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What is UniCrypt?

UniCrypt, now rebranded as UNCX Network, is a blockchain protocol that enhances investor trust in decentralized finance (DeFi) by providing liquidity locking, token vesting, and presale launchpad services. It ensures that DeFi projects cannot suddenly withdraw liquidity, protecting investors from exit scams and rug pulls. UNCX Network is known for its scalable tools, security, and innovative solutions, making it a leading provider of DeFi services.

How is UniCrypt used?

UniCrypt (UNCX) is a cryptocurrency token used for various purposes within the UniCrypt platform, which provides decentralized financial tools and services based on the Ethereum blockchain. Here are some key uses of UNCX:

  1. Staking and Payments: UNCX tokens can be used for staking and making payments within the platform.

  2. Governance: Holders of UNCX tokens have a say in the platform’s direction and can vote on proposals and changes to the platform’s smart contracts.

  3. Liquidity Locking: UniCrypt is known for its automated liquidity locking feature, which ensures the liquidity of tokens on various blockchain networks and prevents rug pulls.

  1. Token Vesting and Launchpad Services: The platform offers token vesting and launchpad services, making it easier for projects to launch and grow their communities safely and effectively.

  2. Security and Transparency: UniCrypt emphasizes security and transparency, with features like smart contract audits, multi-signature wallets, and on-chain automated launchpads to protect users and their assets.

Overall, UNCX tokens play a central role in facilitating the various services and tools offered by the UniCrypt platform, which aims to make the DeFi space more secure and accessible.

How do I store UniCrypt?

To store UniCrypt (UNCX) tokens, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a Wallet: Ensure you have a wallet that supports the blockchain on which UNCX tokens are minted. This wallet will be used to store and manage your UNCX tokens.

  2. Connect to UNCX Network: Navigate to the UNCX Network UI and connect your wallet. This will allow you to interact with the UNCX ecosystem.

  3. Access Token Info: From the UNCX Network UI, select the "Browser" tab and choose the DEX where your UNCX tokens are listed. Then, search for the UNCX token by pasting its address or name. This will take you to the token info page, where you can view all the locks and details about the token.

  1. Manage Tokens: On the token info page, you can manage your UNCX tokens, including checking the locked liquidity, unlock dates, and other relevant information.

  2. Security: Always ensure that your wallet is secure and only accessible by you. Never share your wallet details or private keys with anyone to prevent unauthorized access to your tokens.

By following these steps, you can safely store and manage your UniCrypt (UNCX) tokens within the UNCX Network ecosystem.

How to buy UniCrypt?

To buy UniCrypt (UNCX) tokens, you can follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Reliable Exchange: Find a trustworthy centralized exchange that supports UNCX Network, such as Gate.io or KuCoin. Ensure the exchange is reliable and has a good reputation.

  2. Create an Account: Register on the chosen exchange, providing the required information and setting a secure password. Enable two-factor authentication for added security.

  3. Complete KYC Verification: Complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, which may vary based on your nationality and region. This step is crucial for accessing more features and services on the platform.

  1. Add a Payment Method: Follow the exchange's instructions to add a payment method, such as a credit/debit card or bank account. The required information may vary depending on your bank's security requirements.

  2. Buy UNCX Network: Use your added payment method to buy UNCX Network tokens directly with fiat currency if supported. Alternatively, you can first purchase a popular cryptocurrency like USDT and then exchange it for UNCX Network.

If you prefer to use a decentralized exchange (DEX), you can:

  1. Download a Crypto Wallet: Choose a reliable wallet like Trust Wallet and download it from the official website or app stores.

  2. Set Up Your Wallet: Register and set up the wallet, making sure to keep your seed phrase safe and noting your wallet address.

  3. Buy Ethereum: Purchase Ethereum as your base currency on an exchange like Binance and transfer it to your wallet.

  1. Choose a DEX: Select a DEX that supports your wallet, such as 1inch.

  2. Connect Your Wallet: Connect your wallet to the DEX using your wallet address.

  3. Trade Ethereum for UNCX Network: Swap your Ethereum for UNCX Network tokens on the DEX.

Remember to always be cautious of scams and ensure you have the official smart contract address if needed.

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History of UniCrypt

The history of UniCrypt, now known as UNCX Network, began in June 2020 when it was founded by two individuals without any external funding or investment. Initially, the project focused on providing decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions, particularly liquidity locking, to address the issue of investor trust in DeFi projects. This innovative approach aimed to prevent malicious practices such as "rug-pulls" by ensuring that project owners could not suddenly withdraw liquidity from their Uniswap pools.

Over time, UniCrypt expanded its services to include token vesting, staking, and farming, as well as an automated launchpad. The platform's success led to its rebranding to UNCX Network in 2023, marking a significant milestone in its growth and expansion into new areas of DeFi.

UNCX Network has continued to innovate and adapt to the evolving DeFi landscape, solidifying its position as a leading provider of DeFi services. Today, the project employs a large team of industry experts and has become a trusted name in the DeFi space, with thousands of investors and projects relying on its certified and secured technology.

