward for contributors to the network's development.

How do I store Umbrella Network?

To store Umbrella Network (UMB) tokens, you have several options:

  1. Centralized Exchanges (CEX): You can hold your UMB tokens on a centralized exchange like KuCoin, MEXC, or AscendEX. This provides easy access to various investment products and features such as spot and futures trading, staking, and lending. However, you should be aware that the exchange holds your funds, and you need to follow their security protocols and KYC verification.

  2. Decentralized Exchanges (DEX): You can store your UMB tokens on a decentralized exchange, which allows for more privacy and direct control over your assets. You will need a self-custodial wallet compatible with the network, and you will be responsible for managing your own funds.

  3. Crypto Wallets: You can store UMB tokens directly in a crypto wallet. Choose a reliable and reputable wallet that supports UMB. Download the wallet app, create a new wallet address, and ensure you have the seed phrase securely stored. You can then purchase UMB tokens directly through the wallet or swap other cryptocurrencies for UMB.

  1. Hardware Wallets: For added security, you can store your UMB tokens on a hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano X. This provides an offline storage solution, protecting your tokens from online threats.

Before choosing a storage method, consider factors such as security, fees, and ease of use to find the best option for your needs.

How to buy Umbrella Network?

To buy Umbrella Network (UMB) tokens, you can follow these steps:

Buying via a Crypto Wallet
  1. Choose a Wallet: Select a reliable and reputable crypto wallet that supports Umbrella Network (UMB).
  2. Download and Create a Wallet: Download the wallet application and create a new wallet address or import an existing one. Make sure to write down the seed phrase and keep it secure.
  3. Buy UMB: Purchase UMB directly using a supported payment method. If your wallet doesn't support fiat-to-UMB purchases, you can first buy a popular cryptocurrency like USDT and then exchange it for UMB through your wallet or on a decentralized exchange.
Buying on a Centralized Exchange
  1. Choose an Exchange: Select a reliable and trustworthy crypto exchange that supports Umbrella Network (UMB) purchases, such as KuCoin, MEXC, or AscendEX.
  2. Create an Account: Enter the required information and set a secure password. Enable 2FA for added security.
  3. Verify Your Identity: Complete KYC verification to access more features and services on the platform.
  4. Add a Payment Method: Follow the exchange's instructions to add a credit/debit card, bank account, or other supported payment method.
  5. Buy UMB: Purchase UMB using fiat currency if supported, or first buy a popular cryptocurrency like USDT and then exchange it for UMB.
Additional Options
  • Peer-to-Peer Trading: Buy UMB directly from other users on platforms like MEXC.
  • Decentralized Exchanges: Trade UMB on decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap (v2).

Remember to check fees, security, and supported payment methods before making a purchase.

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History of Umbrella Network

The history of Umbrella Network (UMB) began in 2020 when it was founded by Sam Kim, a crypto, ad tech, and blockchain entrepreneur. Kim envisioned a decentralized, community-owned oracle service that would bridge the gap between real-world data and blockchain projects. The project officially launched in early 2021, aiming to provide secure, scalable, and customizable data solutions to blockchain projects.

Umbrella Network's core concept revolves around using real-world financial data and translating it into smart contracts, making it accessible to decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. This approach addresses the structural weaknesses often found in centralized oracles, enhancing security and trust in the network.

The project operates on the Ethereum blockchain and is governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) community council and a core team. This decentralized governance model ensures that the network is free from centralized control and censorship, with community members having a say in the project's direction through voting with UMB tokens.

Since its inception, Umbrella Network has focused on providing low gas fees through its Merkle Tree system, which allows multiple transactions to be validated at the cost of a single transaction. This approach has been a key advantage over other oracle networks.

Despite its innovative approach, Umbrella Network has faced challenges, including being perceived as smaller compared to other established oracle projects like Chainlink, API3, and Tellor. Additionally, the project's tokenomics have been criticized for leading to a decline in UMB's price due to the tradability of the rUMB token, which is used for rewards.

Despite these challenges, Umbrella Network continues to evolve and improve, with its community actively working to address these issues and ensure the project's long-term success.

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How Umbrella Network works

The Umbrella Network (UMB) is a decentralized oracle service designed to provide low-cost, highly scalable data solutions for decentralized finance (DeFi) and crypto applications. At the heart of this system is the Umbrella Network token (UMB), which plays a crucial role in ensuring the security, decentralization, and governance of the network.