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How UniCrypt works

UniCrypt (UNCX) is a decentralized platform built on the Ethereum blockchain that provides a range of services and tools for developers and users in the DeFi ecosystem. Here's how it works:

Security Measures
  • Smart Contract Audits: UniCrypt's smart contracts are audited by reputable third-party auditing firms to ensure their security and reliability. These audits help identify and correct potential code vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.
  • Multi-Signature Wallets: UniCrypt secures its funds and assets using multi-signature wallets, which require multiple signatures from different parties to authorize transactions. This adds an extra layer of security to the platform.
  • Decentralization: As a decentralized platform, UniCrypt is not governed by a single authority or entity, making it more secure and resilient against attacks on centralized systems.
Key Features
  • Automated Liquidity Locks: UniCrypt offers automated liquidity locks to ensure the liquidity of tokens on various blockchain networks. This feature prevents rug pulls, where liquidity is abruptly removed from a project, causing investors to lose funds.
  • Analytical Tools: UniCrypt provides a suite of analytical tools and metrics that enable users to track and monitor the performance of their investments and projects. This data-driven approach helps users make informed decisions in the high-risk DeFi space.
  • Staking Services: UniCrypt's staking services allow investors to earn rewards for keeping their tokens in their possession. This feature encourages long-term token holding, which is critical for a project's success.
  • Token Vesting: UniCrypt provides token vesting services, which ensure that project teams and developers receive their fair share of rewards without the risk of dumping their tokens on the market. Token vesting allows tokens to be released gradually over time, preventing price drops caused by large token sales.
Governance and Utility
  • Native Token (UNCX): The UniCrypt platform is powered by its native token, UNCX, which is used to access the platform's services and tools as well as to participate in its governance system. Holders of UNCX have a say in the platform's direction and can vote on proposals and changes to the platform's smart contracts.
  • Referral Program: Users can incentivize projects to lock their liquidity by holding UNCX tokens. This allows users to earn a portion of the fees charged to the end customer, effectively acting as ambassadors for the platform.
Overall Functionality

UniCrypt is designed to provide a secure, transparent, and decentralized environment for DeFi projects. By offering a range of services and tools, it helps reduce the risk associated with investments in the DeFi space. The platform's focus on security, transparency, and community involvement makes it a unique and valuable player in the DeFi ecosystem.

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UniCrypt's strengths

The UniCrypt (UNCX) token has several strengths:

  1. Deflationary Governance Token: UNCX is a deflationary governance token, which means that its supply can only decrease over time due to token burns, making it a scarce asset.

  2. Dual Token Model: UniCrypt operates on a dual token model, where UNCX serves as the governance token and UNCL serves as the utility token. This model allows for a clear separation of functions and benefits.

  3. Liquidity Locking: UniCrypt is known for its liquidity locking service, which ensures that DeFi projects cannot drain liquidity from their pools, providing a high level of security and trust for investors.

  1. Decentralized Launchpad: The platform offers a fully decentralized and automated presale platform, allowing projects to build trust with their communities and ensuring that liquidity is locked after the presale.

  2. Multi-Chain Support: UniCrypt supports liquidity locking and other services across multiple blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, xDaiChain, and Polygon, making it a versatile and adaptable platform.

  3. Token Minter: The platform provides a token minter service, allowing projects to mint their own tokens with customizable features such as taxation and anti-bot settings, making it a valuable tool for DeFi projects.

These strengths contribute to UniCrypt's position as a prominent player in the DeFi ecosystem, offering a range of services that promote trust, security, and community engagement.

UniCrypt's risks

UniCrypt (UNCX) is a decentralized services provider that offers several ways for DeFi projects to build community trust and keep users safe. However, like any other cryptocurrency project, it carries financial risks that investors should be aware of.

Liquidity Risks

One significant risk is the liquidity lock mechanism. If the liquidity is not fully locked, the team can remove a portion of the funds, which can lead to a significant loss for investors. Even if the liquidity is fully locked, it does not guarantee safety, as the team can still manipulate the token supply and market sell tokens, draining the liquidity. Investors should carefully check the tokenomics chart to understand how the tokens will be used and sold and whether they are locked or vested with a competitor.

Contract Risks

Another risk is the unaudited contract. If the contract is not audited, new tokens can be minted and market sold, fees or taxes on transfers can be raised, and trading can be paused, causing problems for investors. UniCrypt itself does not audit contracts, so investors must do their own research and understand the risks involved.

Token Lock/Vesting Risks

Token lock and vesting mechanisms can also pose risks. If tokens are vested with UniCrypt, they will appear under the tokenomics chart. However, if they are not vested, they will appear as "Circulating / Unlocked." Investors should consider whether the team will own more tokens than those sold during the presale once they are unlocked and how long it will take for this to happen.

Economic Model Risks

The economic model of UniCrypt is based on taxing other investors, which can be seen as a type of Ponzi scheme. Investors should ensure that the project has a real product and a sustainable economic model that benefits all holders, not just relying on taxing other investors.

General Risks

Finally, investors should be cautious of projects that use copyrighted items without proper licenses, as these can be costly and may indicate a lack of transparency. They should also ensure that the project has a real product and a beta version before investing.

Overall, UniCrypt (UNCX) carries various financial risks that investors should carefully consider before investing. It is essential to do thorough research and understand the risks involved to make informed investment decisions.

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Did UniCrypt raise funds?

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UniCrypt’s team

  • Antoine Chaveron: Co-Founder and CEO of UNCX Network, passionate about DeFi and an expert in tokenomics and token security.
  • Hubert Matecki: Chief Product Officer (CPO) at UNCX Network.
  • Harry Johnson: Product team member at UNCX Network.
  • Pablo: Developer at UNCX Network.
  • Marc Antoine Ourradour: Developer at UNCX Network.
  • Pierrot: Developer at UNCX Network.

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