Security and Validation

The UMB token is used to secure the network through a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism. Holders of UMB tokens can participate in the validation process by committing their tokens to the "staking bank" to become Validator Nodes. These Validator Nodes are responsible for determining market data and supporting the consensus process on the network. This not only ensures the security of the network but also provides UMB token holders with the opportunity to earn a passive income through staking rewards.

Governance and Participation

In addition to validation, UMB token holders have governance rights, allowing them to vote on important updates and operations on the network. This facilitates decentralization by giving the community a say in the direction of the platform. Furthermore, users who do not wish to become Validator Nodes can still participate in staking and earn rewards, making it accessible to a broader range of users.

Data Services and Scalability

The Umbrella Network protocol is designed to scale efficiently using layer 2 solutions, Merkle trees, and transaction batching. This allows thousands of transactions to be bundled into a single transaction, reducing fees significantly. The platform also provides economic incentives for accurate data validation, ensuring the integrity of the data provided.

Data Sources and Partnerships

Umbrella Network sources its data from trusted providers, including premier data aggregators, top-tier global exchanges, and professional data partners. This ensures that the data provided is reliable and accurate.

Multi-Chain Support

The UMB token is supported on multiple blockchains, including Binance, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum Mainnet, making it accessible to a wide range of users and developers.

In summary, the Umbrella Network (UMB) is a decentralized oracle service that leverages its native token to ensure security, facilitate governance, and provide scalable data solutions for DeFi and crypto applications.

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Umbrella Network's strengths

The token Umbrella Network (UMB) has several strengths that contribute to its value and potential:

  1. Decentralized Oracle Service: Umbrella Network is a decentralized oracle service that provides blockchain projects with secure, scalable, and customizable data solutions. This allows smart contracts to access real-world data that isn’t on the blockchain, making it a key piece of DeFi infrastructure.

  2. Community-Driven Governance: The network is community-owned and operates through a decentralized community validators system, ensuring active participation and decision-making through a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism. This enables users to select validator nodes, participate in community votes, stake tokens, and receive rewards accordingly.

  3. Scalability: Umbrella Network achieves scalability by adopting layer 2 technologies that leverage Merkle Tree, allowing multiple data points to be written in a single on-chain transaction. This makes it efficient for handling large volumes of data.

  1. Diverse Data Sources: The network does not limit its data sources to crypto data but also includes real-world financial data such as oil and NASDAQ prices, making it a versatile solution for various DeFi applications.

  2. Strong Partnerships: Umbrella Network has formed partnerships with various projects, including IX Swap, 8PAY, WOWswap, and OIN Finance, demonstrating its ability to integrate with different platforms and provide customized data feeds.

  3. Reward Mechanism: The network offers rewards to stakers in the form of rUMB tokens, which are unlocked when key business milestones are achieved or on a specific timeline, incentivizing community participation and validation.

  1. Interoperability: Umbrella Network has expanded to MultiversX, making its token available to the entire ecosystem and allowing users to tap into the MultiversX ecosystem, benefiting from features like negligible transaction costs and unbreakable wallet security.

These strengths position Umbrella Network as a robust and versatile decentralized oracle service, making its token (UMB) an attractive investment opportunity.

Umbrella Network's risks

Umbrella Network (UMB) faces several financial risks that investors should be aware of. One of the primary concerns is the high risk rating assigned by InvestorsObserver, which indicates that the project's financial stability is uncertain. This rating is based on the proprietary scoring system that analyzes the amount of money invested and the potential returns.

Another significant risk is the problematic tokenomics of Umbrella Network. The use of rUMB tokens for rewards has led to users preferring cheaper rUMB tokens, which can be converted to UMB. This has resulted in a decline in UMB's price. The community has proposed measures to prevent similar issues with rUMB2, but the tokenomics remain a concern.

Additionally, Umbrella Network faces stiff competition from established oracle projects like Chainlink, API3, and Tellor. The project's relatively late entry into the market compared to its competitors raises questions about its ability to surpass them in terms of scale and popularity.

These financial risks underscore the importance of thorough research and careful consideration before investing in Umbrella Network (UMB).

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Did Umbrella Network raise funds?

Umbrella Network
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Umbrella Network’s team

Here are the key team members behind the Umbrella Network (UMB) cryptocurrency:

  • Eugenio Di Santo: Core team member.
  • John Chen: Employee at Umbrella Network.
  • Obinna C. Ejiofor: Employee at Umbrella Network.
  • Federica Migliaro: Employee at Umbrella Network.
  • Samuel Kim: Founding partner of Umbrella Network, previously founder and CEO of Lucidity and co-founder of Gimbal.

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